Bryson DeChambeau’s monster drive on par-5 at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Am 6 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
In the third round of the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard, Bryson DeChambeau hits his tee shot 370 yards and lands his ball just 70 yards from the cup, leading to a birdie at the par-5 6th hole.

Two-time FedExCup champion - and 2018 winner at Bay Hill - Rory McIlroy leads the star-studded field at the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard. Englishman Tyrrell Hatton returns to defend his title having won twice on the European Tour in the last five months and has rocketed up to fifth in the world since his Bay Hill victory in 2020. In-form Jordan Spieth is set to make his long-awaited Bay Hill debut, while three of the current top 10 players in this season’s FedExCup standings hope to continue their strong play, including Viktor Hovland, Harris English, and Max Homa. Other notables in the field include Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and Patrick Reed. Ryder Cup captains Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington received Sponsor’s Exemptions to compete, as did Kamaiu Johnson, who is set to play his second-ever PGA TOUR event.

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  • He will get that short game tight too, even in the rough. I imagine he is working hard to keep it out of the rough though. Since ya know... hitting without blades of grass to go through the ball will check up sick.

  • Everyone here debating him starting this. No. Mike Austin CLEARLY explained this exact swing, but with less effort involved. We've been in this constant rut of the same teaching methods for 50 + years. Someone got smart and said... wow that looks like it would be insane...and voila. Bryson D. Moe Norman was pretty similar too, except Moe had a swing defined to HIS body and created out of thousands of hours hitting balls alone. But, what do I know but what my eyes tell me. Let the naysayers do what they do...prove I'm wrong. This is MIKE AUSTINS swing.

  • he didn’t aim at the green?

  • ガイズおる?

  • Interesting when hr drives a par 5 and putts for albatross.

  • ¿¿¿ is that golf course BAY HILL ???

  • Dude hammers the ball ! So fun to watch.

  • Honestly the fact that he birdied after that drive is kind of pathetic

  • Oh my God..

  • Three tips to play golf well : 1 Power 2 Muscle 3 Protein

  • Hits it 346 yards....doesn't make the green in 2 😂 if that isn't relatable i don't know what is

  • Only 1 under though!

  • Does golf drug test?

  • This is awesome

  • Drive for show…. then miss the green from 70 yards and make 4.

  • Beyond epic

  • That's where he's aiming... ....and that's where he's heading Chills chills💯💯


  • Sponsored by Howard Stern.

  • 2オンしないの草

  • If you've ever played competitive golf, you know when its good by the sound. No need to look. You know where its going.

  • Bryson is a BEAST!!! And he dresses so nicely. I would definitely like it if Bryson dated my mom. I would call him dad instead of Bryson.

  • This explain why Europeans at Ryder Cup excels,is not about distance only,is precision and finesse,this is not football or yardage only.In a links course this is OB.

  • I saw him last week at The Players. He’s a machine! Just what the game needs now that Tiger is probably done. Most of the other players are kinda boring (sorry).

  • That ball is still in intensive care. If it was alive, its scream on impact would have drowned out the crowd noise.

  • Nice drive wow .... just like Donald Trump !

  • Does someone yell "Marty Party" after the ball lands?

  • They need to let him swing away. Let Bryson take tigers spot as the phenom

  • All that and he didn't get an eagle lol

  • Badababdaba thats all folks!!! His bags were packed and he sent him home🦾

  • I'm not a golfer, or a follower, but this is sensational stuff to watch; why do all the pundits like Miss Show-off dislike him so much, is it because he's better than they are?

  • 1.025 MILLION views. Only 4,600 likes. Something does not compute

  • "It's not in the best spot it is in the right rough" Well that might not be the best spot after your second shot but there isn't a guy in the tournament that wouldn't love to play their second shot from there.

  • This video is now over 1 million views. Wow. If you look at the views on the the PGA Tour videos, Bryson videos dominate in total views.

  • Very nice shot great video make more related videos👌👍👍👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • His monster drives didn't win it though..

  • Seeing and hearing an actual crowd cheering on sports again is good for my soul

  • Its crazy to think a pro drove within 70 feet of the green on a par 5 and still got a birdie. He won but if he didnt this hole would have haunted him.

  • He just barely cleared the water, and still crossed the fairway into the rough. Was that a smart shot?

  • Circus

  • What a drive. He could have holed out in 2. 2nd Shot was only 70 yards from the hole.

  • and still only birdied

    • He could have eagled, or even albatross'd.

  • To the moooooonnn

  • Yes he hits it a mile but he got on the green in 3 shots........not really that impressive!!

  • Just how long can he do this before his body gives out?

  • I don’t like Dechambeau’s swing because it’s odd. However I strongly support his effort to bring physics into golf. I love physics and it must succeed.

  • I wanna know how many yards of went.....not one mention of the yardage?

  • Top of the swing in slow mo looks the same as the young Nicklaus from the 60's, LOADED

  • Then misses green from 20 yards...thats golf. 400 yd drive is same as a 1 inch putt

  • Rorys ability to smash it just as far is way more impressive then someone who weighs 220+

  • The guy making a strange sound and the sound of the club hitting the ball kinda sounds like a tie fighter

    • I am not even in to golf but I love this dude.

