Japan's Custom Lamborghini Legend

Am 2 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
Shinichi Morohoshi is Tokyo's self-made Lamborghini king, a man who built an empire on the back of repeated tragedies. His heavily customized supercars capture the over-the-top style of Kabukichō, winning him fans and detractors worldwide.
But a prison sentence, a horrible accident, and bankruptcy nearly cost him everything. VICE visits Morohoshi’s Fighting Star garage to see how he rose to fame by consistently going against the grain.
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  • Jump into comment section for where he got the money from

  • SO COOL!

  • 成功してるから妬ましくて好きにはなれ無いけれど、努力はしてたのですね。ムカつくけれど立派だと思います。

  • Alô carros de baiano

  • ok but its still ugly

  • Remind me of that one manga where the MC won a super clean old Lambhorgini from some super sus offer by telling them why he wanted the Lambhorgini.


  • If any product is given to me made by japanesse people, i would buy it. I had 100% percent trust in japanese people.

  • Man in the thumbnail i thought this was elton john

  • I'm probably wrong but he feels like he's Yakuza

  • It is original such a beautiful car, but he turns it into a Disneyland attraction 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Come rovinare un capolavoro italiano ! . Ha trasformato la sua LAMBO in un albero di natale !!

  • 🏎

  • I fk widdit, It's like getting all accessory options on LS customs. Livin' that Tokyo GTA

  • Japanese knows how to modify the gell out of cars....forst the godzilla mods then the rwb 911 now this....respect to the japanese from india

  • Same here

  • isnt this dude a gigolo

  • Great video, but the soundtrack needs more Synthwave! Especially the nighttime shots of him driving with the door up !

  • can anyone tell me wtf does he do to the point where he bought 2 lambos? theres also this one japanese guy with a chrome wrapped clk gtr. whatever theyre doing, im baffled and i want in

  • How to rice out your lambo 1OH1

  • This guy must like the movie Disney car when the truck was sleeping to Kenny g song

  • しばゆーかと思った

  • dont show this to Aubameyang

  • Ramborghini

  • This is the coolest and crazy lambo i ever seen !🔥🔥👍

  • Just like him, the first time I saw a real Lamborghini, the motivation to own one is crazy. Motivation had been wavering on and off these past years but he sure is an inspiration. Vice, would you kindly help me say thanks to him for the inspirational and motivation?

  • Ricer

  • Why did he get arrested, and how did he build a lambo business after that?

  • Vagueness: *exists* This mans intro: Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they're a modern stone age family, Also Lamborghini

  • Track ID of the DNB track anybody please?

  • Yakuza

  • Vice please keep coming up with more car videos it’s awesome

  • saw him earlier at a DDE vlog with his rolls royce he told damon and dave that he just got out of the ICU for a car meet event

  • *Se ve fachero 👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😎😎*

  • The guy looks like he's depressed af! Like he made it to the top and now he's like "now what?"

  • After the GME saga. I'm going to buy one of these too

  • Damn, real life nfs 2015 just like this man 🔥🔥

  • Most confusing vague origin story ever

    • Must have been something like when the show up to Johnny trans house Except the family members were just big towers of money and he was playing fantasy meeting with strippers Also coke

  • パチンコ台みたい

  • how fukin boring is story of this guy

  • Props bro. Living large 💯

  • Ain’t anyone gonna say anything about the Mclearn F1 in the corner 🤤🤤

  • Childhood memories of customizing any cars in Need For Speed in whatever style you want

  • Good for him I’m happy for him what a great story I love the new car it’s fucking amazing 🤩👍🏼

  • Beautiful

  • Crazy those Lambo’s are what dreams are mad of. Man one day I’ll have a Lamborghini

  • the edit really makes me wanna go to japan rn

  • japan looks so cool wtf

  • Japanese guy : Lamborghini legend🗿

  • bro him in his 20s was a good looking dude

  • why would you do that to a lambo

  • From a super sport to a clown car🙄🙄🙄

  • need for speed underground endboss

  • NFS 2015

  • Lamborghini Contach may be the best.

  • เห็นปกคลิปนึกว่าไอ้แป๊ะดูดแหนม

  • He’s not the first to do it though lol people do this with their streetcars instead

  • Ah yes the old "get into a car accident and during recovery impulsively buy two new Lamborghinis"... it's an increasingly common problem

  • 9:09 i wasnt the only that noticed that right?

  • I met him in Italy I believe! at Lamborghini's 50th anniversary

  • This is a true legend

  • This mans is the flyest Drippiest guy in Japan no cap

  • Ya'll never heard of CHOI if u think this dude is a legend 🤣🤣🤣👌

  • CHOI is literally the one and Only CUSTOM LAMBO *GOD* , not this dude, not anyone else

  • Omg vice made something interesting

  • Before say something the car have a ugly design think about something, Japan is one of the most modern and well established in the world, 2 nuclear bombs, lost the WWII, nuclear accidents, tsunamis, but they all still going and much better than the majority of other countries with they amazing culture and society. Maybe, ugly for now but what about in the future? yeah you got it, they already there.


  • I've seen people calling these kinds of cars ' when ricers win lottery' but in my opinion it's his freaking car he decides how his car looks. It's for his enjoyment not others.

  • this is prove how "money cant buy class⁹

    • And a lot of class can't raise their dreams because talk too much

  • When a factory Lamborghini isn’t crazy enough, now that’s crazy.

  • anyone know the name of that jungle song that starts at 3:33?

  • So he rebuilt the car an made it as bright an flashy as he could so no matter what, you can see that car from a mile away. Nobody gonna just change lanes an not see him lighting up the night.

  • Saw him on DDE with Steve, Damon and Dave. Glad he recovered from that accident before DDE’s Trip to Japan. Great guy...Great convoy of cars he got...🏎🏎🏎💨💨💨

  • Beautiful😍

  • This guy is so humble that I dig what he does.

  • 5:18 "confident in his driving skill" but drives with arms straight and steering wheel far forward

  • 真一さんが言っていることは間違えていない。

  • When I buy a r34 or 35 I'll take it to fightingstars to get it customized

  • This iswhy japan is awesome 🇯🇵

  • police is temporary but dreep is eternal

  • What a ledge

  • I completely understand why he specs his lambo like that. Its his style. I really think its cool cause if youre gonna buy a lambo and you want attention why not flex so hard by adding more lights and glitters to it.

  • 1:39 Does anyone know what rims are those on the Ghibli?

  • This could be Mr Miyagi’s son.

  • This video give me cyberpunk vibes

  • Súper Cars 💯💯🙏 I am From Mexican, Saludos Shinichi Morohoshi ✌️


  • No

  • Buddy at 9:10 is very disrespectful 🤮

  • There is a car sticker that summs it all up perfectly: BUILT NOT BOUGHT ...nuff said :)

  • 🤢🤮

  • Vice meets : GUY FERARI

  • Damn i want to work with / for him

  • This is some cars movie car

  • Why were people hating on the man for customizing lambos? God some people just always have something to complain about I swear. He ain’t touching your lambo and you probably won’t ever have one so chill tf out. Let him enjoy his passion and what he loves.

  • Japan's biggest ricer

  • なんだろ せっかくのものがかき消されてる感半端ない

  • Como destrozar un Lamborghini by Shinichi Morohoshi.

  • I like green car ....😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • This trend only works in JAPAN .