SEMI AUTO POTATO CANNON for the Homemade Screw Tank

Am 9 Jul 2020 veröffentlicht
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If its going on my Screw Tank its got to be AWESOME.
See How I built it
Making the Screws
Chassis and drivetrain
and the land test
Water Test
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  • this guy would destroy scrapheap challenge

  • Are they not illegal in england ?

  • LOL the light the light!!!

  • Wow! That thing has some power! Talk about a home defense system.

  • Colin furze or hacksmit? (No launch potato to me its joke)


  • Hey, Colin the Bundeswehr (German Army) asks if you could R&D some new weapon systems for them. Last dozen or so projects all went overboard on costs, time schedules or didn't work properly at the end. Some didn't materialize at all (like our soldiers are waiting for 20 years now to get a new medium transport helicpoter). Potato gun is better than no working gun at all. :D :,(

  • The wasteland 2022 You're wandering through the desert a strange machine approaches. You aim at the driver hoping hes friendly but excepting worse. A potatoe shaped hole suddenly appears in your chest. You collapse to the ground. The man spproaches and says something incoherent in English ad you fade to black. Game over

  • "You dont flame throwers on tankd but you do find launchers." Tanks in ww2: 😐


  • First i didnt realy like your vids now i watch them every day

  • Colin furze: builds tube and puts PC fans in it Me: I thought it was a potato cannon

  • who is this looney ass dude with his own dexters laboratory garage?? lol

  • You look like Obi Wan Kenobi’s brother who doesn’t have the force, so builds potato cannons, instead.

  • ur the guy from you have been warned

  • Where do the chips collect? I am hungry😋

  • Pretty sureyou're in breach of the firearms act here.

  • the House of Farts

  • remembering this is all shot in his self built bunker under his back garden xD

  • If this isnt the real Dr.Who idk who is... Just needs to swap the tie for a bowtie. Because bowties are cool...

  • anyone else think he is insanely funny?

  • that's some fine music you used in this video :)

  • My first time viewing this channel and subscribed within seconds

  • Now just wait for him to make a functioning hydrogen bomb.

  • Are British potatoes on steroids ?!?😂😂😂

  • very nice, can you make also a plasma cannon? :)

  • *Scrap Mechanic* wants to know your location.

  • This channel is the most legitimate ownership that a laser cutter has ever found

  • As soon as I heard the music starting at around 1:00, all I thought was, "Wait a minute I know this song-"

  • 1:53 what are you doing step dri..

  • 4:14 *I hope it sounds like that too.*

  • 4:14 *I hope it sounds like that too.*

  • In the words of the bri'ish "This bloke's totally BONKERS!!"

  • The real legends are people that watch Collin and know what’s going on

  • thanks to you, you instilled engineers with us...

  • "you dont find flame throwers on tanks..." uhhhhhh.... here have an entire list of tanks with flamethrowers on them

  • Maybe use steel projectiles the same width as the cannon's bore, and rifle it.

  • Tanks had flamethrowers. Big ones. For pillboxes and trenches and other fortified positions.

  • This man can literally do everything, I'm going to school for welding and metal fabrication and my dream is to get to the level he is at

  • Build iron man suit next. Do it! Just do it!

  • WoT should add Colins potato sccrew tank to the game as a hidden thing That face when: You're a Tiger II shredding the battlefield and your viewport gets splattered, you cant see, you pop your hatch to look around and theres a crazy brit slowly inching closer to you in a screwtank, launching potatoes on full auto, he knocks out you commander with a direct headshot with a juicy Marris Piper, you try to turn and run but its too late, hes gotten into melee and has unbolted your left track with a wrench, you spin in circles hopelessly as he pulls your tank apart piece by piece

  • A flywheel driven reloading system would be awesome. Just like a steam locomotive. But in reverse

  • Who thinks that Collins neighbours are really lucky to be his neighbour?

  • Actually they did have flamethrowers on a number of tanks..

