Rushing My Inactive Base to TH14 - Spending Spree on the Update (Clash of Clans)

Am 14 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
Town Hall 14 Hero Pets are a new reason to Rush in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming upgrades his inactive base to TH14 to in order to unlock the new units and have an easy time with farming and upgrading. Rushing is also a very effective upgrade method due to making best use of Magic Items and having stronger attacks for multiplayer. As a Rushed Player you can look forward to some videos on this account to showcase what it is like as a Rushed TH14 Player. Clash On!
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Video Chapters:
0:00 Why I'm Rushing and Purchasing Packs
2:32 Upgrading to Town Hall 14
5:06 Unlocking Pets
8:20 Upgrading the Pets and Heroes
11:04 Upgrading Defenses
13:25 Preparing and Attacking as a Rushed TH14
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  • I hope you are enjoying the update! I had an extremely busy week with Sneak Peeks so I will try and bring more attack videos soon. If you did miss my 500K Sub Special here it is:

    • I can't understand the treasury spaces in each town halls . I am requesting, please tell me how it works?

    • He almost has 600k

    • Bro I find this today only the new pet unicon can heal air troops also bro when the hero is down check bro

    • @Hemnath M same problem bro I too realised I get 4* star bonus after upgrading th😭😭😭

    • Can i have one of your account instead ? Hehehe i am really a fan of your channel thank you have a good day

  • Is this account rushed by any angle , pls go to the legends league fast

  • Your base is not rushed??? Seen mine

  • U mean it I use code judo I can buy anything

  • Can you give me any of your inactive account of th11 or 12 or 13

  • th 9 almost maxed defenses and walls and troops

  • so this is a rush base

  • kook up hahaha

  • I didt enjoy the update I enjoyed your vidoe 😃

  • Any townhall 14 guide?

  • 3:28 Judo: 'Only an 8 day upgrade' Me a max TH9: only 8 days🤯🤯 my longest upgrade is 3 days lol

  • moral of story;if u rich u will do it 1 hour

  • I don't know why but I like british accent :v

  • Oh the intro "welcome guys i am your host judo sloth" Music to my ears

  • Judo pls give me ur one inactive base

  • His intro sounds like a rap because of his voice and the background music

  • Do you know judo

  • Why i cant join your discord server :(

  • Sorry for repeating, don't know if you can see this. I am a TH13 with heroes lv 32, 43, 15 and 8. I have maxed out drags, edrags, loons, rage, bats, freeze. What army should I use for war and trophy pushing (not drag bats, or edrag spam) which works. What troops and heroes should I prioritise upgrading?

  • I hope you will give me reply When you showed the dark to updrage your queen to 68 it show 216000 dark For me to updrage my queen to 56 it shows 220000 dark . Could you explain why?

  • Scenery giveaway pls 😢

  • Do i need to max my giga inferno in town hall 13 so i can upgrade to town hall 14?

  • Judo bhai purchase in $ 99 mein kyu nhi dikha ta hai ₹mein dikha tha hai

  • It’s not really rushed And it’s not really inactive Because your only gone for a few weeks

  • Background music give me chill🤩

  • That is rushed? Mine is way worse than that

  • Give me that 🙏🙏🙏

  • I'll take his inactive account😂

  • Awesome vid!, MUCH LOVE BROTHA!

  • what does he use to manage all of his accounts? I'd really like to know because I think having a few accounts that I can just switch between like how he does would be pretty cool

    • You attach them to Supercell ID and then can easily switch 👍🏻

  • Judo's rushed base is still far more upgraded than my "main" th14 base...

  • Sir judo. Give me th11 or 12 thats OK if rush plss 😊😇

  • Can have this Account 😅🤣

  • Player tag?

  • 剣心 Ken, from violet eclipse, if you're here, reply my man!!!!!!!

  • Show us your builder bases

  • Can you give a your inactive acc 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love the part when you say welcome back to the channel then guys coordinated with the music 😍😂

  • Better make video after maxing your storages judo

  • Judo I supporting you..

  • Judo sloth please help us to tell supercell that there is another known bug where you cant see the health bars of miners when theyre taking damage from defenses I hope supercell will fix this as soon as possible, thanks judo !

