STAIRCASE TREADMILL The ultimate exercise machine

Am 31 Jan 2019 veröffentlicht
Weight loss is a given with this beast.
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  • This thing is hard, its very steep which knocks you and just gets faster, but with practice it can be mastered.............could you do it. What else could I make an exercise machine?

    • Make it very hard to open doors, such as requiring you to operate a crank with a gear reduction so that opening a door "fast" would take some exertion.

    • Escalator

    • The treadmill is awesome, we all need one of those in our lives! Perhaps for the petrol head man as he ages though he may wish to traverse the stairs on a chainsaw powered stair lift?

    • I don’t trust stairs. They’re always up to something.

    • Do not install that at home, guys.

  • all will be done in the treadmill itself, before reaching the toilet

  • Make this guy PM.

  • Isn't that just the thing from Gladiators?

  • I dont like the songs

  • Now imagine the road being like that

  • Hi

  • Kurang kerjaan

  • lol

  • Creating rubbish.

  • I feel like this would be awesome to have during a zombie apocalypse especially if you decide to live on the top floors of a building.

  • 2:45 fake hand

  • Love this and even more now joe wicks was on it with you I’ve now added you your inventions are awesome.

  • Who else noticed that was a fake hand 2:45

  • Hi Jo

  • Imagine run up these stairs After turn off the lights and run in tour bedroom with a Monster behind you

  • 6

  • Also, board up your downstairs toilet With wooden boards nailed into the door frame So if you're desperate it's still excessive trying to get them off

  • I can just imagine someone needing to go poo and having to run up this

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  • knowing me, I would fit it upside down or something and make it easier to get up the stairs. That being said in order to fit one at all,I would need to have stairs first, but I totally want one all the same.

  • The music is way to loud

  • it needs a up and down mode

  • I would have it on reverse and get up there without any effort

  • 😀🎶😀🎶😀🎶😀🎶😀🎶😀🎶😱😱😱😱😅😅😅

  • Me when I turn the lights off at night

  • couldnt you technically revers the mother

  • You are a Genius I swear

  • *But what if you want to eat soup upstairs?*

  • I LOVE how there’s no ads in all his videos too. They do not make people like him anymore.


  • I want one

  • A A

  • Shit I coulduv got that parents so much for that so much for having original thought and thinking out side the box

  • when you go to the weird kids house:

  • Ееееее

  • His dad : COOOLINNNNNNN!

  • Make it so it brings you up

  • So is it ok to bring up my morning coffee??

  • Not to be used as a Wheelchair ramp

  • Very Amazing and crazy,,,,,wow,wow,wow god

  • Omg this is just- beautiful

  • I got an advert for an actual treadmill 😂😂

  • Hmm what if you just walked on the sides...

  • Great use against zombies

  • 😂😂😂

  • Imagine having a new born on that 😂

  • This man no legend is going places just not to bathroom.

  • Try reverse it and create a automatic treadmill to take you upstairs. Seems genius to me?

  • Zombie. 🤣 Y / / 👽Brains/

  • Hjjj

  • cringe

  • This is Crazy 😅

  • I’m making one of these to keep my kids downstairs when I trying to get housework done upstairs.😂😂

  • so that youtuber from years ago was faking that it was a zombie proof bunker!

  • Wow nice

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  • When I live in a 1 story house 😕

  • People in wheelchairs or who ever has a broken leg trying to get to their bedroom be like.

  • 4:36 a lot of people put their shoes and then now you putting chips and eating on it ?!

  • This is dumb lol

  • Who would of thought that 2 years later in the covid 19 pandemic Joe Wix would become an essential part of every Brits exercise regimen!

  • i saw this in a zombie apocalypse survival video

  • Vengo de Un poco de todo alguien más?

  • U will fall ... And game over 😅

  • 10k comment lel

  • HOW did that mirror on the wall not fall down even ONCE

  • I enjoyed your work a lot! I've been trying to find for a video like yours that really breaks down everything in this DEname video. 👏 👏Your content for sure is similar to the content from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's tips are actually helpful and I learned a lot for exams! I recommend you see his channel out and give Dr Ethan a subscribe! 👉 #DrEthanTips

  • Could you imaging actually having to crap and that thing is on... sorry about your hallway walls!

  • Ya sure it helps with exercise on the way up but not on the way down it will be Easter than walking down the stairs MISSION FAILED

  • This is what polnareff was walking on

  • The classy airbus corroboratively paddle because lily pragmatically supply times a previous shears. glistening glorious, guiltless asia

  • Just climb up the rails if you don’t feel like exercisingthsts sounds like me

  • what if you are in a wheel chair 😲


  • Plot twist:He know taht the zombie apocalypse will happen and thsi is a way to defend his house

  • isn't that incredibly dangerous?

  • Kevin no

  • imagine treadmill shoes. shoes that make it harder to walk forward.


  • Laughs in walking on treadmills sides

  • Looks safe 🤣😂

  • Omg I want this

  • Is this the warp wall ninja warrior

  • Everybody gangsta til somebody applies moisturizer on the tracks

  • How is this safe? I forgot. It isn't

  • Hate the music

  • Remember seeing this on look north a while back.

  • Was there a weird fake hand at 02:46 or am I losing it? 🤔

  • All I have to do is get up one time. After that I’ll just never come down again

  • Its all good until zombies find out how to turn if off

  • F u vb6 gnyfgvu un

  • Imagine ur bathroom is uo there and u have to take a big diarrhea

  • What if you want to go up the stairs

  • And if you don't like fitness: It could feed ya!! Possibly the greatest thing I have ever heard.

  • I was thinking Robery Bob

  • The

  • why

  • こぬてぷつも