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Hey, everyone!? Hope you enjoy today’s special episode of 2020 VLOG SQUAD REWIND! Let us know what your favorite clip was in the comments section! Thanks for watching!

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Carly & Erin :
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  • 0:35if your going to bop something why don't you bop that bowl cut😂

  • And then there’s 2021...

  • Pretty sure someone hates christmas

  • 54:06 is that overtime megan on the left?

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  • jooo david your the best, making every body happie srry for my spelling im dislectic hahahaha :)

  • I just now found out about your channel and I watched every single vlog I sent stay one so far Make more so I can watch ❤️

    • Thanks for watching :)

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  • 18:36 I thought that was Corinna 😂

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  • Jason being a dad is just so WHOLESOME


  • 44:40 that looked and sounded exactly like alex ernst

  • imagine supporting the vlog squad

  • 37:00 he scared the gay out of that man

  • "!"

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  • 51:00 🥺

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  • What u tryna do corinna 😂😂 16:25

  • [tiktok]

  • 1:34 I’m too mature for the men here goes on to date the most immature out them all lamo

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  • Lol I feel like David’s nosey nature is to hide how jealous he is that Todd is dating Natalie

  • 13:44

  • Ahaha how did i just watch a hole hour and it feel like a normal vlog 😂😂

  • shut where’s my check 🤨😂😂📸

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  • Did anyone else notice scooby doo

  • Fuck I cried when Jason hugged his son .... that was beautiful. I pray that I may have a son/ daughter one day 🥺🥺

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  • Haha hoo Hah Haha hahaha ahhh ahhh aww aawww Haha hu hu ha hu ooooaahh wwwhha whaaaaar haa ha fakes

  • David and clog squad are cancelled. Hold them accountable for their actions, they have sa multiple people, sent people to mental hospitals, bullied people and scammed kids with a code game. Why are people still supporting them?

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  • Why is anyone talking about jason and his son?

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  • Jason and his kids 🤌*chefs kiss*

  • 19:10 just killed me 🤣🤣🤣 no one can see this whole video without laughing

  • hi u thought u reached the end your close yay you reached thend

  • 21:27

  • 14:30

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  • No one talking bout how all his vids are 4:21 seconds long

  • Yo zane and david and jason and heath and dom and everyone else are just the fucking best )+$

  • Umm I watched the whole video without knowing it was this long...

  • 19:10 lmaooo best part on my opinion lmao

  • Hi

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  • dude at 1 hour is cringe

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  • My face from 00:00 - 10:29😄 My face at 10:30😐

  • Dude Jason having a wholesome moment with his son is so sweet

  • Uhm is Todd bisexual? 6:50...

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  • 12:11

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  • funny 😐

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  • like this comment if you think jasons a good dad

  • Yea I can’t stand Natalie with Todd.

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  • 54:20 nobody is talking about the guy in the scooby doo costume

  • What are they now? “The TikTok squad” or “the insta squad”

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  • That poor dude got david and he gave her $25k and he still didn't get the girl

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  • All that money handed out and not a red cent to any homeless.

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  • zane has a insanely obvious drinking problem

  • why this shit get recommended to me, I don't want to see proper fully grown adults acting like 14 year olds because they're rich and have no problems

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