Electric Homemade DRIFT TRIKE / 800W / Electric Trike From Scrap

Am 18 Mär 2020 veröffentlicht
- 12v 800w car starter motor
- 12v 45ah battery
- M20 treaded rod
- 20mm bearings
- M20 Nut
- 50x50mm tubing
- some connectors and wires
- micro switch
- small sprocket: 7t
- big sprocket: 42t

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  • What gear ratio u used ?

  • What maximum speed can be taken when starting as an engine is of a small car

  • hello good morning friend what is the maximum voltage level that can be placed at the start as an electric motor thanks

  • how long did it take to destroy the battery? i can smell it burning from here

  • What to do to speed up the trike

  • You need to 45 your angles on your frame

  • What was your measurements for the back of the frame (square part)? It looks awesome. I'm going to build one. Thanks

  • Amazing work !!!

  • Original dename.info/film/sJydaouX14uOX6k/video

  • no even close to 800w

  • Very nice next do a predator 212 build I'm a novice at these things and I want to build one but most videos aren't as in depth as this one.

    • @Otis Augustine damn! Took about 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

    • not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

  • how fast can it go

  • Run time??

  • How long does the battery last?

  • How long does a good battery last? I have basically all the parts to do this.. but if you can't ride it for no more than thirty minutes, it ain't worth the effort

  • If you upgrade your ebike, you should get a more capacity for it. Maybe you can visit btrpower.com to choose a lithium battery for your ebike.

  • what can be done to make this project faster

    • Add more amps

  • Take off plastic wheel covers I wanna see top speed

    • @Garrett Falls Have you informed the thousands of trike motorcycle riders that they are in danger?

    • Trikes with 2 wheels in the back are inherently dangerous, speed wobbles, rolling in hard corners or even hard breaking. Best to keep it slow and slippery. Now if you put two wheels in the front....

  • *WIDE*

  • E as medidas do projeto ?

  • hello not bad your drift trike simple and cheap. I think your hunting angle is not around 30 ° because without it it turns too easily I follow making an electric you can see on my channel here is the link : dename.info/film/wLmFsHaVv6h4lKE/video

  • No te descarga la bateria muy rapido?

  • NOOB

  • Hi bro I'm new on DEname please help me motivate my channel. Even I'm building my own buggy at home.. Thanks bro

  • *Tokyo drift silently plays in background*

  • top

  • Nice video broo, Bubby

  • Mucho comercial

  • Nice 👌what kind of switch are you using to power the motor?

  • Need info on parts man, give back to your subscribers damn

  • Sir our project are so good .. But full details are not available Please motivate our youtube channel subscriber's... thank you sir.. Please help I am a student.. Innovation are so interesting

  • Good ❤️💯🌹👌👍