Digital World Premiere of the New C-Class Sedan and Wagon

Am 23 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
Welcome to the world premiere of the new C-Class! Learn everything you need to know about this sporty and comfortable, yet efficient and intelligent model, whilst illusionist Zach King delivers magical moments! Learn more about the new C-Class:
The new C-Class already looks to be in motion at a standstill with its dynamic proportions, thanks to the combination of short front overhang, long wheelbase and rear overhang. The sporty bonnet with power domes accentuates this urge of forward motion. The windscreen and passenger cell have been moved to the rear for these classic proportions known in the industry as “cab-backward design”. The preceding model was already a great step forward in terms of a high-value appeal in the interior, and the new C-Class goes even further with respect to modern luxury. The interior adopts highlights from the new S-Class, adding a sporty touch.
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00:00 Countdown
00:56 Welcome/Intro
02:20 Illusionist Zach King
04:56 The interior of the C-Class
07:22 Cutting-edge features
09:05 Driving experience
11:07 Interview with Markus Schäfer
12:32 Goodbye
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  • Give me knobs and buttons for basic functions plz...

  • Always had a c class, this one looks brilliant inside, but the outside, like the new e class, dull, boring, too like a an Audi, should look more aggressive!

  • Mercedes Benz is always the best! No matter what, it's just simply the hard work which pays off. Very innovative and futuristic design. One day I would like to be a part of this family!

  • It is very nice indeed! However, too bad that there won't be any 6-cylinder models anymore :(

  • Before even thinking on it-- just check how many call backs they had on the previous C modell... It is a disaster

  • Congratulations to the Designers 👍

  • MERC THE BEST ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Video looks amazing but sadly the car doesn’t! It’s the just typical expensive good car IMO. Nth exciting

  • Why is Mercedes ruining their own cars?

  • They really got the front view wrong.

    • @Mercedes-Benz The mouth looks like a monkfish waiting to be fed. It slopes downwards, hence looks like a frown. I am not the only one to feel this way.

    • And what is wrong about it?

  • Can't wait to see the C-Class Coupe, E-class and it's Coupe and the S-Class Coupe. 🥰

  • i love BMW

  • Simply beautiful and modern classic design. What a Mercedes class!

  • Beautiful car such a dream

  • 100km? Not even 100miles Bahahaa

  • Saw the tail lights and decided to go with M340 but saw the interior and can’t decide now

  • Can't wait to see the AMG line

  • Who has skipped the coundown with me ?

  • The king 👑 is back again 💪🏻💥🔥. LoVe Mercedes Benz ❤️❤️❤️

  • Absolutely the best video effects ever! And a great car for sure!

  • A estos modelos les pondrán las cajas de fusibles al lado de los pilotos ?? Al que yo tenía entró agua a un piloto y salió ardiendo y desde mercedes que ellos no sabían nada!!!!!

    • Hi Juan Manuel, we are sorry to acknowledge this inconvenience with the rear lights! Have you already got in touch with our Customer Service to receive support?

  • Kleine S-Klasse.

  • I miss the hood ornament , it was a distinctive symbol in a Mercedes-Benz. You have to get the S class now to get it..

    • Let's wait for all the exterior packages to be announced, as it might be available with one of those. We have to be patient. 😊

  • I have... w114 250 AUT w115 240D w126 300SD w123 300D & 2x w123 240d Wagon w124 2x 250 w201 1.8 w210 e43 & e55 Can I get one of these for free, please? Thanks in advance

    • We aren't used to give away free cars and this won't be the exception but we're really grateful for your efforts to take care of all those models. 👏 Some of them are Mercedes-Benz legends!

  • Was considering moving from the C class to the E class but I like this so much 🥰🥰 super excited

    • We're sure that both would be excellent choices for you, Shereda! A test drive might be the key that will solve the mystery of which will be the next star for your garage. 😁

  • I like the new C class but it's overall a disappointing presentation. They kept using buzz words like "sustainability" but made ZERO mention of what qualifies it. They also kept bringing up S class which is the wrong move in my opinion. It is almost as if they are trying to convince their audience that S class isn't worth it when in reality we know S class is still gonna be 2-3 times nicer. Otherwise what are they going to say during the S class reveal?

