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Real leather and a fitted stereo, not machine washable I'm afraid.
Check out the 2020 DEname Makers Secret Santa videos here in this playlist.
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Alan Pan
This Old Tony

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Look Mum No Computer
This Old Tony
Tracks One and Two are by "Look Mum No Computer" and were instrumental versions of songs called "Are you Feeling This" and "Stormy Weather"
Track 3 (what the coat Plays) is called "See You Next Furzeday" by "Plot 32"
Track 4 is called "Why Cant I get you out my Head" by "Rock Cake"
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  • IT'S Makers secret Santa Time with 8 Amazing Channels, check out all the videos here What other MAKER channels you want to see next year......go tell them to get onboard

  • I wish people can Sell that

  • fuuuuuu.......... U DID IT!!!! Ma dream XD

  • @shoybe_786

  • So we will Just ignore the fact je droppped the Toilett Paper in the Ground???

  • Dizzee rascal needs this coat , it’s all about the bass , turn it up , bass line junkie

  • Hi from south africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Hi Colin. Would you be willing to make me 1500w ebike battery?

  • I didn't even know you had a laser cutter

  • South Africans with VW polos be like

  • F U R B Y O R G A N Is a sentence that I never needed to hear

  • F U R B Y O R G A N Is a sentence that I never needed to hear

  • I still cant figure out what a fish would do with this coat

  • Nice job buddy u look good on that coat I need one like dat lol


  • Both YT channels are great.

  • Furby organ sounds exciting lol

  • Bass junkie

  • Imagine a Bass Belt 🤔

  • Really cool idea with the secret santa!

  • 5:22 your wiping the wrong way my man

  • Haha, it's actually a copy :-) "How do you wash it?"

  • You should do a collab with look mum no computer and make the worlds fastest playable synthesiser

  • Repráky here, dráty here, kazeťák here, a jedeš :D

  • 0:11 I love how for This Old Tony, you used his hands instead of his face.

  • I could only think of Shrill Spector. Nice outfit.

  • Wow amazing

  • This is fucking genius 🤣

  • I love how after all these years he’s never changed he’s still the Collin we knew when we first started watching him❤️

  • 0:08 you best

  • Ich liebe diesen Unsinn 😂👍🏻

  • Nobody: Freshman in the hallways:

  • Awwwsomeee

  • How you will do the laundry now?

  • The thumbnail: HEY KIDS YOU WANT SOME BASS

  • What if the jacket was a million dollar jacket from a famous mafia leader

  • colinfurze is the best channel for engineers

  • Chris Jericho Y2J have yt channel ? 😂😂

  • Excellent use of the "lovely jubely"!

  • Why this coat is better than boombox :D

  • I like that he used 2 left hands

  • Repráky hír, dráty hír, kazeťák hír

  • Why you poop

  • You look like Gordon ramsay

  • Those car speakers sound better than a lot of those homemade boombox videos considering they have no enclosures. I think I'll stick to my JBL Xtreme 2, a lot more portable and has more bass.

  • 7:30 Two left hands?

  • What car do u have ???

  • Wonder if you could get that thru TSA?

  • 4:34 I thought fortunate son was playing lol

  • Dankpods: They have no bass and sound like crap

  • Colin in the f80

  • The bass coat: any dj can wear me and use me as a speaker 🔊


  • 100 gecs on a bass coat LOL that would be bonkers.

  • Amigo soy tu fan

  • Did anyone else think this was the music coat from wherehouse 13 that they used to rob banks

  • Wow you watch this old tony?????

  • How are you not designing thing for James Bond??? You would never know any of that stuff was in a jacket....

  • love this old tony

  • 4:57 lmao I use that exact same cable for my vr headset headphone connection good little lead

  • Ko nongol di beranda 😂

  • I get the guilt about using a computer , at some point you will drift away more from actual tinkering and the computer to manual labor ratio becomes 90/10 % lol

  • Would sound better and be louder if it had enclosures around the back of the speakers for resonance, other than that its cool

  • Stupid lick bait lol

  • Não deixem os funkeiros verem isso

  • If I see someone wearing that at the mall imma call the cops about a suicide bomber

  • To bad hes in the UK . other wise id buy one of his good jet bikes

  • Whos the person in the intro?

  • amazing i like that coat

  • Um Funkeiro brasileiro agora "uhmmmmmmmmm"

  • We want invention show again

  • У нас тоже такой один есть...

  • Too crappy to watch

  • Track 2 (Stormy Weather) is a bop, listen to it all the time

  • I can’t believe that nobody is talking about what he is driving!! Is that a mclaren old boy?

  • Go airport ... security scanners 🤣🤣🤣

  • I wont waste my time with this video because I feel its the silliest, most useless shit I have ever seen. However, I kinda wanna know how there can be much of any bass heard without a speaker box. Like soft humming should be the outcome really. Also that had to be uncomfortably heavy. Anyway stick to making something more interesting next video



  • My kids dreams just uploaded on DEname

  • 👍😎🍺🍩🛠️

  • Wheres the power supply ?

  • Cool

  • Now I heard you make Robots, So if ya ever want to try it out heres mine. A robot that connects to a vr headset so you can control the robot from the headset and give your friends a hug from a distance!

  • What do I have to do to get a safety tie brand on my ass?

  • Sounds like the stuff a sound marine would carry

  • this reminds me of an old MTV show called Boiling Points, where the cast would try to annoy people and if they lasted long enough they would win money. There was one episode where Billy Merritt had a stereo with a metal frame backpack / huge boom box strapped to his back. He would walk right next to people blasting the music, just to see how they would react.

  • TWO OF MY FAV DEnameRS!!!

  • This video deserves more views😓😓now who's with me 😰😰

  • He should try a bass bunker

  • davie504 would be proud

  • I’ve been enjoying your videos for quite a while now… How about a bed that makes itself for the lazy ones of us out there :-)

  • I only clicked on this to see a coat full of Fish .


  • からめるを実写化できる唯一の人間な気がする

  • Modern music composer and the guy that has two sheds?

  • 4:50 “So *Bass* ically”

  • You should try to make the Back to the Future self-drying jacket

  • brilliant

  • Nice Tony!