Fabricating a Metal Landspeeder that DRIVES

Am 28 Nov 2019 veröffentlicht
Together myself and eBay Uk are building our 3rd Star Wars creation, we've made a huge AT-ACT Playhouse, a FULL SIZE Tie Silencer and now to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from the first film, A New Hope.
But out of Metal........This is no easy task.
Check out the AT-ACT dename.info/film/2ahkpKeZz3msc2o/video
Check out the Tie Silencer dename.info/film/2bepkG6t0qeqn6U/video
Thanks to eBay for supporting this project.
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  • This was a MONSTER Task, theres been fibreglass speeders but never a steel one so some new metal working skills needed to be found but what a build, I'm super pleased with this and didn't want to paint it haha. You may have noticed the new Merch in a few shots, get yours here www.colinfurzeshop.com See you in the next video when we take it for a spin.

  • Que belleza

  • Considering the original used a truck chassis, it should be interesting.

  • Jets or pulse jets?

  • Hi colin that golf buggy was my uncles i know this cuz u got it from a guy named Chris i spoes and he is my uncles if you still dont believe me thats yard is at doddinton

  • I can not believe that you put the steering wheel on the wrong side!

  • imagine if it hovered

  • My friend thats it's fantastic...amazing...felisitations

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  • Oi meu nome é Raul, eu gostei muito dos seus vídeos eles são legas😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

  • Oi meu nome é Raul, eu gostei de todos os seus vídeos todos são legais 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊☺😀

  • The ones that don make any thing that just look great are mmmm you now goodd .......but this.... this is great and as he say great body work.... im waiting the next part. Great proyect and video

  • Dude, that's _so_ metal.

  • Always so amazing to see you build stuffs thats so fun

  • The most impressive metal thing I've made is an aluminium spatula

  • where does he store al these vehicles tho?

  • What if you put 3 real turbo jet engine in the place where it looks like jet engines

  • ........it coulda been biger........

  • I love your videos Colin!!!!!!


  • For a second there- 10:07

  • Very discreet product placements!

  • Man, he did all of this in only 12 min. I hope i can build that quickley some day.

  • Why don’t you sell somebody the items for lots of money to the government

  • Where'd you get windscreen? Don't think Ebay sells something like that.

  • Man, is there anything Colin can't make? Genius.

  • Next up : “Making a working Death Star!!”

  • Hi Colin, love your videos you lunatic! Could you add links to some of the the kit you use to build with. Cheers

  • More people should drive golf buggies as cars. In that one back to the future game everyone does. We should drive more golf buggies. Im gonna make a golf buggy rental service one day.

  • Steering is on the wrong side.😁

  • very impressive CraftsmanshipColin that was smart doing it in sections like you did my deceased Grandfather was a Body and Fender man in the 1930s and 40s before bondo he did everything by hammer and dollies and leaded it all then switched over to Welding full time Untill he was in his 70s and forced to retire he didn’t want to but wound up doing it I was too young to learn anything he could had taught me but I always wished I had as his skills were off the chart good as a favor to my Dad he did work on a Antique MGTD by leading any dings and imperfections than did a black lacquer paint job on the tub and bonnet The car was in our garage most of my life and we always had it covered the Laquered paint looked great 30 years later and my Dad and I did a frame off restoration with a mechanical refresh including hemi pistons that was a old racing trick in the 1950s to boost the horsepower up a bit and trick the judges

  • iDOLO!!!!!

  • Amazing,funny, and really entertaining. You are a genious !! Congratulations!! you are in another level, I can't believe your talent and creativity

  • Man, if Ebay could just give you a press-brake, you'd be good to go on a million and one projects.

  • U have done a awesome job lv it

  • You should have used a Polaris slingshot for this. Look it up.

  • if every school teacher was as cool as him the kids would never miss a day off!

  • Wow

  • every think is so perfic

  • have u gone stock raving mad i LOVE IT🍾🍾🍾🍾🍺🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃 CHEARS MATE

  • For your next one Col, the little old lady up the lane needs her heating fixed ... think you've still got the bottle?

  • you could have built the entire front with aluminum supporter expanding foam resin . Would have save you so much work . Cool project .

