[MV] 휘인 (Whee In) - water color

Am 13 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
[MV] 휘인 (Whee In) - water color

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  • Let's get 7 M


  • Oh, Turkish subtitles? Nice surprise! ❤️

  • Sırada starry night

  • Çok güzelsin aşkmm

  • Wheein

  • Queen

  • Earlier today, Wheein held a fansigning event and from what I saw on Twitter, she was asked whether she'll make another solo comeback and her response was that this is only the beginning. It puts me at ease to know that she's truly happy and regardless of the music shows' results, our artist will continue to do what she loves and push herself to promote. I hope she rests for now but I'm not sure if Mamamoo are planning on making a comeback anytime soon.

  • love it!

  • ♡♡♡♡

  • 6.164.922


  • Water color

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  • 6.164.720 21:27 Turkey Time

  • 6.164.720

  • Mamamoo wheein ! Love u !

  • HWEEIN! i love you!

  • i lovee you

  • I hope she'll renew her contract too qwq Mamamoo is laifu! Together and solo, too!

  • so pretty!!

  • Please. Be your comments not only emojis , your v!ew won't count

  • Hermosa mi puppy

  • Feliz día de las madres. A todas las moomoos mamás y a todas las mamis d moomoos

  • Jung Wheein you the best😍💓☝✊👏💟💘

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  • 6,161,343 6,2 soooon

  • perfect

  • GOSH She is so pretty 😍 ❤

  • 13k to 500k likes 1k to 85k comments C'mon moomoos

  • I'm in love

  • I wasn't able to str34m yesterday but here I am again! Moomoos fighting!

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  • sarkı o kadar güzel ki heyecanlanıp tersten begenenler olmus

  • moomoo burda mısın

  • wheein askim

  • as a moo artist, I'll never let go of this song. I'll keep streaming it till my last breath.

  • "actually I'm pretty" can't deny it tho i know its greedy xdd

  • let's go!! next goal 7m!

  • She just an angel

  • i always get the chills when i hear the "im gonna live for me" part because that feels rlly impactful. that single line literally changed my life.

  • 6.154.037

  • Let's try at least 7M in 1 Month!!!! Fighting

  • My fav gurl is here

  • Wheeinah~

  • 6.152.013...

  • WEre the translations submitted by fans? I was so surprised to see them haha

  • Vamos moomoos! Rumo a 10M de visualização!

  • 6,151,219

  • We love you

  • 🥰🥰🥰watercolor mood

  • Wheein's voice will always be my comfort.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Go 7M

  • Любимая песня, любимая группа

  • _~She's a Goddess_

  • 10M >> legooooo~

  • Jung Wheein you are art !!

  • nice nice

  • Thank you for creating this beautiful masterpiece Wheein! We Moos love it so much! Great Job!

  • Wheein and Redd Album = Pure Art

  • Wheein Best Girl

  • Wheein Visual

  • Jung Wheein, you are art yourself. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song to us Moomoos. Thank you for your hard work. We’ll work hard to support you too. Love you Wheepup 💕🤟🏽

  • This is a good song, but I feel like her song ‘Trash’ should have been her title track 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • If you ever feel so useless, just think about the 2.1k people who disliked this video 😏

  • She looks stunning

  • Water color is a bop

  • this sounds like a song that would play at the mall

  • 5 güne 1 ay doluyor 6.5 YAPAK bari

  • its great

  • 6.140.808 11:31 Turkey Time

  • Her visual is so pretty

  • Kanal abonesi 5.7 milyon oldu bir üyenin geri dönüşüyle bu kadar arttıysa Mamamoo comeback yaparsa 6 milyon olur

  • so pretty!

  • Total album sales of Wheein's Redd album= 72773 copies until 9th May. Today update

    • @Alexis Jung Possibly a mix of both then?

    • @Yousra T I think this is total sale. They didn't say anything about it. May be Domestic

    • Do we know if the sales are from domestic or international purchases?

    • @EdeV Yes absolutely Total sales (soar +Redd) close to 100k

    • She is almost at 100k album sales in total with soar including.

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  • I hope she will come to jessi show!terview in mobidic it’ll be hilarious

    • That would be great. Jessi tends to mesh well with all personality types and I think she'll find Wheein refreshing cause she doesn't BS eventhough she's shy. Jessi will find her refreshing and understand why Hwasa cherishes Wheenie so much! Is it obvious that I already pictured their interview together? lol

  • underrated af

  • Let's stream everyday, WE CAN DO THIS MOOMOO'S🥳🥳❤️❤️

  • i love wheein bec be$$ie was found jobless bec everything about this cb went her way HAHAHAHA

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