Doctor Reacts To Painful TikToks

Am 9 Jun 2021 veröffentlicht
My TikTok for you page is completely full of great medical stuff! Today we talk about food like Taco Bell and how it digests through your intestines, the proper volume of your headphones, surgical equipment, getting back in shape, proper skincare, those weird jaw muscle trainers, how to get rid of hickeys with whisks, face masks and skin peeling during periods, sunscreen for babies, concussions, collarbones, melatonin, and yes I even speak some Russian.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • I heard it easily. I also hear 20,000hz despite being an adult who SHOULD NOT be able to hear it....yes, high pitched noises are not just painful to me, they are from Hell itself.

  • are you a real doctor

  • That outro wasn't healthy!

  • the guy who says he doesn't have collar bones could also just have an extremely hypermobile sternoclavicular joint. I have hEDS and when I dislocate one side of that joint, the attached shoulder folds in toward my chest about 45°

  • Bear licks butt- eats his poo- have a kiss on the mouth doc-🤮

  • I have dermatographia the weird skin writing.

  • Bear kisses for everyone🥰🥰

  • Question: I have trouble sleeping I don't know what it is I don't eat before bed I don't go on screens and I don't have caffeine idk what to do (I even tried meditation before bed)

  • I didn't hear the sound :(

  • Ehler-Danlos Zebra here. I was watching Scapular Dude silently willing you to say hypermobility. 🤣

  • The lacking lamp unexplainably type because cousin presumably arrange through a reminiscent station. towering, flippant product

  • Me with my eardrums ripped out when I was like 4 because of tubes listening to advise to not get ear damage: 👀👂🏻

  • Too soon I know but dr mike - please watch the game of Denmark vs Finland when christen Eriksen - player dropped down and went catatonic with eyes glazed over. Watching live they immediately did chest compressions for what felt like 6 minutes minimum… it’s was horrific and I just want to know medically. How long do you do chest compressions before you can medically deem it’s too late … ps there was not trauma or contact - he just dropped and then became absolutely instantly non responsive… it looked horrific. Players - fans were crying. For 15 -20 mins no one knew if he was even alive let along stable. He is stable but the medics were fast and were doing chest compressions for a while .. I counted 5 mins and hence wanted to know .. how long before there is damage or worst case even death.. scarred for life here watching this .. just heart wrenching

  • You seem great haha

  • some of these people need to get a life

  • not a fan of this guy but the third one was so funny

  • He is so smart 😍

  • 9:06 l- I am that 17 year old. The fact that he said it looking dead into the camera made me look around the room... He knows..

  • E after eating a whole bottle of melatonin : 👁👅👁😕 😩 😢😖🥴🥱😪

  • What is your opinion on honey? I get mine from my dad who’s a local bee keeper. It’s only filtered once through the cheesecloth. Also, thoughts on chewing bee wax?

  • fatties have fat tongues go figure lol

  • Isn’t the reason not to use sunscreen on infants because the chemicals can be extremely harmful to a babies skin? Which is why ur supposed to layer clothing on your baby and keep them in the shade?

  • Me when I heard new Spycakes video 0:12 P.s subscribe to Dr Mike and spy cakes

  • Cold you react to danish footballer Christian Eriksen injury

  • you should react to celebs talk about their mental health

  • Please check out onlyjayus! Does a lot of unusual home remedies and am dying to know your thoughts! Also... Love you speaking russian!😉

  • The guy that moved his shoulderblades caused me to choke on my cerials

  • The dentist now doctor ben?! My life is complete :)

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Stranger Things or not, but Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) doesn’t have collar bones either

  • What’s your secret to perfect skin??!!

  • Amazing

  • I heard it and I’m 10

  • Hmmm ... a vegan baby? So no mother milk either then ?

  • 10:16 Cleidocranial dysplasia.

  • 10:32 my cousin once took like 4 Melatonin gummies immediately before playing a bunch of games and running around lol Melatonin is wild

  • I feel like the medics on the football field in Copenhagen who reanimated Christian Eriksen watched your Videos... Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions...

  • I'm watching this at exactly midnight

  • 8:44 “no.” Lmao get em Doctor Mike

  • At 17 I was never at the doctors office by choice.😂😂😭🤦‍♀️

  • gosh he's precious

  • Your tongue is in your mouth - umm who knew?

  • Him: dont use noise cancelling headphones Me who's autistic: 🧍‍♀️

  • 11:08 hears about toxicity levels, ah finally all hours spent on the Witcher pays off :D

  • Humans have skin, especially babies

  • Needs further research ? Cleidocranial dysostosis. Strangely the first disorder i learned in med school.

  • Mike, I have a question related to the ears. The question is: When I block my ears and shiver, why do I hear a muffled ringing noise? (You can try this yourself and will probably hear a muffled ringing noise)

  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhh 12% volume gang here idk i hate having loud noise so maybe it's just me

  • Hey Dr. Mike, Dustin from Stranger Things in real life has a condition where he has no collarbone (if you’re interested!)

  • I’m Ukrainian but my family speaks Russian , I can speak Russian , it’s just that I don’t like to either

  • Women actually have to peel off layers of skin after they have their. .

