KATYA - Be Your Own Dentist (Official 3D Immersive Film)

Am 7 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht

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Director/Editor/VFX: Jon Sims (@jonathan sims )
Executive Producers: KATYA, Ryan Aceto, David Charpentier, Jacob Slane
Cinematographer: Michael Kinsey
Stereographer: Scott Connolly
Lead Environment Artist: Ina Chen
Production Design: KATYA, Jon Sims
Line Producer / COVID Compliance Officer: Kyle Shire
Ambisonic Audio: Benedict Green and Joel Douek of EccoVR
Hair/Makeup/Assistant: Fena Barbital
Production Assistants: Maddy Colbert, Adrienne Reishus, Sarah Nunn
Artist Management: Producer Entertainment Group
Music Distributed by: PEG Records, Warner Music Group via Alternative Distribution Alliance
PEG Records Coordinator: Douglas Morris
Created with UNREAL ENGINE
***Available on your HMD through DEnameVR***
more from Jon Sims at @jonathan sims and www.wjsims.com.


  • Don’t listen if you’re trippin, hella distrusting which made it fun to watch, but still.

  • this is amazing

  • This has brought me great fear and uncertainty. Thank you, Katya.

  • This activated my childhood PTSD from watching *The Cell* w/ J.Lo 💀

  • Shuddering with disgusted gratitude

  • You are so fucked up girl! And I mean this as a compliment....a twisted, fucked up genius!

  • Bjork meets filthy frank, directed by david lynch

  • i dont have the will to live anymore

  • This was beautiful Katya

  • This is dreadful, I watch it atleast 7 times a day.

  • How is this in my recommendations right now when I have a toothache 🤨

  • Today I had to get new insurance that didn’t have a dental plan. My teeth are fucked up especially one molar in the back and my sister literally said, “I think you should just pull it out yourself.” And now by some strange twist of fate, I am here.

  • I LOVE this so much!

  • I fucking love this it made me laugh so hard

  • So many Jodorowski vibes...love it.

  • I love this sequel to The Cell!

  • Hahahahaha!!!!

  • We all cant be as lucky as some with the perfect teeth and all so with that being said.. WTF ...why? This video was so wrong. I hate your face now Katya. Thank you come again.... 😂

  • Devil say the way

  • This is the only meditation that has worked for me. 10/10 Edit: I’m not even being sarcastic, i find this very comforting. This helped my depression today🖤

  • I am not just a fan.

  • Mother, I'm being lulled into a false sense of security about performing my own dental surgery again.


  • tang na mo katya.. hayup namatay ako sa kakatawa lmao.

  • What the fuck this is so beautiful

  • WTF?

  • I haven't been this uncomfortable since Ren and Stimpy were pulling tooth nerves anybody know what I'm talking about?

  • Party

  • How deliciously horrendous. I'm slavering so much I have to wipe up chin spit. Cudos.

  • Mommy, I'm scared!

  • I have never been so uncomfortable. I feel....cursed for some reason.

  • Oh my god. I love it but at the same creepes out. This is the best.

  • The fact that I’m watch this on an iPad is just interesting

  • Incredible. Goth lesbian through and through

  • This was disturbingly calming, and I love it ❤️

  • Mouthfulness

  • Not sure if I will jump to clap, shit myself or emotionally cry. Maybe everything

  • Stop this woman

  • AaaAAAAAAH! My dentist retired, I was lost. Now I am found. Thank you, Katya.

  • I love it

  • Idk why i find this so relaxing lol

  • Genius

  • great. im gonna have nightmares tonight

  • I love you katya but wtf xD

  • 🦷🦷🦷 But your dentist calls me Katyaaaaaaa! 💀

  • ....

  • every time i watch this i have to look in the mirror afterwards to make sure i’m not tripping

  • Very very disturbing 😁

  • I'm not sure what to say but wow this is better than the relaxation audios they have on fitness apps.

  • we need every version of this in every thing existential in life.

  • So...I'm new here and I have questions

  • This is by far the BEST thing on the entire internet.

  • The dislikes are from people who pulled their teeth out

  • if you wanna be even more immersed, put on anaglyph on in the settings for a glitchy distorted effect

  • Get high and use a vr box for the Supreme experience.

  • ребята, это пииздец 😅😆 Но в этом вся наша Катя))

  • I felt really relaxed then totally stressed. Nice ASMR

  • Joke all you want, this gives me ASMR *every* *time*.

  • I just wanted to zoom in the whole time 😂

  • Watched this so many time all my teeth are gone

  • Demonic

  • Thank you for giving me a relaxing nightmare

  • I would honestly be more surprised if katya didn’t make this

  • Bet this is a dream katya had

  • Thanks I needed this katya

  • This video is sponsored by that one episode of Extreme Cheapskates where that woman has her husband remove her tooth.

  • So fucking weird... I love it

  • not me watching this just as ive been told it will be a 9-12 month wait to get my wisdom tooth removed

  • She could easily ve a cult leader😂

  • But why am I still tempted to remove my teeth? Why/how did she make it sound like a good and relaxing idea 💀😭😂

  • :0

  • Idk wtf is happening, but I've never felt so IMMERSED in muh LYFE!

  • I don't like it. It's creepy.

  • Such a calming and soothing voice


  • I already did this like 30 years ago as a child. One of moms guy friends did this to my tooth when it was sort of loose and falling out. So I thought that’s what I needed to do when they started getting loose. And pulled out a lot of teeth with a pliers. Probably why they were messed up and needed braces during my teen years.

  • I just came out from the dentist office, good job, youtube recomendations.

  • Aaah, I'm so uncomfortable! My poor, poor teeth

  • Katya’s voice is relaxing and i got my imaginary pliers

  • This is the most stupid thing you have ever done Katya. Ridiculous, idiotic f***ing crap. Can you make more of these? Much appreciated.

  • Wish me luck ♥

  • i've been saying that one day everyone will realize that katya is a genius. i see that day has arrived.

  • amazing

  • Katya could create an entire Spotify podcast and I'd listen to it everyday.

  • This is somehow the most peaceful yet horrifying trip I've ever had.

  • Wooooooow 😮😮😮

  • To the asshole who is considering trying this: don’t actually do this. 😂😂😂 this is your disclaimer.

  • this is really close to being a masterpiece

  • Please please please make other meditations like this! It truly saved me ( and others I’m sure) 🙏🏼

  • I know for sure this is real theeth

  • This was ducking incredible so intelligently done

  • It's relaxing not gonna lie.

  • I worship Katya so much. I swear if I had pliers, all my teeth would be missing from my mouth. OBEY THE RUSSIAN QUEEN

  • I feel so much relief after this! you know, guided meditations in general tends to repeatedly say to us to imagine peaceful things, slowly sounds, quiet scenarios and stuff like that and I struggle a lot to follow this recommendations! today I learned how to embrace my mess and caos to follow them until I find my inner peace

  • This reminds me of the subliminal videos I used to watch to "change my eye color"

  • I am just seeing this and I fucking love it.

  • this is the most terrifying horror film i have ever seen

  • PSA: DO NOT watch this on acid.

  • I am so scared to sleep and dream about it!

  • more please