UAE Tour 2021 highlights: Crosswind chaos on Stage 1

Am 21 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
Watch the best of the racing from an action-packed opening stage of the 2021 UAE Tour.
It was supposed to be a day for the sprinters and a quiet stage in the general classification, but crosswinds right from the gun put paid to that in spectacular style.
Tadej Pogačar, Adam Yates and João Almeida made huge gains in the overall standings, while Mathieu van der Poel took advantage of big-name sprinters being dropped to win his first road race of the season.
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  • Non sense competition : nobody is watching weather condition not suitable for health due to sand nano particules. What are we doing here ?

  • Non sense competition : nobody is watching weather condition not suitable for health due to sand nano particules. What are we doing here ?

  • Even with covid there is not a big diffrence with spectators compared to the years before.

  • When #31 gave the arm pump at the finish i was sure he was going to get passed.

    • Have the crosswinds whittled the GC riders down to two? Poga and Yates.

  • because of the endless desert it looks like they aint going anywhere luckily crosswind made it fun:D

  • I’m still waiting for the chaos. Clearly, the person who posted this does not know the meaning of the word!

  • Dumbest race venue ever.

  • They should call it the tour of NO humans, NO spectators. The BORING tour is more like it.

  • With the covid case in the team and the cancelling of the alpecin team... I hope MVDP can ride the omloop het niewsblad upcoming weekend

  • Imagine being a pro rider and selected to ride this piece of crap ‘tour’

    • I think $$$ plays a role... and it's probably always good weather So if they don't catch covid, the chance of getting sick is much lower a month before the most important classics

  • No trees to cut the wind...just some camels...

  • What a horrible place to have a tour

  • First is first. He almost always seems to be first no matter what kind of race it is? He reads the 'koers' on pure instinct and has the stamina, the balls, the endurance and the brains. Pure cycling instinct. No more, no less.

  • Lol what a depressing looking country

  • Where was the ‘wind chaos’?

  • Веера смотрятся, конечно, красиво, но делать в пустыне на велосипеде совершенно нечего. На фэтбайки бы их посадить.

  • lol a climbing bike is more aero in this situation

  • can philippines able to join?

    • Cycling not so big in your country

  • Hold your line during a sprint? Honestly, I see this crap every race, and only when there is an incident do they enforce the rules (and only some of the time). Someone needs to clean up cycling (not the doping... THE SPRINTING!).

    • Yes, agreed. As a fan, Regardless of who you are supporting, it's vital for fairness and the safety of all that sprinters hold their line.

    • you don't have to hold anything, unless your going through a corner. These are pro cyclist's they know how to handle a bike.

    • This sprint was about clear Compared to some others. The last two kilometers brains are off .only Mad pitbulls are sprinting. Good luck and God for all.

  • Lazy job the game developers did on the level design...

  • Mvdp est vraiment phénoménal

  • did they really just ride a straight line on a highway in a desert.

  • Still dumb as a box of rocks wearing a drywall mask 😂🕸️🕸️

  • MVDP clearly didn't have the seatpost issue

  • Probably the only race where the riders out number the spectators...

    • @Kyle Swanton cycling is extremely popular in the UAE. Spectators were not allowed.

    • @Joe Harney I don't think the lack of spectators has anything to do with COVID. You can search for footage of the 2019 edition of this race to compare. Still no spectators. Even at the finish line there is no one there hardly. I see more people at the finish line of my amateur, uninteresting races.

    • No spectators allowed because of Covid.

  • Wooohooo!!! Epic.👍👊

  • Looks to me like MVP sprint drifted to the right all the way to the line, is that not a problem?

    • I think not because he didn't push anyone to the barrier or touch someone the sprint wasn't with a lot of rider so...🤷‍♂️

  • What a great race. Crosswinds wreaked havoc and made it fun to watch

  • They should rename this tour , The sand man tour 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lovely lovely, thanks for transmisión Ciao Ciao

  • Im sure there are rover perseverance and curiosity over there drilling the sand

  • Empty finish line... no crowd.

  • AND THEY'RE OFF...CYCLING ONCE AGAIN IN '21...RIDE ON!!!!!🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

  • Brutal

  • Il ne sprint pas très droit

  • I always notice that mvdp has no teammates in a race, even in the start of race.

