Upside down Garden Swing

Am 13 Aug 2020 veröffentlicht
Turn your garden upside down haha.
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  • Its like a garden multitool lol. Like I said at the end of the video I’ve turned off Mid Roll ads on all my videos as I think its a bad experience so if you wanna support the channels subscribe become members or buy merch

    • 70

    • ty

    • @Briar Luegge #3I mean we’re doing I don’t mean what you doing no

    • I love your inspiring videos. I’ll keep checking your store when your merchandise is back in stock. But I’ll definitely be getting the box set, a couple of ties and some T-shirts for the Family!

    • That cost him money

  • So while I was busy moving you were making a swing


  • "Not very british" This was it for me good man

  • When are you going to build a real garage instead of that potting shed you use?

  • it’s crazy going from the bunker videos to this one, the kid is almost six years older!!

  • I wonder if you could put a spider's web-style clothes hanger / washing line on there... Make it fold out like this or maybe like this but cut it in half?

  • Colin you should do a q and a and if you do how long have you know Tom and Rick and how did you meet them?

  • do you have a twin

  • I've always wondered will his house when it's sold what will happen to the bunker

  • xigua edition or DEname.. (indescribable) 西瓜版本与油管版..(无法形容😂)

  • How do you get off the 360 swing

  • Can you do a "how to" video for the bearing system, the keeper clips that you used etc.?

  • I didn’t meanI know I know I’ve been doing again I don’t daddy and I doing I mean doing I don’t want to go into a demon I am doing again no I don’t I didn’t do you say that done I don’t is it going to do another one doing it I’m in the demon you didn’t give me doing in

  • 6:24 Swing is good But it can be better

  • bruh I used to have a swing that had a two seater carriage thing on it. Me and my cousin got on it while our cousins pushed us and we both ended up going so fast and hard that we both swung upside down a couple times lol

  • Is it weird I thought Colin cloned himself when I saw the second Colin at the start of the video?

  • I want you as a neighbour.

  • Okay, but how is he gonna get down?

  • Why do I smell smoke coming from the neighbors yard again?

  • Everything this guy makes is cool and shows you how to make it

  • Imagine the neighbours looking into his garden and seeing that

  • Immagin being the neighbors and seeing and adult man doing 360s

  • 4:39 he looks like Gordon Ramsay as an engineer

  • I’m late to this video but how do u stop ur self on the giant blue 360 swing

  • I’m from England

  • Dude you vids are the best

  • Stop wearing a tie

  • Imagining your neighbors doing upside-down swing

  • Welcome to another episode of How he is not dead

  • I can just imagine himself donking his noggin with the counterweight, thanks for not putting ads in the middle of the video.

  • Sounds like “see you next furze day lol!

  • I can just imagine his neighbors sitting outside with a lovely cup of tea watching his antics

  • Nicely

  • OMG!!!!!

  • Omg u need to make an engine powered skateboard

  • Pause at 8:04 and u can see the neighbors normal swing in competition,

  • this man is mad

  • Neighbour's children: we want that swing too. Neighbour: Damn! Colin another of your silly ass inventions.

  • His son will become an engineer. No doubt about that. The question is................Did his dad teach him about safety by design?

  • I absolutely love all these vids and builds, but my heart breaks when I see him using non-galvanised steel for in-ground and outdoor projects.

  • What dis sonng

  • Dis is not 360

  • You are cool Man

  • Your neighbours must dread it when you have some of these projects, can just imagine it now. What’s that noise? Oh It’s only Colin sticking a whacking big metal pole in the ground this time XD

  • Being his neighbor would be a unique experience.

  • What part of England do you live in

  • Uh guys do any of you think that if he ever sells his house to upgrade or something they will find a bunker and a bunch of large holes in the ground

  • Pk

  • Thank you for not using mid roll adverts, i normally just leave when they come on in a video as it completely ruins the viewing experience. I'd happily pay DEname to get rid of them but their prices are laughable, however the price of a t-shirt isn't matey, thank you Sir Furzealot and keep up the bonkers wonderfulness.

  • It would be a shame if he were to fall off...

  • Careful now hes a hero

  • Imagine being this guy’s neighbor

  • Hey Collin I have a question do your neighbors hate you

  • This is the dad everyone wants

  • The music reminds me of a 90s late night cooking show called Get Stuffed. Yeah I know I’m probably the only one round here old enough to remember the 90s!!

  • How could you possibly dislike this video it's all fun

  • you're a genuine inspiration!

  • You're a legend 😂😂😂😂👌

  • That is so unsafe. If he loses grip he dies

  • god damn

  • Nobody: Nobody ever: Colin: aaa Colin:AaA Colin:AAA

  • The alleged bacon intrestingly water because pisces fortunately occur against a dark wallaby. belligerent, mountainous bladder

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  • We are going to be done at five to get r I am going home I have a good time going I want you uuu I want to be r day I want to be a good day to be a good friend to you rrrrrrr is the day you want to be done with your day and day I eer er is ree is the day I can rrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfff is the day you get to be done with eer day

  • I swear to god filing could have stopped Tony Starks death in endgame if the Avengers just called in Colin in infinity war I swear coling would have prolly built Thanos his own world on titan and made everything ok and then Tony And Thanos could have been homies

  • Trump 2020

  • Cats in a car and a half `

  • Cvayrbelt

  • I have a urge to go on that swing and go about 50 360's

  • His neighbours must HATE him mostly because of their kids always being like “mummy and daddy why can’t we have a cool stuff like that in our garden?!” Then throwing a massive tantrum 😂

  • He is the best father EVER and nobody can convince me otherwise

  • Imagine the next owner, goes to take that pole out of the back yard....

  • I do wonder what Colin's neighbours think of him sometimes! :D

  • I'd love to have some of the tools he's got!

  • 3:34 so you could say he is pickle rick

  • imagine someone falling while upside down 💀

  • Love u Colin hero's wear safety ties and cut out ads

  • Idea Make a digger that has a giant water pistol so it turns dirt into mud to make it softer and easier to dig My name is Lauren ♥️😊

  • Let Me Down FİTNESS POWER SONG - DEname

  • Imigine beaung Collins neighbor and then seeing 8:05

  • Colin you should make the chair that can move around go down the stairs so you don’t have to get up for anything you can just go from your room downstairs and make a cuppa tea

  • 1:00 You know when he pulls out this music that even he knows that this is a little too far.

  • Your a true legend Colin,stay well,stay safe,and enjoy the freedom invention gives.


  • Dam i though it was going to snap

  • Thanks for giving a big middle finger the advertisements!

  • Mate...u oNe mAdkRazydUde!!! Hehe!! Lol!! 😁😊😎😋👊👍😚👌🤙💯!!

  • Nice, but now we need a motorized swing. ;)

  • круто

  • wow

  • love everything about your content. the braniac moments, the family moments and the cool editing and music

  • Not so sure it’s 360 degrees, considering that would be normal

  • Thanks for this video, great work 😎

  • For real.. No atverts.. Make youtube grate again

  • Karen’s be like: th4tS n0T SaFe :/

  • If you can build a looping swing build a looping rollercoaster

  • Love the neighbors anemic swing set in the background as he did the 360.

  • Integrating advertisement or merch into your videos in a enriching way ( be it funny or whatever) is in my opinion the best way to do it and unecessary to even refer to it or apologize. Fully agree with your opinion on the mid-video interription

  • I’m surprised he didn’t hit bunker