  • Purchased starter pack with your code 👍

  • 13yrs old New Subciber from Philippines🇵🇭🤜🤛❤️

  • Love from India 🇮🇳🌹

  • Does anybody know if u upgrade the lab will the upgrade stop?

  • Guys miners don’t have health bar anyone notice this bug? They don’t have the health bar. It’s invisible....

  • You know a little of him died inside when he bought a 99.99$ pack😂😂 Just shows he cares about his own content and ever bodies enjoyment

  • I'm new and I thought he was about to sing at 0:08 XD

  • You have too much of a conscience towards your magic items Judo! You called that rushed game play That's That's not right at all compared to

  • Ive lost my level 9 town hall account almost maxed 😔

  • gimme account sir???/????

  • Used "judo" code in the creator boost to support while purchasing items from shop. Hope that helps sloth👍

  • Ur Rushed base is more update my Account 🥺🥺🥺

  • I’m very rushed, I’m a town hall 11 with town hall 8-10 defenses.

  • when judo said "It was very rushed". Me: 🤔

  • IM THE 7K LIKE IT WAS 6999 AND WHEN I CLICK IT IT WENT TO 7K :O best yt btw u are

  • No one: me when the theme hits 💃🕺🕺💃💃🕺🕺🕺💃🕺💃💃💃🕺💃💃🕺🕺🕺

  • Just purchased all the new update deals with your tag. Great content.

  • Rushed lol i have a account that is th 13 and has all walls in lvl 1 and every defense in lvl 1 2 3 and 4

  • I need help . Please help me .. when i donated troops in my clan the troops clan members received demoted troops.. I mean if I donated level 7 ballon my clan members received level 5 balloon .. what is this problem.. please help me 🙏

  • Judo will you accept me when I come to your clan I am fazil in clash of clans I am th11 champion

  • use my buuk

  • with my bewk

  • If enough people like an idea could it be added if it was more than possible to achieve? Idea for hero skins that would be a popular choice and that would be dragon ball Z / Super themed skins, how cool would super saiyan hero skins look?

  • Bro please answer my question: What dose Rushe mean?

  • Sir Judo any thoughts about the update? Is offensive in th14 is really overpowered compare to defense?

  • Judo bro u are a legend💯 trust me :-) pls never stop coc pls Love from India ❤️❤️💯

  • and now wait until town hall 15...

  • What the heck i have 1. 2 cr for upgrade lab

  • 😎

  • If you have so many acc give. Me one😁😁😁😁

  • I Subscribe

  • i always love your voice whenever you give tutorials judo keep safe always dude

  • Been enjoying the daily content bro, keep it up!

  • Judo i have a doubt about cc trrops ,in req n leave we always get lvl 4electro when the donater has lvl2 ,after this new update we r getting lvl 2electro only if the donatet has lvl 4 also we r getting lvl 2 ,y judo pls tell me

  • Dang.. i just calculated that my Queen from lvl 47 to 80 would take somewhere around 280 days and that hurts me lol.. 280 days later.. (nothing bad but GRINDING for 280 days to reach such a small thing doesn't sound a good idea)

  • Join our clan judo 🙃

  • My code is judo because your videos are working

  • Why the hell judo is not talking about the main issue here that now th14 is more powerful can kill easily th13 with pets and all and impossible to beat from th13 comeon beat max th14 with th13 troops we also need hero pets in th13.

  • The intro was smooth please keep repeating it every videoo!!!

  • why is the color of his game so nice??

  • get a life bruv

  • Judo remove PAN from your mouth and talk please😁😁😁

  • The intro is awesome

  • I have a th11 that I rushed and took it to legend as long as you are able to get a 2 star on a th13 you should be good for a few days🤣

  • You will not be able to pin this Because I'm late );

  • what do you mean donating challange points?

  • judos rushed base with close to max troops while my dono acc at th13 got all lvl 1 troops except e drag loons and miners lmao

  • Anyone know the name of the tune in the intro?

  • Anyone know the title of his intro song?

  • Why is LilSloth a rushed th10?

  • Do a grand avenue video using low level troops

  • Great video

  • What is the song called?

  • Still, Galadon deserves all praises for the rush TH14 content video.

  • Guys can anybody give me a th9 plzzzzzz

  • Attacks without all heroes

  • Keep always yours happy❤️

  • Judo Is here again 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • he could lowkey start rapping with his intro lol