Mr Beans RC Armchair

Am 1 Nov 2018 veröffentlicht
I've made Mr Beans Remote chair from his cartoon series to celebrate his youtube channel hitting the big 10 mill.
Check out my cameo in the cartoon
Checkout the Mr Bean channel for yourself n see what all the fuss is about. dename.infofeatured
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See how the bench mounted metal folder was made
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4th Track is called "Boys in Suits" and is by "RoomD" more from them here

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  • That looks like fun! Watch more Mr Bean here 😁

    • Not 10 now its around 22 million subscribers

    • Somehow I knew mr bean would Comment lol

    • @Brantley Jadiel Damn! It took roughly 20 mins but it worked!!

    • I love the sketch on the beach With the man who was blind

    • Hi Mr bean

  • 0:08 is the worst editing

  • Repent and trust in Jesus

  • 2:27 COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • hoi

  • He is some times stupid

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  • "I make weird stuff!" Me whenever I'm bored. XD

  • 8:26 I'm sold. Where can I buy one?

  • Mr.bean not supposed to talk? Wth.

  • The old lady is ms. Wiggit

  • You should make a remote control footrest to go with it

  • 2:13 Car pulls away

  • This guy was skilled before his arm fell off and reattached itself at the beginning of the video! Funny, I don't remember watching him invent anything that would do that...

  • I just wanna say, don't you think that it'd be great if Mr. Bean himself give your Diamond Play Button to you?

  • Honestly why wouldn't Mr Bean like colinfurze? Colin, King of random, mark rober, they are literally all real life versions of mr bean making crazy shit.

  • Build the steam powered alarm clock

  • Looks good I want one Now go down the stairs

  • Try making the 20.000 watt version

  • Do among us key test

  • Le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que ÇA c'est un fauteuil roulant ! 😂😂

  • Can I trade places with colin furze just so I can meet rowan Akinson

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  • that looks so cool and it will be fun when someone will use it

  • Este tío está loco

  • You guys have a ps4

  • Top

  • lol just lol

  • 9:48 Shoplifting!!!!!!!

  • Mr bean isn't a person,he is a legend.

  • Just one thing, I actually wish Mr. Bean didn't actually speak anything (just like his old show), but otherwise it was nice seeing him again after all this time! :)

  • He used sonic 1 code 7:06

  • 7:05 something tells me that isnt the actual code.

  • Look at my last name

  • Whats the silver anchor like tools on colins wall?

  • who els would love to see Colin reinact the drving his car from the roof scene that would be freaking awesome i think get on that Furze

  • What an intro😂

  • M just here from the diamond play button vid of mr.atkinson/mrbean

  • The intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:06 When Colin Got Diamond Play Button From Have 10 Million Subs & Shares It

  • you are so cool and i love your crazy ideas!

  • I laughed during the video

  • Make it pulse jet powered

  • Mr bean fans 👇

  • Hallo iam malayaly fan

  • That's a good green screen at the start lol And rotoscoping

  • Did they both actually come together ?

  • Did you actually invite the real Mr Bean to your show

  • please make the shopping cart too.

  • That intro tho 👌

  • Wow

  • colinfurze how else could you describe England

  • Now make the armchair car

  • Make a 1000cc armchair fastest armchair in the world 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Why am I just now hearing about him having a DEname channel?

  • how the hell did he fall and survive?

  • the essentials of every shed in uk / Ireland: a box of celebrations, a bicycle, a radio, rubbish that you couldn’t be bothered to move out, if Colin hearts this I will lose my wits, I loved the hicycle video, keep up the great work!

  • Just found your channel Colin, you are an outstanding brain and entertainer! Brill to watch !

  • why not an engine!

  • The cartoon is not as good, sadly.

  • Мистер Бин

  • British hacksmith

  • I have an old electric wheel chair imma do dat

  • Smh

  • The way his arm falls off in the beginning 😆

  • He does realise right, that when he got the wheel chair his project was over

  • Give it to me 😂😂

  • DEname Subtitle: Mr. Venus

  • Id just think the intro was miniature

  • Bit late to the party, but an upgrade to this would be a reclining armchair.

  • 4:04 i am very uncomfortable right now

  • I airnt that dum

  • Mr been is my favorite

  • entry was freaking awesome👏✊👍👏✊👍👍😎

  • congrats you have achieved (making a wheelchair)

  • I likes buy k

  • 2:28 achzen

  • So he’s just a cheap copy of peewee hermen

  • Yeah well done sir Atkinson

  • The heck the intro

  • I was v

  • Like you stunt man but his arm fell off

  • Good ol British engineering

  • *I'll take your entire stock*

  • i wanna see behind the scenes lol

  • PLEASE Build a the Colin tree house

  • That intro was incredible

  • This is what happens in mr beans shed

  • Why don't you try Mr. Bean's Armchair Car

  • Sonic Cheat!!

  • I loved Mr bean growing up. It was kind of a special occasion any time I got to see Mr bean. America loves Mr bean.

  • Hi mr bean

  • Me and Mr fuse have the same energy and its scary

  • This was posted on my birthday!

  • I am disappointed, now put a 400cc engine in it and roll that baby out 😂😁

  • Look carefully at 0:07 that there was a doll

  • 05:50 is bender from futurama Colin just change it

  • The first I got when I clicked this was Mr. Beans racing chair invention. It was the episode where he was in an invention war.

  • This is one of the greatest collabs ever! We need more of Rowan (as Bean) and Colin together!