  • idiot

  • The car of the future,🚠🚠🚠🚡🚡

  • Do you wear your tie when you work on the lathe?

  • you got skills. respect. dang, if you'd have an antigrav drive, you'd have the real thing!

  • Steering wheel is on the wrong side: fail !

  • when its just a hobby:

  • С такими инструментами и за такие деньги мог бы и настоящий летающий аппарат сделать, и в 3-5 раз легче!!! Ну а вообще молодец, только силы были потрачены не на транспортное средство, а на бессмысленную игрушку которая будет стоять во дворе всё время.

  • I want one

  • Spot on!!! Love it!

  • Have you ever heard of eye protection? Good job anyway.

  • Great Job!

  • I'd like to see someone making this based on a Mazda Miata

  • Офигенно! 🤔😉👍

  • Its not a Mowta, its a Motor! Greetings from Germany.

  • Awesome project and video Colin!! Loved the soundtrack too! Absolutely amazing work mate. You are literal mad scientist/rocket scientist! 🤙🚀 Not sure how i missed this project, since its the first time im seeing it, and yet i watch most of your videos when i can. May i ask please though mate, what was the 13kw motor you used? curious for a future project of my own. Cheers

  • top d +++

  • JJJJhhgfyb and then jhgd yhgdb lokij and that about it............. Red Coat.

  • now george lucas is mad at you

  • Wow thats cool

  • How long did it take to complete this project? You certainly seems to have a very good skill set. Love your videos.

  • how did you make the canopy?

  • Wow! Incredible fabrication skills!!

  • Warning golf carts is people may die if the instructions are followed. Allows thought that was hard to do. From the slow speed. Then I saw this guy driving. I fully understand how people die misusing golf carts.

  • 10:06 the movement is wonderful.

  • Fantastic job! From what I remember about the original, I think it was based on a Reliant-based Bond Bug chassis. So in theory, it would be really easy to make a road legal Speeder!

  • Hmmm. Luke Skywalkers Batmobile?

  • where can i get one

  • Colin. Be honest. The fibreglass wasn't that heavy (although it probably was) you just wanted an excuse to get more metal working tools.

  • When I Watch This Dude Make Shit for Some Reason I Get Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Vibes... Like I’m in Parkour Creating My Own Skate Park

  • I thought you would make a hove craft with jet motors??😢

  • furze has got wood

  • WTF you put the steering wheel on the wrong side! I suppose that's ok if you're driving in the UK. ;-]. All that's left is to pass the MOT...

  • Wicked...

  • #bestthingiveeverseen

  • im a sheet metal worker by trade & must admit im impressed with your metal working skills.

  • Moving by weels , abä . Why no hovercraft , thats really good .

  • I think you're under doing it by way to much.. You've worked with more than enough jet engines and hover crafts. You're supposed to be an engineer?? to do this that poorly. Yeah it Looks pretty, But come on you can do much better than this .. Do you want to build a go cart next ??

  • Very Cool 🙂🚂🚂🚂

  • isn't it a better idea to use custom fiber "polymer" [CFRP] like in modern cars

  • I want to be Furze.

  • If Elon Musk was a DEnamer this would be him

  • Plot twist he bought everything then put it in a eBay box

  • Just curious: how did you get that wind screen?

  • The Master Fabricator!

  • Didnt you know? Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just aren't in demand! Joking XD Thats an amazing Work you have done!

  • Why don't you make that hoverbike bigger with bigger propellers and a two-seater and then it really would kind of be like that one from Star wars like the old classic Corvette looking when they had

  • Why don't you do something smart and build a copy of some really great future vehicle like something from Darryl Starbird or maybe Ed Roth. But especially Starbird..like the forcaster or predicta they all at the Natiional Custom Car Center Take a look at what some real future designs look like......

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  • I feel like this needs to be a hovercraft. Maybe rocket powered

  • Hearing protection?

  • @10:06 - what are you _doing???_

  • Can you come to my house to build a treehouse in Star Wars my house is 23

  • you're like michael reeves and the hacksmith combined but actually cool

  • Obi wan ! Is that you

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  • 0:48 Golf Buggy Gremlin

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