  • Your exterior designer should be fired really. And color designer because all I see Mercedes in black and silver. There are so many beautiful colors that would make cars stand out and look beautiful but no, had to be the boring black and silver or blue. On the other hand I salute the Mercedes interior designers. Always been the most beautiful interior in the world !!!

  • Что только не придумают, чтобы всякую ерунду продать. По мне, Мерсы все страшнее и страшнее.

  • how dose the e class and s class beet this like im sooo confused

  • I support your From Azerbaijan MB , Mercedes -Benz Engineers are briliant ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Insyallah Amiin

  • People: Wow!! this is the baby S class, what about the price? Merc: Lets skip that part

    • @Mercedes-Benz ohhh , your are Briliants !! 😁❤❤❤❤❤ MERC

    • No worries, prices will come soon. 😉 Stay tuned!

  • Amazing design. Looking forward to your fully electric car in this class.

  • Still same POS sport tires that you have to replace every 2 weeks???????

  • WANTING to own and being ABLE to own are two very distant concepts!

  • When will the PHEV variant be available in Europe?

    • Plug-in hybrid variants will be launched at a later stage. Stay tuned for all the upcoming news!

  • Countdown for Merry christmas 😂

  • Another cookie-cutter Mercedes Benz - the interior is beautiful but in terms of exterior design Mercedes Benz is losing all its originality. Mercedes loves comparing this to the S-Class but the design has been taken from the A-Class up through the rest of the model range. In the past, I would have bought a Mercedes without hesitation, now that they all look the same, I will definitely shop elsewhere.

  • From front it has a very mustang kind feel

  • Editor : How many red filters you need? Mercedes : *Yes!!*

  • Whats happening with the Coupe?

  • It’s the video tricks for me.

  • Beautiful car/wagon - will wait for USA plug-in. Didn't understand 60 second countdown & other countdowns making us wait or self forward past them. Zach King is amazing but the "magical" connection of him & car was for your customers with short attention spans? Took focus off your message...

  • still runs on fuel.

  • Awesome

  • Videos for the most count downs

  • 12:15...and there we have the new A class limousine

  • Mercedes is always Magical!!

  • Excellent product

  • Does any of the new c class range offer an electric power rear lift gate to open the truck without using the key by waving my foot under the car

    • Hi Michael! Technical details will be soon available on our official pages. Stay tuned!

    • Before The car front design better than now

  • The new C Class is essentially a mini S Class but yet the E Class is basically a bigger A class? Doesn't make any sense!

  • Yes. Enough said.

  • What the same all class cars ?

  • I like 👍 SadaN

  • The new C-class. Upgrade your comfort zone

  • quit the cringey pointless adverts with that dude, so annoying lol

  • Since 2017, the only way I could tell the difference between the Mercedes C, E, and S classes was headlights or taillights. The size was always a dead giveaway for the S as well, but the C and E had almost no perceptible difference. Now the lines have been blurred even further, and I can barely tell the difference between a CLA, a CLS, an E, or an S-Class. It is a nice design: the technology seems top notch, and the interiors very luxurious. But if I’m buying an S-Class, I don’t know that I want a flagship model that can so easily be mistaken for entry level.

  • The best interior from Mercedes Benz C Class was C Class 2019 FaceLift and i wouldn’t change much in it for years to come if i was the chef. Exterior 2021 its very beautiful still exterior from C Class 2017 was On par with this one if not a bit Better. The New Display is kind of to Much.

  • Can we try 100mm more legroom for the next launch? 2cm is.... pushing it.

  • Mercedess vision is lost , all of them is like A class models

  • Best of the best

  • Before The car front design better than now

  • No good electric car = no sales in 2030. Good luck Mercedes, so far, you’re screwed. Stop spending money on zack king and start tacking Tesla and GM.

