The Best Steak And Sauce Combo Of All Time

Am 2 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
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If there is a better combination of Steak and Sauce in the world I haven't tried it yet!!
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 tbsp mirin
1 1/2 tbsp white sugar
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp toasted sesame seeds
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Twitter| CookingwithSon1
D5 allclad pan as seen in
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  • Golden balance: now bismillah Nick digiovanni: throws knife and kisses fish Lynja: Memes and many personality ACookNamedMat: Flakey salt ThatDudeCanCook : abuses fridge and "u know why i love u and im out" Max The Meat Guy: Apple Wood, low and slow Gordon Ramsay: "WHERES THE LAMB SOUCE?" and "u fucking donkey/donut" Jovi Greene: vibe with music while cooking food

  • That fridge has to press charges at some point

  • I just want to hold the fridge and tell him/her/it that everything is going to be fine.

  • that sauce is fire!🔥

  • Lol dude i know wagyu is expensive but i wouldnt call a piece of meat that small a steak, it looked like more like a thicc slice of bacon

  • The tiniest piece of steak that cost $343

  • This looked so good that I started biting the screen

  • Please keep beating up the fridge, my favorite part!

  • This is always cool to watch but how long would you have to cook it to have no pink meat And before anybody gives me hate my family has this weird thing where we cant eat pink meat so that is why i am asking

  • Plot twist: he love his fridge

  • Oh how he has changed over the years (in the best way possible!)

  • Try the steak onion mushroom and cream sauce wow

  • De e så got😄😄😄

  • Channel should be that dude can hit “

  • Half cooked meat cause of lots of diseases

  • That steak though, damn gorgeous!!

  • I feel bad for your fridge and your hands too.

  • Ugh my grandpa would buy this stuff. It’s like eating a steak flavored stick of butter. How this stuff became the peak of quality steak is beyond me...

  • Why do people like eating steak with a lot of fat on it🤔 I want meat that's why I bought the steak for the meat👍

  • He just killed his fridge

  • Everyone: that looks so good me:what did The fridge do to deserve that

  • Looks disgusting!

    • @Nutsack Gaming trust me my friend people say it's tender that's because it's pure fat and dousing everything in soy sauce LOL. That is not flavor but if you can take a lean piece of beef cook the right way it is the most flavorful and addicting substance on this planet LOL. Go take a look at a video from Simply dumpling where he goes to Florence and eats a Florentine steak that's the closest video I could find that will give you an idea how good that steak is.

    • it looks good cosmetically, i never said anything about taste and how its made

    • @Nutsack Gaming then clearly you never ate a real steak. This Wagyu steak is just pure fat and you never cook a steak on a flat top grill a steak is supposed to be medium rare Cooks over a wood fire check out the Italian Bistecca Florentine steak now that's a steak.

    • it looks amazing wdym

  • Why you always beating up your refrigerator LOL

  • This is how I remember Michael J Fox in curb your enthusiasm

  • Tf is with these youtubers all buying Wagyu. Talk about being completely out of touch. Literally no one here will ever be able to get a half way decent steak let alone fucking Wagyu It's something cool to show off once but using it like your able to eat it on the regular is ridiculous


  • O hell no... You "greased" the pan with wagyu and then cooked it for 3 minutes, 3!

  • I feel like putting wagyu with sauce is a crime

  • My duude just did a whole combo on that fridge! Btw great vid 👍

  • Cannot believe you dipped Wagyu in sauce! What a waste!

  • Omg

  • As good as the sauce sounds. Why the hell did you use Wagyu for it

  • Ay fridge you don’t have to suffer in silence I’m here if you need to talk

  • This steak looks like it's not loaded

  • Dude: hits the fridge Dude: You okay buddy?

  • It's raw 😤

    • it isn’t, if it was though i would still be perfectly fine because A5 wagyu just be like that

  • One cooking guy: beats refrigerator Other cooking guy: stabs cutting board

  • Poor fridge😂😂😂 but that looks so freaking gooooooooood

  • Ur fridge has had enough give the fridge a break 😭

  • Poor fridge

  • I don't think that's the same fridge at all. The last one died and now he replaced it with a clone😂😂😂

  • Everyone: the 1000000$ Dollar Wagyo steak Thatonedude: Just a normal steak

  • Shit is raw as fyck

    • @nasko petev you know that wagyu looks and is different by a lot, it is medium rare and if it was raw you would be fine because this isn’t a normal steak because wagyu is a lot more clean then a steak you buy in a grocery store. You can eat this meat raw and you wouldn’t die or get sick pretty much.

