Miley Cyrus Performs “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” | Miley Cyrus Unplugged

Am 15 Okt 2020 veröffentlicht
Miley Cyrus performs a cover of “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” by Arctic Monkeys in this 2014 MTV Unplugged.
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  • why isn’t this on spotify T_T

  • Miley making a song: Tik tok be like:2:20 your mine now👍

  • 2:16

  • This is the better version

  • Why are you still here? You know you we’re supposed to leave America in 2016! What is taking you so long??


  • My vocal range could never at 2:17

  • 2:15

  • omggggg i got chills when she went off

  • dont do drugs kids

  • 2:17 youre welcome

  • Jeez I shivered all over

  • Hannah?

  • You post this 6 years late just cuz it went viral on tiktok 😐

  • hello ☆ L G B T Q ☆ community

  • Vim do tiktok,quem mais??

  • there was another video of this exact video like 3 years ago, man

  • I refuse to believe that this is her voice its so good 😍😳

  • pov: u find this song after you heard this song at tiktok

  • 2:17 is the part your looking for ;)

  • God 😍😍

  • this is an awful cover. the original was so much better.

  • Arctic monkeys

  • i love this a little too muchhh

  • with the help of Dr.Ahonle herbal medication i was able to beat out the genital herpes completely. God bless you sir

  • i bet someone just watched that black mirror episode and was like ‘OOOOOOHHHHHH....’

  • Hoping this makes it onto her rock album, I need this on streaming platforms


  • Hola comentario español♡

  • can someone explain why this is reuploaded?

  • Русские вы тут?

  • i can’t breathe💔 when i listen this song, i remembered my first love..

  • wow they finally brought back this cover, watched this a while ago, and sadly they took it down, happy it’s back up, Matt said it was one of his favorites.

  • So we all here from TikTok?!??

  • Vengo de tik tok bai jsjsjs

  • ALOT of people forgot that Miley is a very talented singer

  • Everybody is here for tik tok lmao 😔✌🏻

  • She is so beautyy👁️👄👁️😵🌼

  • she had so much potential in rock.

  • Wanna know how I know that MTv is absolute garbage, caring nothing for the music industry?... 6. Years. Later...

  • Damn. She makes me so happy

  • Me wondering why the people aren't wearing masks, meanwhile this was filmed in 2014...

  • 2:23 ;)

  • the amount of times i've come back to this is insane

  • Really MTV? only now you post this masterpiece

  • Everyone here says she sang perfectly but I kinda felt like quite some notes were off and I honestly didn't like this cover😅prefer the original. She still did a good job.

  • iconic

  • How can I auto repeat this song?

  • a plateia até reagiu de uma forma bem calma, se fosse aq no Brasil vc não ia nem ouvir ela cantando de tanto que a gnt ia tá gritando

  • when is it in spotify???

  • Alguen en español ??

  • Why? Porque ? Porque es tan PERFECTAAA❤️

  • this hurt a little to watch

  • ?

  • the POWER this woman holds

  • 2:17 that's where you looking for

  • Русские, используйте этот комент как флажок «я тут»

  • Miley left us with a surprise, I'm obsessed

  • I honestly don’t understand why people would hate on her she’s just a ✨wild soul✨

  • Ok but her voice is heaven to my ears, pure perfection , such a talented woman

  • Хочу 10 часовую версию этого припева! Шикарно

  • stan arctic monkeys for your health

  • thats cool

  • This is not the way this song was meant to play

  • Miley ❤️❤️❤️

  • LA AMO



  • Great voice, but a little cringey performance

  • ugh I love miley why was the audience so dry :-(

  • It was magical🤩

  • One of the best covers ever only blowing up now

  • what a performer

  • “The mirrors image tells me it’s home time” is like midnight sky “The mirrors telling me to go home”

  • Did any new fans start listening to arctic monkeys after this? :)

  • 2:16

  • This video makes me want to Google some Artic Monkeys and see Miley live

  • I’ve never been this attracted to Miley Cyrus in my whole 20 years of living wow.

  • staneo a una diosa

  • make this on spotify NOW!!

  • did mtv reuploaded this? lol shame on you just wanted popularity.

  • His voice in the 20th minute ✨👄✨

  • 2:16

  • Who’s here from tik tok?😂

  • Literally been waiting years for this. Course we had to wait for it to be on tik tok 🙄

  • is that as high as she can sing!

  • i lovee it i love this woman !!!

  • why tf did y’all reupload with this quality

  • The mirror's image Tells me it's home time But I'm not finished 'Cause you're not by my side And as I arrived I thought I saw you leaving Carrying your shoes Decided that once again I was just dreaming Of bumping into you Now it's three in the morning And I'm tryna change your mind Left you multiple missed calls And to my message you reply "Why'd you only call me when you're high?" "Hi, Why'd you only call me when you're high?" Somewhere darker Talking the same shite I need a partner Well are you out tonight? It's harder and harder to get you to listen More I get through the gears Incapable of making alright decisions And having bad ideas Now it's three in the morning And I'm tryna change your mind Left you multiple missed calls And to my message you reply (message you reply) "Why'd you only call me when you're high?" (Why'd you only call me when you're) "Hi, why'd you only call me when you're high?" And I can't see you here, wonderin' where am I Sort of feels like I'm runnin' out of time I haven't found all I was hoping to find You said you gotta be up in the morning Gonna have an early night And you're starting to bore me, baby "Why'd you only call me when you're high?" "Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?" "Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?" "Why'd you only ever phone me when you're high?" "Why'd you only ever phone me when you're (high)?

  • When the cover is better that the original 😍😍 The original is still good tho

  • Omg did nobody notice how she said “ and having bad ideas “ at around 1:11... cuz I can’t stop replaying....

  • 2:13

  • 👁️👄👁️

  • she looks so strong :)

  • Que diablos la eliminaron y volvieron a subir o que ? Oh ya ví que por qué se hizo viral en tik tok jajaja la conozco de hace años y apenas están con esto jajajaj

  • To think that 2014 was 6 years ago? Wow

  • and now i’m gay for miley cyrus

  • hi lgbt community.

  • 2:17 2:17

  • Not they posting this cause it got viral on tiktok 😭💀