Minecraft's Time Freeze Mod Is Hilarious!

Am 7 Mai 2021 veröffentlicht
This is definitely the most insane mod yet lol
I really want that girl at college to go out with me btw so please subscribe. I'll show her my Diamond Plaque and she'll probably start crying

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Edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking
Mod made by the legendary @Toiu

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  • 18:10 that makes me laugh so hard



  • This is the summary of Lord of the Rings trilogy

  • "There's this girl in my college that I'm trying to impress" Me after watching the theme park video: ...yikes

  • Hinbi

  • What mod is this


  • kk gl

  • Evil Ninja but eh XD

  • Ninjs really said GiMe Me ThE fUcKiNg StIcK


  • Wilbur no now insanebur

  • Za warudo noises

  • 9:46 lol

  • Hey tommy your a god im watching wilbure soot speedrunning around sometimes i think i am so h9t

  • za warudo

  • wilbur became gollum

  • 17:18 Best moment of the video

  • ninja accidentally did the ending for the lord of the rings at the end of the video

  • 6:11 ok what is that song i need to know ive been trying to find the name of it for ages it has haunted me help

  • Lord of the Stick


  • i just noticed he was playing "My Ordinary Life"

  • Do a try not to video but search up mockey on DEname please

  • She dont unos you

  • Is ThIs A jOjO rEfErEnCe?!

  • Za warudo

  • me while watching this: JoJo reference

  • Tommyinnit I love you!

  • The undertale music just makes it 1000 times better

  • Lods malapit ka na mag 10mill. Sa isang taon hindi ka parin crush ng crush mo😂

  • Best mod I've ever seen

  • 9M Lets go!!!!

  • at 18:23 got me dying

  • Please don't make me do anything I don't want to do.

  • I love watching tommyinnit

  • why does wilbur look like dwight

  • 18:20 dude i cant get over the "yeee" ninja does at the end in his gollum voice

  • Wow ninja's name is ninjdivorceGeorge

  • Commit jojo reference

  • When you realize Tommy is now a jojo reference:


  • tommy will get the stick

  • the reason why ninja has a e-girl skin : *he is a discord mod*

  • Does some one know the songs that they played

  • The end was literally just the Lord of the Rings lol

  • sans mod

  • Impress the woman, Tommy!!!

  • This is definitely the most insane mod yet lol I really want that girl at college to go out with me btw so please subscribe. I'll show her my Diamond Plaque and she'll probably start crying:the words of tommy

  • 2:17 WAAIIT is that white coat villager wth didnt they go extinct

  • the stick posses the evil

  • Too much undertale music

  • Wilbur fr be acting like Albus Dumbledore or and Apostle with the stick

  • I admit that with ninja here I dislike this video but aside from that it’s a funny video so have a fucking like

  • 9:57 Honestly thought Ninja was really Smeagol for a second, holy shit-

  • I now figured out every time Wilbur is in a mod video it all turns into a storyline or lore.

  • jojo reference

  • I like the song in 3:35 is it my ordinary life by the living tombstone?

  • za warudo

  • I have this girl skin

  • Tommy:I can stop ti- Me: za wuardo


  • 6:15 Music name

  • dename.infoUgxEDkpt68A1Ko3QnYN4AaABCQ

  • just how did this turn into the lord of the rings

  • everyones been waiting on the dream smp content, t o m m y

  • No one gunna talk about how ninja is called, NinjadivorcedGeorge

  • Tommy got rejected bc she saw this video and decided he cursed too much

  • Tommy: *puts time fast* Also tommy: *talks fast* Ranboo: he talks faster than now.. CHILD

  • the world time freezed

  • Wilburs hair wtf


  • Ninja gollum

  • They accurately put the lavender town theme over willbur

  • Is this a jojo reference

  • Is this rly Ninja? I don't belive this

  • Ninjas golem voice is the funnest thing I've heard all day I can't stop laphing at it 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • not even joking i got so distracted at 6:05 and just started crying

  • I'm sorry I can't watch you tom cause my dad gets away my headset so if you say, like fuck in the video my mom will take away my phone so sorry tommy :_-(

  • ninja isn't that funny ngl


  • Ninjas name in mincraft is true and very funny

  • wilbur: ur young and u have alot to learn ninja: GiVee mE tHeShtick RiGhtt nOwwww wilbur:......fucking hell lmao

  • This just reminds me of part 5 jojo when diavolo and giorno just try to get the arrow.

  • Who realized that some of the time when Wilbur spoke the song “ghost fight” played and I believe when this was made the Ghostbur arc was still going

  • Is no one talking about “My Ordinary life” playing in the background at 3:28 ?

  • he is Kronos

  • Wilbur just being half savage-

  • Are tommy and wilbur in Reallive brothers?

  • The tidy comma interstingly serve because smash surprisingly slow excluding a disturbed tsunami. fanatical, private weight

  • Dang that smegol impression


  • Me when fallen down starts to play as a Ranboo fan: 👁👄👁

  • Can we just appreciate the fact that tommy grew from 100k to 9.58m Subs in less than a year and hes 17

  • Hey tommy if you want to impress a girl you know how they say be your self ? Well don’t be

  • Love ninja

  • Ninja is having more fun in MC than in fortbit ch

  • When you start to link all of his medias togather and he says he is trying to impress this girl at college and when he went to college the other day on tiktok she told him to piss off :(