    • @FBI Agent it is absolutely inedible piece of meat, so much microbes and stuff didn't die at all and you can easily get sick, i don't understand people anymore. Why don't we just straight bite them cows then, what is this, mini-medium rare - totaly not raw shit

    • That isn’t raw it’s medium rare

  • Ond day the fridge will become Terminator ... it is processing

  • How many fridges you think he goes through?

  • Cap 🧢

  • I like what you did until you wanted to add that sauce.... eat it on its own it has all the flavor you could need there sometimes simple is the best way to go

  • I torture myself watching this because the food looks good

  • Every one is talking about the fridge abuse but what about the table abuse????!!

  • God damn if it give you adrenaline like that to punch and knee the fridge I need me that stake 🤣💯🤟

  • Fridge: wharrrridoooo

  • The fridge:what did I do?👁👄👁

  • Wtf is the point of eating that. Its like 3% lean 97% fat

  • #FridgeLivesMatter

  • Bruh chill

  • Ok pero, rip 🪦 a la pobre puerta de la nevera (refrigerador).

  • Idk why you appear on my feed but please stop

  • Is anyone else going to talk about his attack on the fridge, fuckin ninja😱

  • I’ll take 12

  • And if you don't know now u know

  • Só esse pedacinho é um carro

  • Forget the food combo he just did a combo attack o his fridge

  • Rich people be eating tiny ass things

  • He showed compassion for the fridge

  • Poor fridge

  • That poor fridge what did he do to deserve it

  • Cooking good food comes at a cost. Whatever kitchen it’s cooked in will be abused

  • *the fact that he looked to see if the fridge was ok*

  • Damn his fridge has dents

  • I'm sorry but I hate fat and there is way too much in there

  • Images when he is like 75 years old his drive be like a deflated ballon

  • It’s raw dude

    • @FBI Agent thanks for the fun fact I didn’t know

    • No it isn’t, you can also eat Japanese wagyu raw because it’s very clean

  • I messed up the sauce I thought you said urine then I went back.

  • That meat wasn't done for me plus it had too much fat in it.

  • His Mamma will kill him because of the fridge

  • The fridge 😂😭 Looks good🔥 tho will this sauce work for other meat products too?

  • Imagine calling that baby steak a steak

  • Him and the fridge are In an abusive relationship

  • Is that raw?

  • Haven't tasted wagyu yet but from how it looks and cooks, i can say i bet it's so delicately delicious😍😋☺❤

  • Ohhhh,i remember you.You are the guy that got scold by gordon ramsay

  • You ruined it with the sesame seeds

  • Plot twist: Going out of ur way for finding an excuse to buy a new fridge *starts a cooking show

  • Fhutg

  • Coked out

  • #fridgelivesmatter

  • Sneaky pete cooks?!?!?!?!

  • Marbling of wagyu is never lieying

  • Is he single? 🤣

  • Looks delish, poor fridge

  • This guy maxed his attack and the fridge maxed his defense.

  • No reason to melt wagyu fat in the pan just to sear the wagyu. The wagyu steak has enough fat on it's own and wagyu fat literally melts at room temperature. Definitely would NEVER dip a quality steak in a soy sauce blend, nonetheless wagyu. But hey gotta get them likes/views. Notice he only use a tiny piece lol, he knew he was committing a horrendous crime.

  • Bunch of dents in the fridge from him beating it lol

  • Yo that’s a nice bite size steak

  • Bro you going to break that fridge soon

  • It's only a matter of time before the fridge either becomes self aware or just decide to run hands 👌

  • I still don't know what I'd know if I knew. I don't know what I'd know period because I don't know. I would know what I knew and what I'd know I knew if I knew but I don't know. I want to know so badly what I'd know if I knew.

  • Little ass steak

  • Demolition ranch ending though

  • Nick Digiovanni or that dude can cook who would win in a cooking contest? 🤔