VLOG 258: Valentines Day from a boys perspective

Am 21 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I was just thinking about how people think thier dating and then clatin mentions it😂

  • Currently on a Brooke video binge

  • I continue to feel more and more lonely as I watch your videos but I still love y’all THE MOST so I can’t stop watching🙃

  • Ayeee JJ made it into the vlog 😅😄

  • Broo. I litteraly tagged Brooke in the KSI Video. So she would see. Big up JJ

  • Waoooo I love it vlogs

  • laughing out loud i love u and clay

  • I know am late, but How can you all be sooo beautiful, I mean, even your spouses are freaking models!

  • “ppl always ask why im shirtless“ “ cause its hot“ “im in my own house lounging around“ lol He had such a serious face while he was saying it too ahaha 🤣🤣 IM DYING

  • Ayyyy Sid!

  • Go watch Clay's vid!!

  • Mano, o Clayton rejuvenesce uns 9 anos sem barba.

  • The hair got me😭😭


  • I was dyingggg with you at the bump on his head

  • Congrats on 600k Brooke love you!


  • Why do Americans love driving without a seatbelt on??

  • Hope she don't get preg

  • I feel like talking to Brooke about my breakup, I feel like she’d have some great advice

  • Claytons hair is as messy as my homework

  • Claytons hair looks like it has no soul living in it. I mean it's flat... just saying💁‍♂️


  • the humor between Clayton and Brooke I love it

  • He looks so genuinely happy this vlog omg

  • This is sooooo me and my brother omg 😱

  • BROOKES HIT 600k!!!!! I remeber when u had 30k it’s crazy

  • this video made me sad. my hope to marry Clayton one day just went down the drain

  • Omg a snow love

  • Angry Brooke scary

  • i thought clay is your brother😭

  • I laughed way too damn hard at “my tit” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dammit i guess i missed my chance👁👄👁💔

  • Congrats BROOKE ON 600K!!! you deserve even more, been here since day one!


  • why we don't see joe anymore ?!!!!

  • You guys ended up on a ksi video loooool. He means well

  • for some reason I remember hunter beard lol

  • Bruuuh, I was just singing the wii music the other day🤣🤣

  • Congrats on 600k

  • Anybody feel uncomfy with that last part? Or is it just me not liking being vulnerable (sleeping or alone) with so many guys around 😓

    • @Merlin Ria that’s good to hear. Just saying how I felt watching it ☺️

    • @Karla Nicole they are friends tho, they were not just randomly splash water because they already made deal with Brooke before if she didn't wake up at 12, they would splash water ( the last part was in Grey's vlogs tho )

    • @Merlin Ria yea, i just meant that it made me feel uneasy when they were messing with her.

    • she slept in the room & there were other boys's gfs tho there. Brooke didn't go/sleep there everyday tho.

  • Oh my goshh i've been missing your vlog with Clayton in it the WhOLe time 😭 always laugh when see you two together

  • Congrats on 600k!!!!!!

  • why is this family and everyone related to this family so goddamn attractive

  • I was so weak when Clayton said clobber hoppers

  • can someone tell me if that’s Clays girlfriend bcs I’m too hurt to watch the video 😭

  • I’ve been in a bad mood all day and honestly the first 3 minutes of watching has brought my mood up so much ❤️

  • why doesnt clayton wear his seatbelt??

  • Go watch Clay’s video

  • Ah ah ah 🤣

  • Hi brook you are the best😇

  • “The way he said not yet”😂

  • Your clobber hoppers

  • SIU?? come to UIUC, thats where da homies at

  • KSI 🤣

  • 599

  • Why clay humor reminds me of Stiles from teen wolf

  • Aww 🥰 Slay Claytonnnnn!!!

  • lol the irony of KSI calling people weird considering all the things he’s said and done on the internet over the years 😂

  • the best guys out there have older supportive sisters!

  • Clayton got a gf oooooh yey

  • The American Idol censoring was so elite!


  • “ MAH *TIT* ” gosh Brooke you’re gonna make me laugh so hard I wake the whole damn street up 😂

  • 🌹🇮🇶

  • My boyfriend and I’s 8 months was on Valentine’s Day🥺

  • shes so pretty omg

  • #heartbroken she don’t took my bae😭

  • This is my first time I’ve ever seen a video from this channel and I don’t know what to think lmao

  • omg Ksi feature

  • 3:29 wii theme killed me

  • What is the dodgeball video Clayton is talking about??? Omg it’s driving me crazy

  • Dont people hangout with their siblings anymore??

  • no he didnt do me like that🥺 a GIRLFRIEND

  • this is like watching the good-looking fit version of my family 😂 i love it

  • go watch clay vid

  • It’s how Brooke and Clayton talk about how their not weird then Brooke rubs Clayton a chest

  • cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Okay, that's the greatest sibling jab I have ever seen. "You're so confrontational!" "I am not!" "See, you're arguing with me, that's confrontational." I'm going to use that on my sister, lol. Thanks, Clayton!

  • Lol I never thought I would see KSI in one of your videos

  • this makes me wish i had a brother 😂😂

  • Okay callback to Prom from a boys perspective.. i see you

  • I'm just waiting for Clayton to like my comment . Please more videos with your girlfriend

  • Hi I love your Videos ❤

  • I never expected there would be a moment ksi would react to brook and clayton haha. What are the chances

  • "go watch clays vid"

  • I cant when Brooke said “mY TiT”

  • Go watch clays vid

  • 😴 “My tit” 😴

  • One of my new favorite vlogs. My forever favorite DEnamer.

  • reminds me of the og “prom from a boys perspective” video 🥺

  • The ONLY reason why people say it’s weird is because Brooke and clay are both extremely good looking people. If they were both ugly and acted like normal sibling, which they do, no one would say anything.

  • As shit I saw a brown dodo stain on clays bed🤭

  • Idk if it’s just me but Clayton is very happy. You can see it in his eyes and the way he smiled. 🥺 happy for you Clay!

  • bro that was me in the pikatchu hat

  • She- is- litteraly- perfect.

  • Go watch clay's video

  • f what people say me and my brother are the same why 😂

  • Wear your masks properly please teehee :))