  • I dont get this... he didnt go for the green.... what is the big deal about hitting it to the rough 100 yds from the green?

  • Haha love him. Legendary

  • Moe’s legacy is alive and well and will probably undoubtedly change the face of golf!

  • This is so BS! Technology is spoiling a great game! It’s like the MLB using juiced balls and aluminum bats!

  • 日本人を代表してコメントします。 最高でした。

    • When a birdie looks like a bogey

  • What would Snead and Hogan made of this way back then?

  • nice video

  • And he made the same score as Lee Westwood on the hole.

  • only par? so.


  • Over the long haul, kid, it's drive for show and putt for dough.

  • Why do idiots have to Yell BaBa booey! One of the dumbest things in sports

  • Wii sport vibes ~

  • All that excitement for a birdie

  • I am not even in to golf but I love this dude.

  • As long as that Breeze is favorable I think he may reach it this weekend. No PGA Pro has done it before to my knowledge.

  • ball cancer from roids coming

  • Crushed!!

  • Rory hit in only 9 yards shorter on same hole yet he’s half the size and half the weight of this clown 🤡

    • What’s even crazier is when you watch it full speed it doesn’t look like he takes it back that far, not even close...

  • When a birdie looks like a bogey

  • Only got a birdie after monster tee shot.

  • He should’ve did it Happy Gilmore style

  • Bryson proofing golf courses. Does it mean taking taking his driver away???

  • After all that he only birdied the hole. Whoopie do.

  • I would have duffed the second shot and been up and in with a three putt for a double. But he can do it his way.

    • His loss. Think of all the extra golf we're getting for free.

  • Why Is the Golf World So Scared of Bryson DeChambeau? 🙌

  • One day a condor will be reality!

  • Pity he is such an arsehole

  • “Excitement and innovation? We don’t do that mularkey around here bub” -PGA Board probably

  • Azinger is such a tool

  • If he had aimed at the green he could have putted for double eagle.

  • It must be ok. He won.

  • This dude is great for golf

    • @Louis Botha And basketball used to be filled with a bunch of skinny white guys who couldn't even touch the rim, what's your point?

    • @Louis Botha Terrible take. Anything that brings eyeballs to the TV and peaks interest in the game is good for golf. Who gives a damn if he is a steroid head. Who is stopping all the other pros from doing it?

    • Sorry don't agree with you. Good for the spectators and exitement, but not for golf. Most pro golfers are not that big and/or strong, so automatically takes them out of a tournament. Also they can't changing golf courses to counter the longer hitters. And do you really believe that a person can become that much bigger and stronger by doing a bit of weights and taking protein shakes? I am a personal trainer and I think I know a fair bit about training, nutrition and the use of PED's.

  • What’s even crazier is when you watch it full speed it doesn’t look like he takes it back that far, not even close...

  • A lot off risk taken to get a birdie on a par 5.

    • Risk is when there is a 50/50 chance you can't do it. He obviously knew 100% he could do it. What you can't control is where the ball stops. He got unlucky. Next time he might get lucky. But if you play the conventional way you know the chance of making a 2 is impossible.

  • Beast of a drive!

  • This is awesome!

  • I'm glad he won it ..he's an entertaining guy .just what the game needs

  • They really changing rules to stop this. @PGA don’t change rules when it benefits you fuckers.

  • Haha love him. Legendary

  • Just think, 20 MPH more ball speed and he could lose to world champion long drivers by 20 yards 🤣

  • Happy Gilmore??

  • Old golf heads need to step aside. We’ve barely seen real athletes dedicate to this sport till now. It’s exactly the same as when Steph Curry took over the NBA with halfcourt shots. Imagine if someone with the physique of Lebron dedicated their life to golf. DeChambeau isn’t even that tall. Golf can go so many more levels.

    • Needs T Woods mastering of the short game though

  • Happy Gilmore reborn!

  • John Daly was trying this back in the 90s, a 26 year-old Daly with today's technology he would have had made the green no problem.

    • @C. R.C. Bryson putts really well when he's on his game

    • @C. R.C. but he’s the defending us open champion

    • Not to mention Daly had a great all around game. This Dechambeau clown focuses 90% on his drives just like mlb players only focus on hitting homeruns. Wait until they all start growing us open quality rough and Bryson will be done.

  • I don’t go that far on vacation

  • You are Jordan Spieth standing on the green. Way way off in the distance you see a pink figure on the tee box swing his driver. You hear the crowd erupt. Then you wait a full 7 seconds and all of a sudden a ball drops out of the sky onto the ground next to you. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • You have to know the PGA Tour media team has noticed how this video has almost 800,000 views. There will be no rolling back of anything!

    • There better be. Where's the fun in drive and putt.

  • Tried this swing yesterday !!!! I am now TEXTING YOU FROM MY HOSPITAL BED ...I am. in “TRACTION “