I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

Am 4 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
edited by myself & Wardenboo

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  • I challenge you...

  • Love the video!! Don't stop you make my month! Technohide

  • Lmao imagine if tommy in it had more subs than you

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  • no one: techno in the descripcion: "not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me"

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  • I JUST saw the original video by Mr Beast 😳

  • when will you upload a bedwars video

  • Origin SMP Warpig idea: -Your main disadvantage is that people can put a saddle on you and ride your back which will make it impossible for you to hit them. (Possibly they can also control you with a carrot on a stick) -Second disadvantage is that you can't eat pig -first advantage is that potatoes work like strength potions - second advantage is that people drop blood when you kill them which you can sacrifice on an altar to the blood god and gain a number of pearks (either you can gain the power of the killed temporarily or you just gain normal bonuses temporarily depending on how buggy the first option would be) -third advantage is that you get a 1% speed bonus

    • This is my second updated idea btw

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  • תגובה בעברית: נגיסוני עוף

  • So u keep saying u hate orphans and u don't have a mom or dad hmmmmmm not having mom+dad=orphan OMG Tecno has been hating on orphans but he is an orphan himself

  • Techno blade please be a wither in origins it makes the most sense for you. tubbo has bees, Ramboo has ended men, Tommy is a chicken and you have copious amounts of withers Pls pls pls

    • Just elaborating, a few ideas if he does choose this: 1. he gives wither effect to anyone he he hits 2. He games health when he damages of the entities 3. he’s immune to other withers and wither skeletons

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  • I just watched the vid where he was recording with his lil sis 6 years ago, and his voice just went 📉📉📉📉📉📉

  • Tecno plz react to voices It's a really good song about you

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  • Technoblade and wildcat look like brothers in minecraft

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  • will there be an origins smp video

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  • When will you release Minecraft VR or part 3

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  • Origin SMP Pig idea: You can't eat pork Potatoes work as strength potions When you die you drop a piece of pork, when you die to fire you drop cooked pork People can put a saddle on you and control you with a carrot on a stick. When you kill people they drop 'meat' which you can eat.

    • The only interesting part of that is riding Techno

  • Technoblade your goooooood but dream is goddd

  • Hey I have a Idea for the Origin SMP: You could have ,,Zombiepowers". When you spawn you are a regular human, and when you die you have an extra life but have slowness( you can be a human after some time again). OR you don't have slowness and just burn in the sun OR zombies and drowneds don't attack you. The Turtle: You can brethe underwater and have more hearts but the only thing that regenerates hearts is kelp. Now that i think about it it's pretty stupid lol...

  • Techno please record the origin smp

  • Bro face review

  • My account is keyboard pig

  • If techno whitelists me on the dream SMP I will doab

  • its been abt a week and i cant stop thinking abt it. u were robbed my guy. who sabotages a man from stealing a fridge... absolutely despicable

  • no one's gonna ask why he has a tommyinnit skin tho-


  • Just curious, would you be interested in streaming the origin smp?

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  • The potato lord is near to 7mil

  • I love how techno has a scary and cool personality on the dream smp and then also still wholesome.

  • Is it me or is it techno doesn't use smooth lighting

  • Nice

  • Technoblade never dies!

  • I saw a poll and it said who is better and dream won the vote😡

  • I'd like to imagine they told Technoblade one hour in advance because he's the Batman of Minecraft prep time and he's one of those people that just gets exponentially more dangerous when he's aloud to think.

  • *YES*


  • “If you can’t win a $10000 fridge go the $5000 one” -Sun Tzu the art of war

  • those that have treated me with kindness, i will repay that kindness tenfold. and those that treat me with injustice, that use me, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends-i shall repay that injustice a thousand times over

  • Technoblade I will give you hugs

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  • Philza would love the fridge 😂