Sea of Thieves Season Two Approaches...

Am 6 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
Sea of Thieves Season Two begins on April 15th.
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  • Any veteran player will not fall for the barrel hide. Hiding in plain sight is funny, and going to sometimes even downright stump people though.

  • am I the only one thinking that it looks exactly the same?? Im hoping there's more than what this shows...

  • Metal Gear Solid vibes 😂

  • new event pls

  • Players: So what is the new content? Rare: Yes.

  • I really hope this game wont end up like fortnite:/


  • So I played sea of thrive on Xbox for a few years now and I was about to tame the switch to steam and the game was 50% off so I go to get a steam gift card I come back and it’s past 12 and the sale ended :( and I got 25$ if steam money so I can’t even buy the game

  • this intro was similar to our channel hahahah

  • What time does this come out EST?

  • Uh were gonna get loads of tucs

  • The name tag still shows when u use the emote people :(

  • Still no point to the game tho

  • Yes! More recycled emporium cosmetics and no complete ship set to earn? Can’t wait!

  • Shame I won’t be able to play cuz I’ll be away 😭

  • i like the idea of sea of thieves but i dont want to support microsoft

  • For the poor bastards, like me, who missed out on the previous steam sale; will there be another one soon by any chance?

  • guys i need your help my friend just bought the game but for some reason it does not let him join my lobby...any help would be appreciated :/

    • @simon eid :( wish i could help

    • @hello goodbye it’s just sad because we were so hyped and it didn’t work…

    • @simon eid That's weird I'm on xbox soI don't know how much I can help you

    • @hello goodbye we are both on pc that’s why I’m curious that it didnt work

    • Do you have an option that only allows Xbox and controllers to join because if he is on pc and you have the option then that could be why.

  • Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you! Never give up on your life !

  • Pls make the game be free just a few days PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS

  • COMMUNITY:seeing the trailer THE DEVS:new ship cosmetics etc COMMUNITY:ALL HAIL BARREL🔥

  • I think Red Skull Fort are events to fight Flameheart imself and unlock Flameheart Skin and crewmate skin ( Cause we see Flameheart skin on the begining of teaser). Something like the Fort of Damned Event Skins

    • No it's a big fort where u fight an ashen lord and 3 skeleton lords u get Athena loot for the reward, the flame heart costume is a pirate emporium costume

  • Argh! Next set of sneak emotes ought to include disguising as a box, a rock for island ambushes, and a shark fin cosmetic so you can stealthy try to board an enemy ship.

  • guys i am from the future, the skull in the sky is Stitcher Jim

  • its a teaser do you all expect for them to show all the content in a 38 second teaser? this probably isnt all theyre gonna add its just a teaser jeez

  • please don't let the pirate emporium additions outweigh the new content again

  • Does this bring third person? Fills miss leading

  • Poggers.

  • ngl this ship is really sexy 0:00

  • *laughs in insider*

  • Are they hinting prop hunt in sea of thievs with the new barrel emote that would be cool 4v4 on an island 4 pirates vs pirates that are barrels the last one alive wins

  • no

  • Black beard?

  • Liked

  • Tudle Nudle

  • I don't understand whats so exciting about that skull. what another fort type? Are we just recycling content for now? If so I understand, the pandemic has been tough. but... This is kinda a weird trailer imo.

  • So if I can't be a skeleton with my own clothes, I'll be disappointed. I just want t'e be a SKELLY!

  • Crys at PS4

  • Sssss a little bit of a little bit

  • Finally private lobbies?

  • backpack incoming ? i would be happy

  • Did I just see the return of the ashen skull forts?

  • Me now when I see any barrel: "Was that barrel always there orrrrr..."

  • Solid snake mode activated

  • If the barrel tuck is not going to be free, I'm concerned about the balancing of the game

  • Wait, was that the selling point of your season? A barrel?

  • Hello. Im really big fan of sea of thieves and i love this game but I can't play it because Im playing on ps4 and Im very sad :(. Do u guys know if ever this game go on sony platform ? (sorry for my english but im from Poland)

  • Two more days, mateys!

