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With Snow Falling on your request I converted the DRIFT TRIKE to the SKI TRIKE........
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  • where does he get those ideas?

  • Luckily you didn't blend your leg up when you fell off the back.

  • Hey Colin do you know if you can use gokart rear wheels on a motorised drift trike or can you only use front gokart wheels?

  • 4:07 colin are you ok?

  • or make it flote

  • There’s one way to air rate your lawn

  • Make a mini motor bike

  • This is a serious comment and not a troll......can you explain why some parts are 3D printed and others are, well, cut out or plasma cut. I really want a good explanation and (like my brother) you are a plumber so I feel you can bring it down to earth without over explaining it.

  • You should make a bunkbed that can go up and down like an elevator

  • sheep: oh wow this thing looks cool and human looks friendly. Colin: starts up trike ski sheep: oh sh!t we were wrong, RETREAT, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!.

  • Colin sorry but I need me skis back

  • awesome!

  • ...Skid-doo....

  • Great videos. Keep up the great work.

  • I just commented on your newest video but could you please make a badass electric bike ??

  • 4:06 that dance 😂😂😂

  • vGhislaine Maxwell

  • I purposely don't watch a bunch of colin's vids so that I can binge watch them later lmao

  • Imagine being his neighbor and seeing this crazy invention with a ski you throwed away 10 years ago xD bloody respecp

  • You are one of the only youtubers where you say “it’s really quite simple” And it’s actually simple

  • Where do you buy the 2 stroke 125 pit bike engines?

  • How do you make all this stuff

  • I needed THIS when I still lived in Canada!!

  • Colin you look like that famous painter here: 6:36

  • Ku*wa moje pole

  • still good content wow

  • Easily the best channel on DEname if not ... life! Keep it up you wonderful human 😄👍👔

  • You are a mad man. an awesome mad man!

  • Mister Furze, bolt a 3/4 snowboard to the forker. Screws only 1/2 inch longer. Wax that wanker!!! And have so much fun! This was me not watching the full vid. I'm sorry bub!

  • the spikes looked like a mixture of mad max meeting saw meeting hell raiser meet resident evil

  • Что бл я незнаю английский но очень интересно 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Excellent music as always. Is punk+brass=always ska or is there more nuance

  • Is it me..... Or should Colin Furza AND MasterMilo82 do something together? (For those that don't know, Milo is a Dutch/German guy who has made crazy inventions and such, like the RollGolf and other insane stuff)

  • I don't know what it is but trike drifting is one of the most fun things that you can do! Used to have an ATC 70 trike with a big engine in it and regret selling it!

  • When you think about it it’s a ski doo with one ski and two tracks

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he put horse sound effects over some sheep

  • The field is gonna look interesting when the snow melts

  • Is it possible to turn the drift trike into a mud bogging drift trike

  • He's living in everyone's dream

  • Need to do a collab with Sam Pilgrim! You two would be a very interesting combo!

  • Should've made a rocket sled with the pulse jet

  • Romania?

  • So you built it motorized, electric and for snow. For me there is one option left... What do you think happens if you equip it with paddle wheels and make it swim? ;)

  • awesome content

  • You need tracks for snow and spikes for ice

  • How big is that motor??(i need it)

  • I would like to buy one for quebec winter. It would be epic

  • dename.info/film/sdNllq7O1Yx8qZ0/video

  • You surprised me again

  • Should put small snow blades instead of spikes on the wheels

  • 你好

  • Go check out bikes and beards😂

  • You're mega big master!!!

  • This one is way better than bikes and beards.

  • Hey man can u make the assin creed arm mounted cross bow gun

  • Bikes and beards said his is better check it out on DEname

  • colin look at bike and beards

  • dename.info/film/sdNllq7O1Yx8qZ0/video You've had a response video from an American Bike channel.


  • can ice tyres on snow??🤔hmm

  • Colin make a Motor bike

  • He should put treads on the trike and maybe he will have enough grip and no spikes and no wheeling too much

  • My boy you need to one up this flat lander from warped perception he just made a JET POWERED GO CART !

  • The new lab

  • Looks dangerous, and yet, so fun...

  • My son, who is 6, is requesting a sled that shoots fire and can also shoot rocks out the back like a trebuchet. We love what you do and he calls you crazy guy collin.

  • Do that with your gocart

  • How I’m finna be rolling through the next ice age

  • Anak indo ada

  • It’s the sheep’s for me 🐑

  • You should make an off-road version and put monster truck wheels on it

  • awesome, you should make a monster trike, has monster truck type suspension and wheels!


  • I just realized that in almost every video you have subtitles And I think I know why Cough cough bRiTiSh AcCeNt

  • Why don't you make a spider robots get into it and then you can go all around but holding

  • Я один тут спикинг русичь

  • Hey, make a SKATEBOARD WITH TRACKS or snow shoes with tracks! It'll get you up from your arse .D

  • 7:04 jesus, talk about luck for the right leg.

  • Where do you store all your builds?

  • I want to see Colin Furze and Ken Block to do a collab

  • a hug from Brazil

  • For powder

  • I would add a thicker ski

  • Me and my brother actually got a drift trike it's lever steering too so it's pretty cool the steers rear wheel

  • Use it in a ski track

  • Tack it on the ice

  • The snow dance really got me 😂

  • My brain: Thats your crush don’t act weird Me: 4:07

  • Make it as fast as you can

  • Or a baby car with a booster

  • Make automatic snow boards so you press a button and i goes I was thibking mabye a engine

  • Lawn CRUSHER ! ! !

  • You're so awesome sir !!

  • He reminds me of number 4 from Kids next door


  • GREATEST IDEA OF ALL TIME THAT is why you need to sub RIGHT NOW

  • take that drifting on a frozen lake

  • Brasil like

  • This guy has a machine for everything

  • This man was born with epic ideas. Colin furze you have done it again mate. Good job