  • dr mike, is eating just one meal a day actually healthy or beneficial in any way? it resulted in a maximum deficiency of vit d3 in my case...

  • Omg its real life automail!

  • I think Dustin from stranger things also doesn't have collarbones

  • 0:55 ik I'm not older that 25 but i couldn't hear the sound 🤚💀

  • Please make a video about Eriksen injury.

  • I do wonder, if just sneezing hard to get all the blood out of a bloody nose. it may be another way to stop it. because after I do that I am fine. :/

  • Please react to Christian Eriksen's injury.

  • Oh the faces thing -- that's sensory perception confusion because of left right crisscrossing from your eyes to your brain and so it melds the left and right faces together.

  • I can stay healthy but happy is a no no

  • I’m 20 and I didn’t hear the sound😐

  • 3:35 bold of you to assume I didn't grind my teeth down already To the point where they're basically even

  • Why take life into our own hands when we could let go of everything and trust God? Living for pleasure and gain doesn’t matter since death and time erases all your hard work. It’s all meaningless. Of course, if we don’t believe in God, whether we live an honest life or not would also be meaningless (Be of no consequence). Now if you take into consideration that there’s over 2 billion people on earth making their claims that God is real, would you gamble with your life the same way you would with money? Truly, it’s only when you believe in God, does one’s life become meaningful. Simply because it now means there will be consequences for your actions. I say this to you, not to force anything on you, but to encourage you to at least do your own research. Don’t gamble with your life. It is written: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

  • You should do a reaction to tik tok arm vein trend

  • Dr Mike: looks at their dog "I will not ever harvest your kidneys" You gotta reassure them, so they feel safe around you

  • You've been at who wants to be a millionaire? 😯

  • This was at the very bottom of my recommended

  • Dr. Mike! For your next reaction video you should watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8 (Changing Channels) Love your channel btw🤍

  • I use noise cancelling headphones on 100% all the time when i listen to music

  • As far as the collarbone video, I have ccd and was born with half a left clavicle bone so I used to be able to do that

  • Where can I find the Who Wants to be a Millionaire episode with Dr. Mike. Unless that was a meme

  • Hey this is a bit weird but I have gotten thr flu three times and I am still here.

  • The tongue thing! Thank you so much I've been trying to figure out what its called for ages! Macroglossia.


  • I've had a scalpel go across my tongue. Not a fun time. But I got a really cool tongue out of it 😂🐍🐍

  • Why don't you like speaking Russian? Just curious

  • Cool!!

  • Ого стоп что он знает русский язык. Интересно почему не нравится

  • I can’t be the only one that wishes this man whas my doctor

  • My friend's nose: /\/\ Doctor Mike's nose: //////

  • I’M NOT GONNA LIE If he was doctor, I’d always be real embarrassed

  • The collar bone thing is genetic disorder: cleidocranial dysostosis. It's a genetic disorder affecting the development of the bones and teeth. One common sign is an absent or undeveloped collarbone and missing front teeth. Its a fascinating disorder that Gaten Matarazzo from stranger things has

  • "The dose makes the poison" applies well to some of these.

  • -Mentions not to listen to your headphones at more than 60% volume-... *Me, watching this video with my headphones at max volume-*

  • Cristian eriksen the footballer was saved by chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions

  • Please react to a danish football player christian Eriksen passing out middle of a game? Maybe you can see something detailed

  • Hey dr. Mike, please react to the Christian Erikson situation during and after the Denmark Finland match

  • Ok good to know...

  • hi doctor Mike, I just need help, my friend is eating less than 600 calories a day, and she thinks that its since what a diet and it's really healthy for her, and I don't think that's true, but can you tell me if that is healthy or not, I want her to be safe

  • Love ur vids

  • the guy with the controllable shoulder blades could stick some feathers on himself from the dollar store and he be in the skyyyyy

  • 1:04 I have them at like 20% lmao

  • Ngl, I’m 20 years old and I now hate going to the doctor because my mom refuses to go with me 😂😂😒 even THO she said I’ll always be her baby 😭😭

  • If I had a nickel for everytime Dr Mike said You're not a chicken in a pot, I would have 2. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • Sir my 14 year old boy have a sludge in gallbladder. Can it cause problems?

  • That under 25 noise hurts my ears

  • The special bladder rahilly please because illegal accordantly provide plus a second drill. mammoth, disgusting twine

  • Привет товарищ Михаил!

  • @8:35 he says how he did a peeling mask and that it hurt. Most of the time the ones that hurt or the cheap ones but don't get me wrong some more expensive ones due to but there are masks that go on and peel off like glue which are the ones that hurt and then there are ones that are a little thicker on your face and they peel off a lot easier and don't hurt, it's like more rubbery then like a dried glue! I had to look into it as well because I won't mask that heart my skin to peel them off! Just some friendly advice and I hope it helps atleast some people!

  • if you watch mha or bnha then here it kinda be lookin like tysu 7:33

  • "Who asks for their blood type?" A friend of mine recently freaked out because her blood type wasn't compatible with her father's blood type, and figured she was adopted. Turns out, she just misremembered her blood type. Sometimes, actually asking is very helpful.