  • Am I the only one to hear a remix of the Sherlock main theme at the end of the trailer ?

  • Metal Gear ?

  • Is anyone else disappointed in how much content they showed. They only showed a Fort, an outfit, and an emote. If that’s all they are adding, I will be immensely disspaointed

    • No there probably more just couldn’t be shown in 38 sec

  • The aliens emote was inevitable

  • before watching this I'm just gonna say I hope it isn't just cosmetics as usual after watching, nothing promising

  • it’s lit

  • That barrel will be the new strat


  • Looking forward to the new season. But I do hope that in the future the devs will consider changing the character creation. I've wanted to buy a potion to change my pirates appearance, but at the same time I feel like it would take me far too long to find a character I actually like, and instead I'd have to settle for a pirate I don't really like, but kind of like. :/ As a game about cosmetics, I just wish I could actually relate to my character is all.

    • There is a potion we’re you can change you pirate appearance

  • Really excited for new merchant cosmetics

  • When are they going to fix the shitty combat system. Game would be 10x better if it had decent combat.

  • Is flameheart gonna stay?

  • Haven't played since i had reached PL in March 2019, but I've got to say I'm proud of this game. Horrible launch but they have made it 10x better since than. Hopefully yall see a massive players spike like the one when Arena came out. :)

  • I played this game for like 3 months straight, I bought the season 1 pass and never played it again

  • Swear ive seen one of them red skulls before flameheart was in the game but i cant remember what it meant and its confused me for so long

  • Everyone better start counting barrels on their boats, things are about to change lol


  • Kk

  • Sooooo another empty update???

  • Finally, an emote to surpass metal gear. "Ocelot, im trying to tuck aboard the enemy ship but the clattering of my bones is alerting the guards"

  • Skull looks like sauron ngl

  • Cant wait

    • You can't imagine how hard is to keep my mouth shut as an insider.

  • I had lots of hopes for this game. Seems like they finally decided to add something other than cosmetics. I personally haven't played since I hit legend over 2 years ago since the game had nothing in it other cosmetics and Sweats

  • So they are making it easier to camp the outposts? Why?

  • this game is painfully empty, boring, and slow and i never understood the concept of doing the same 3 things 100 times. only really fun when you can beg your friends into playing it

  • Noone gives a toss, fix swords please

  • Ps4 ?..

  • That barrel gotta be free or the game gonna be pay 2 win

  • Summit gonna enjoy that one

  • Sea of thieves : Prop Hunt update


  • I don’t think any of you seem to notice how I think you can see the new construction on the beach in the final shot behind the two buildings

  • Is there anything to do in this game yet? Or is it still basically sale around pick up treasure sell it and buy a new hat Repeat

  • havent played since i got PL. Guessing its the same mechanics and fedex simulator still. Last cool crazy idea was tall tales

  • Did they add a PvE only mode yet..?

  • Oh no I haven't even finished the first one.

  • When is the game going to get content

  • You can't imagine how hard is to keep my mouth shut as an insider.

    • Same man but I can't wait to play it in game

  • better bring alot of new interesting features with season 2 otherwise the game still boring af

  • what's that first ship skin pack called?

    • stealing ur hard earned treasure or destroying ur boat😐, it would make the game more enjoyable

  • Bro the barrel tuck thing at the end is going to be pay to win lol

  • Cc

  • I saw throwing knives!! New Meta

  • man if you can do that barrel trick on a ship its going to change the game completely. Now anyone can tuck like Summit lol.

  • Time to start putting up sticky notes on those barrels. Yu wouldn't believe the day we are having.

  • Queen anne's revenge

  • Forsaken ashen weapons finally!!!!!

  • Season 2.... skull, barrel hide ...

  • Bruh barrels

  • Welp now barrel is your new blending suit in the enemy ship

  • Is there new islands

  • Reject human go back to barrel