Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on

Am 26 Mär 2020 veröffentlicht
My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
See how it was made here
See the Shed Build here
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2nd Track is called "Don't Let Me Go" by" Room D"
3rd Track is called "Reprisal"by "7Daze"
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  • They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

    • How many truckloads of earth came out of there? How many yards of concrete? How much steel? Send me blueprints please.

    • I wish I had an underground jam room...

    • When your one of the first 500 replies

    • @Guds777 same

    • You’re a deadset legend mate!! Love your work!!👍👍👌👌😎😎

  • When people don't listen to you can listen to yourself in bunker 😂

  • Perfect for 🌪 as well.

  • Typical type of a man who live very well in after earth time : D

  • I think you should look for a good doctor... bye

  • I've been enjoying youtube 12+ years and I can't believe there's experiment channel with punk/rock/alternative background music. dang it!

  • You are a legend 🙌

  • How did you fit the electrics.

  • Just incredible, never thought you get away with building that sort of man cave. Brilliant am impressed.

  • Tienes el dinero por castigo

  • pretty cool awesome

  • So that’s where you grow your bud

  • Excellent job, what would be the total cost? Must be a good few thousand

  • okay Walace, where is Gromit ? or is it inspector Gadget ?

  • Can anyone tell how thats sofa, tv, and other big things came inside??

  • Legend

  • Anyone noticed the Indian auto over there 😂😅

  • When you sell this house in many years Don’t tell anyone about this

  • Good luck surviving Tornadoes, Nuclear war.

  • I hope he is not anybodies husband or father.

  • The ultimate man cave lol

  • Cool

  • Ps. Builder of this bunker is totally Bonkers.

  • I was watching your shed construction but naturally had to skip that and watch the bunker lol

  • Best thing I've seen in a long long time sir 👍

  • How do you kill the bed bugs without any sunlight?

  • Luxurious

  • Are you from this earth?

  • Bloody Nutter!! Well done mate!

  • Good place to hide from the police

  • This is real life iron man.. wooow

  • Your fucking savage man✔️

  • I was inspired by this project and determined to make a modified version of it. After studying it carefully I laid the turf. Identical.

  • Right just need a nuclear war to test it.

  • You speak so annoying dude

  • Man, you're a genius!

  • Do you have the plans for this project?

  • But what is the point of building a bunker if everybody knows about it🤷

  • The trouble with retreating to a bunker is that if it really kicks off you might not be able to ever leave. Or if a bomb goes off nearby you might end up sealed in there until you die.

  • Honestly great project I just wish he built a NBC filter or a blast door this is basically my how to for my ideas. Either way fairly good bunker for anything not NBC related.

  • I swear there used to be a toilet

  • Best man cave ever! Top 10 for sure.

  • Impressive!! 😎😎

  • Apocalyptic heh, not yet..

  • "Colin, why has the shed got smoke coming out?"

  • when he started drumming i thought its the opening 1 for durarara!.

  • Serial killer level 100 🤣

  • Imagine his neighbors watching him move a shit ton of furniture into a shed

  • I would literally be as excited as this guys is!

  • Has about 10 cans of food. Don't know how long that will last.

  • His laugh cracks me up!

  • Lol!!! Its brilliant for blowing things up! OMG

  • Can’t wait to see how your sons gonna turn out Collin 👍🏽

  • Oh shit I forgot where the door is Everyone come back

  • His kids are gonna have the most amazing parties down there

  • Thank you for showing me “don’t let me go” by room d. Such a good song.

  • When they trying to tell me you need a vaccine in 2021 I’ll just live in my bunker ✨🤷🏽‍♂️

  • When I said he'd be 6 feet underground trying to complete these challenges I didn't mean literally.

  • I just noticed he using inches and feet while explaining the dimensions... interesting. Are most of your viewer American? Salute to you brits for using our metrics. I am a proud American 🤣

  • There is not a bloke in the world that would not want one 😀👍👌

  • How will Colin explain this when he sells his house later down the line What would people think after seeing the pictures And I still love that a show was filmed in there as well

  • And if that were me I’d turn it into my own batcave

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  • The embarrassed blow subsequently live because single regrettably thank behind a befitting chest. erratic, absorbing heart

  • This is very, Bill Nye the science Guy.

  • How much did it cost to build? Can you build one for me in my back hard please? :-D

  • Pro tip #1) If you mute the annoying music, your viewing experience will be 100 times greater.

  • no toilet...

  • How did you design the ventilation?

  • So happy for this guy

  • "I use this bunker to test devices that spew fire" Okay he tested a fucken rocket launcher there too so basically everything that would destroy something not made of steel, he can test there. AIGHT SO HE GOT LIKE THE ULTIMATE WEAPONS AND TOOLS TO HAVE IN THE APOCOLYPSE, THIS MAN IS INSANE

  • "if you didnt know it was here, you wouldnt know its here". Did he kill the construction crew?

  • Me wondering how they fit that big tv thru the hole

  • So much want....

  • I think it's safe to say every man wants his own bunker.

  • if a apcolypse were to happen he would regret making this video... cause of all the people wanting to find that bunker

  • What happend with the houses in the back 😳

  • What kind of drugs did you consume at the end? 😂

  • help me make one😭

  • How’d the couch get down there?

  • His voice sounds deeper

  • they one and only improvement i could see being added is a hydraulic twin airlock door

  • 4/20 down there

  • Where is the oxygen? 😂

  • put a little cover that looks like a tardis, working light and sounds (controlled in the bunker).

  • Men's dream just like this ❤

  • I watched this on *You* *Have* *Been* *Warned* show.

  • It’s nice and all but that shit is very creepy if you know what I mean

  • And then you go and show an epiphone...

  • It's not a bunker, it's a gamers dream.

  • Can you build me one?

  • Wow this is simply amazing

  • Total price???

  • How did you get all your equipment and furniture doing there? The entry and exit hole looks like it’s too small?

  • well i'm gonna have to start digging in my garden now thanks

  • Could you make a burglar alarm equipped with a fog machine to disorient the burglar?

  • I thought I was crazy xx this guy is amazing

  • What a legend

  • what was the price of the bunker?

  • he never would have left if he knew the world would still be like this 1 year on