    • Yeah had 2 teammates but 1 dropped of after doing a lot of work

    • Do you even watch

    • uhm his teammate was there and closed an important gap in the finale. On other races he also relies om them a lot, it's just that he has an agressive racing style so when most people start watching the broadcast he is already on the attack. But I have seen many races where his teammates did a lot of hard work for him and stayed until the finale. His team is world tour level.

    • He had a teammate in the front split all the time?

  • Mvp went from the middle to the far right cutting in too much

    • @Dana Black You certainly can, and should! Anyone winning sprints repeatedly would do the same.

    • If someone was going faster than him on that side, he would have been cutting them off. But since nobody was coming up on that side, he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't endanger anyone because there was nobody coming up on that side.

    • @Whistler4u lol u sound stupid buddy maybe you should watch last year tour de france than come back correct

    • @Dana Black You have not seen much cycling

    • @Jordan Frazin lol dude I know but how tf do u know if someone decides to go for it while he is cutting in, what he did is block others from going for it ! Look at Julian Alaphilippe was like 10 yards away and still lost u can't make that decision to cut the line just cuz your ahead by a bike length 🤯

  • First WT race, first win for MVDP.

  • UAE DUBAI ABU DHABI ARE TERRORIST STATE. They support all terrorist groups in Syria Libya Somalia Afghanistan Nigeria Niger Yemen. Alqaeda isis and all. If you go you are indirectly giving money to terrorist. BOYCOTT UAE!!! ❌❌❌

  • UAE DUBAI ABU DHABI ARE TERRORIST STATE. They support all terrorist groups in Syria Libya Somalia Afghanistan Nigeria Niger Yemen. Alqaeda isis and all. If you go you are indirectly giving money to terrorist. BOYCOTT UAE!!! ❌❌❌

  • Ah, thank you. So nice to see some cycle racing again. Subscribed!

  • What's up with the weird cuts at the end???

  • mvdp is like the sagan of 5yrs ago

    • @Bjorn Santens Sagan partiparticipated in mtb and cx in his youth. Has crazy mtb skills and is a legend on his own. MvdP is well on his way but no Sagan yet. He is a countryman of mine and we are proud to have such a rider in the Netherlands. But Sagan was 3 time World champion, won classics and 12 TdF races. That is crazy. And something like 5 green jerzies?

    • @Bjorn Santens that’s what I was implying 😉

    • @David Parrott that's why I also think MVDP's career on the road will be even better than sagan's Although Sagan already started winning on the road at a very young age, MVDP is already 25years old I think.

    • @David Parrott I agree...tough he has the skills (not as many as MVDP of course) That was my point Sagan also had of silver or bronze medal in cyclo cross when he was a junior (again, the cx talent/results/titles of MVDP are much greater)

    • I think he’s got even more potential.

  • They should call it "The Tour of Mars"

    • But they call it "sports washing".

  • Ouch.... / / /

  • Is still cycling? The route is just all desert... I rather prefer EU based races

    • so the scenery qualifies whether something is cycling? whats your point..,peleton check / bycicle check / tarmac / check.. bike race check/ camels / chexk

    • good thing there are lots of those

  • So no one complaining about that sprint line? And is forearms on handlebar still allowed??

    • @Matthew Song I too saw some riders using puppy paws. That reg isn't effective yet.

    • @Ho Timothy yes he didn’t harm anyone and nobody was going to pass him anyway, but that’s not how UCI rules work. UCI rules clearly say that you can’t deviate from your line in a sprint, even if the other riders aren’t next to you. I don’t care, and the riders here don’t care since he didn’t hinder any of them, but it’s stupid to have rules you’ll only apply when something goes bad or if there’s a crash. The UCI should either change their rules (re-phrase them), or apply sanctions every time (so here also) and not only when a crash happens

    • that does only apply when the sprinter is side by side with someone, not when he is an entire bike length or so in the lead.

    • Yes no one is complaining..

    • @Matthew Song I think it was Fernando Gaviria in the last few KMs - I saw it too and wondered the same.

  • Amazing

  • Mvp🙌🙌🙌🙌🚲🚲🚲🚲💪💪💪💪💪