  • Every Benz looks identical now 👎🏾 the best design years we’re definitely between 2010-2019

  • I'm very ready to buy this. I just need to afford it 😂

  • This C-Class looks very ugly from the inside and out. Please change your designer team immediately and hide that massive display, Mercedes has been The Best Or Nothing since forever but this car the new S-Class and the majority of the cars from 2016 just look silly. And trust me i am an Albanian and we love Mercedes but these cars are not the best ANYMORE an i fear it will get worse. A Mercedes should be a luxury car focused on the driver and the driving experience. I seriously do not understand why cars should have those massive screens. They are not responsive at all or they take a lot of time to respond and by doing this the drivers attention is not on the road anymore by making the driver a hazard on the road. Please consider my review in other car generations, do not stop innovation only make it more classic. V.Mite

  • Looks perfect, but will it be available in Amg with a V8 engine?

    • Hi Mustafa, we have no official indications on the AMG variants yet. Stay tuned!

  • Was not worth the wait ... Average.


  • MBUX fully trackable unanoumus driving . Why the goverment know who am I. MBUX we send automatically you position 24/7 to protect you. China and NSA will love these new intellegence monitoring. cars.

  • Superficial, looks good on the surface. A shame they can't be built to last.

  • Amazing as always. I love the new design. Is a smaller S Klasse and that's the whole point of this trend to Mercedes Benz. As we speak M.B. has no real competition.

  • very bad introduction video....take a look at Matt Watson Car wowo , you stupid...

  • Too many screens. Hope they doing burn out my retinas!

  • It’s gonna sell so fastttt 💨

  • I like that you removed some lines on the side of the car. It makes it look more elegant imo. Also i liked this presentation. Well done.

  • Stunning 😉

  • The C in c-class is for countdown

  • Things sure have changed at Mercedes. Here you have the world premiere of your new C class, and people are showing up in sneakers like they just got out of the gym. What an embarrassment

  • ❤️❤️

  • Did Mercedes change CEO?

    • Ola Källenius is the Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG since 2019.

  • Still can't go past my CLA! My husband says I like a hard ride 🤣 as C class I complain is bouncy!


  • Either BMW wakes up, or they will be crying loud soon.

  • The ad is totally designed for the US market. But even so, too much “luxury” word, at least for a lower-middle segment car... cmon Mercedes

  • The front looks like a Ford the back looks like a Volkswagen.

    • A fake Mercedes-Benz, NO thanks! Although not a C- Class, I will keep my W124. My Last Mercedes..

  • Looks cheap. The "A" design grille and the lights do not resemble MB at all. The back also tapers too narrow. It looks like a Honda

  • This looks identical to the S class just smaller.

  • I need a SUV with this interior and you can have all of my money😍😍

    • Let’s see what the future will hold for us, Melly! 😊

  • So they continue to make this model closer to the S Class but not the more expensive and better model the E Class?

  • If Genesis match the engine and modify their interior. I take Genesis any day. Headlights and rear lights are soo poor on the current models.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia rear lights design, Renault Engine. Hey Mercedes,what the f..?

  • Peoples bei Mercedes......Das ist ein deutsches Auto ich lebe in Deutschland und bin deutscher. Warum in Gottes Namen muss ich mir die Vorstellung der neuen C - Klasse auf Englisch mit deutschem Untertitel rein ziehen?? Geht's noch?? Sollen doch die anderen ein Englischen Untertitel durch lesen!!!!! MEEEEIIINNN GGOOOTTT EEYYYY

  • ⚡🤍

  • The transition effects are fucked up... got me headache untill 9th minute. Fuck it i'm buying Audi.

  • 4:35 1 in 7 mercedes cars old is from the C class family... but wait... you only have like 6 classes.... S, E, C, G, A, B

    • There are definitely more, Ming Yuan! 😁 You can check them out here: 😎

  • To mouch digital thats Not á Car

  • I'm in the w205 and prefer the rear end on that than the rear end on this but other than that it looks amazing

  • Pure German Luxury car means Mercedes 🇩🇪

  • A fake Mercedes-Benz, NO thanks! Although not a C- Class, I will keep my W124. My Last Mercedes..