Build a Museum Quality Train Station - Realistic Scenery Vol.25

Am 13 Nov 2020 veröffentlicht
This tutorial will walk you through some of the tips and tricks for building an ultra-high quality model that could be a feature in a museum! It’s really not as difficult as you might think.
This model is in HO scale however like with nearly all of my previous videos the techniques I use can be applied to just about any other scale, from Z scale right through to G scale!
I use a lot of techniques that you will have seen in previous videos plus a whole lot of new never before shown techniques for creating unique effects, below you’ll also find a list of companion videos for things like the chain-link fence, various trees on the model as well as some tools I use.
00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Building the Baseboard
02:21 - Main Station Building
03:21 - Corrugated Roof
06:10 - Picking a colour scheme
06:25 - Chimneys & 3D Printed Details
07:46 - DIY Train Track (3D Printed)
09:24 - The Station Platform
15:54 - Planning the Scene & Laying Track
17:13 - Contouring with Foam
18:23 - Painting & Weathering Track
19:36 - Rock Moulds (Curved Rocks)
20:14 - Plaster... Lots of plaster!
21:10 - Painting Rocks
21:40 - Brown Earth & Dirt Texture
23:25 - Track Ballasting
24:15 - Roads
27:28 - Trees... Lots of Trees!
28:20 - Static Grass
30:12 - Forest Floor (Leaves and Weeds)
31:16 - Chain-Link Fence, Path Barrier & Guardrails
32:13 - Signs, Crossing Signals & Trackside Debris
33:41 - Detailing with Static Grass
33:59 - Woodland Scenics Light Hub
34:19 - Road, Path & Track Detailing
35:09 - Planting the Trees
36:26 - Closing Shots


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