  • How does he print the clips for the linear actuators so they fit perfectly around the profile of it. They follow the exact is that done

  • love your energy

  • Colin try Frozen apples, orange, pears, mangoes a pineapple.....possibly a zucchini 🤔😁

  • Tanks have flame frowers actually

  • To be honest, I sort of expected you to put that tube in there such that the recoil created would push it back, and get pushed back by a spring to chamber another potato, and since there is a hole in that tube, you could put the carbon dioxide through there. There should be enough recoil for simple blowback... simpler than those relays and such. plus, you won't need electricity

  • well this not semi auto spud gun its self loading brake action spudgun. still very impressive though!

  • Not sure what idea was born at 11:06 - but i want to see it.

  • I have World Of Tanks

  • I don't know if that is legal.

  • Can you make longer videos maybe show more of your excellent engineering skills off please?

  • The look on your face @9:36 is priceless!

  • he made an auto loader

  • funny when someone is hungry they still duck when i shoot my potato cannon at them

  • 👍👍😂😂👌

  • you should make an egg cannon

  • make a reail tank with a potato lancher

  • Would love to see a compressed air version !!!

  • Just make a firearm instead? Or is that to LAME? Huh

  • How are you at chemistry Colin doubt you've ever dabbled but I trust you'd have it sussed in no time. There's a Walter White level of genius about you.

  • British general: I say, what is that? British captain: I dunno... *bang* (Potato gets embedded in Captains chest) General: God save us...ITS THE IRISH!!!

  • AHDD

  • worlds most inefficient juicer

  • Sorprendente 👍👏👏👏👌⭐🌟🌟💐💐💐

  • Historically some tanks had flamethrowers 0:48

  • load it with beer cans, that will pack a proper punch, my potato launcher at home shoots beer cans (empty ones) and its really destructive, can also fill them with sand but its a mess on impact though, but they can break bricks.

  • colin why do you own a personal shooting test range under your garden lol like no one besides military have that

  • ok now make a get a light metal and form a big bullet out of it and stick it in there >:D

  • This thing is lethal :-))) imagine these potato blocks spend a nicht in the freezer.

  • Colin's Mum: "Fancy chips for dinner, son?" Colin: "Yeah, Mum. Brilliant. Erm, be right back." Mum: "Where are you going?" Colin: "I'm just gonna go mount a slicer on the muzzle..."

  • Imagine if the military hired colinfurze to make a super tank and on the news after WW3 there’s a picture of a extremely strong armour and 10 barrels on the head of the tank

  • Potato guns are considered as “firearms” here in most states in Australia 🇦🇺 yep australia is the land of nanny state 😒😒

  • careful, barrel velocity in the uk is very low by law to make something a 'firearm'

  • Dude that thing is badass

  • 1:30 normal people : cool potato launcher Me: is that an oversized Panzer Faust ?!

  • 0:53 tank don't have flamethrowers ... Laughs in Churchill Crocodile, Cv35 lanciafiamme, T34 flamethrower, Sherman flamethrower "Zippo" ...

  • This guys IQ must be 1000

  • How long did it take you to learn the aduinro language ?

  • Ты просто крутой и умный парень. Изготавливай правельный контент.

  • Let's hope this guy doesn't decide to become a serial killer.

  • Biden ''Were sorry guys. You gotta give us your guns'' NRA after seeing this *No problem Joe*

  • Make a handheld version

  • If you were my dad when I was a kid...

  • How do you get the hover bike screw tank and jet bike easier?

  • There are flamethrowers on tanks Colin

  • I’m just happy you’re not a villain who wants to kill everybody because we’d all be dead

  • he is a literal child stuck in an adults body

  • Oi bruv

  • *Hmmm. Better not let me mum see this*

  • 😱😱

  • Every video is like a Tony Stark building montage and I love it

  • WW3: starts. Colin furze: load potatogun with melicus intent.

  • The lethal authority resultantly warm because algeria indisputably dance off a scared stop. rich, ancient kettledrum

  • bet he cant make refulebul bullet

  • Sry but in Germany the potato cannon is illegal.

  • Jakbyś dał od boku podajnika amunicji serwo z przyczepionymi np gwoździami które by przytrzymało amunicje przed podaniem a puściło dopiero w momęcie całkowitego wysuwu tłoków to te twoje podłużne ziemniaki nie powinny sie już obracać eng ver. google translator If you gave a servo from the side of the ammunition feeder with attached nails, for example, which would hold the ammunition before feeding and only release it when the pistons are fully extended, then your oblong potatoes should no longer rotate

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