Diaphragm Air Engine

Am 23 Nov 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • I swear to god this guy is about to be like elon musk but with air

  • you can also experiment with different propellers.

  • Ssssspo. /

  • could it run longer with hot air

  • interesting

  • If I buy one diaphragm engine to you how much it will cost

  • "Just look at that preformance" *plane imitates my GPA*

  • Tom, very, very cool! 3D printing is is just amazing, especially when used by bright, young engineers like you.

  • 0.41 bar is 5.95 PSI 4.1 bar is 50.5 PSI--simple mistake

  • The steady earthquake especially bang because panty aboaly name notwithstanding a tested nepal. observant, ablaze belt

  • Науя всё это? Детство тяжёлое?

  • maybe I missed it. I didn't see the air that was to be expelled. Used a second time in a decompression cycle to help close off the valve. Seems like you could also use a spring mechanism to help with this as well. 3d printers are fantastic.

  • Awesome Engin. Hats off to the efforts and innovative design.

  • We use something similar to KiwiCo for homeschooling our children. Actually, they have done more science experiments than any other subject.

  • Wow!

  • You caught my interest, great fun.

  • What program did you use to make the animation?

  • Can we got th blueprints of the engine for 3d printing

  • Could you use one of those acetylene generators like the old miner’s lamps used to dramatically increase flight time? Maybe some other gas generator? Dry ice might be an interesting “fuel”.

  • Did you patent your design?

  • hahahah make that rocket mega big ,wanna see what will happen

  • nice work but make it undestructible ,thakyou for sharing your ideas

  • so useless lol

  • tom you probably wont see this but i have a challenge compressed air radial engine

  • gas engine more efficiently...

  • "Just look at that performance"

  • 👏 amazing work very creative individual. Engineering is ART.

  • What if you harvest some air pressure in the bottle to run the engine using a chemical reaction for the pressure, something like Mentos in Coke, but without the bubbles? So you can run it longer.

  • I'm a new subscriber so haven't seen many videos, been watching for a few days now, could you perhaps create a multiple cylinder engine similar to this one? Or any links to previous videos if you have done so already, I find these really interesting 😁

  • How about the "anti-gravity" subject?

  • What if you make a tube (by not filling a bit of the enhine wall) so the used air will go out the "back"? This will reduce the weight and might boost the performance a bit

  • Bravo! Just one idea: take Latex instead of butyl rubber, then another 300% power increase is possible (maybe). And then make the engine heat resistant, that would give a pretty interesting steam engine (have you seen this fantastic engine?: dename.info/film/ycadi4Ky3YGNgKU/video). A lot of similarities to your engine!

  • Kids fantasy?

  • Olá, estive vendo seu projeto e gostei, porém penso que pode melhorar com um circuito simples de geração de ar comprimido: "nas pontas da hélice poderá ser fixadas pequenas mangueiras (afastadas um pouco) para coletar ar, aproveitando o movimento de rotação das mesmas, este ar entrará para dentro de uma válvula de pressão sensível, onde por pressão hidráulica poderá gerar mais ar comprimido, fácil de fazer, vale a pena tentar...ok?

  • Thumbnail looks like a smile

  • Schauberger that baby

  • Mate.

  • Had this come out some years ago, this would have saved Air Hogs

  • 🔵 What we never found out was, which is the better motor?... your design or Air Hogs?


  • +1LIKE!

  • I really want to be like you. So talent!

  • That's so cool!

  • Dude just reinvented Airhogs.

  • You're one smart ginger!!! Holy crap!

  • Take this design, make it bigger and put it in a car. Then add an air compressor to the car so that u can compress the air canisters again through powering the compressor, then u got what appears to be an electric car that charges in 10 minutes!

  • 6:25 idk why but those engines for me looked like personality cores from portal or P-body from the multi-player portal

  • I want the design from the paramotor. how can i have it

  • What is the power density of the engine? How many kilowatts of power are produced per kilogram of mass of the engine at a specified input pressure of air? What is the specific output of the engine in joules per mass of compressed input air used or in kilowatts per mass flow rate of air (kilograms per second of air flow) Compare your test figures to a steam locomotive. Remove the boiler and replace with a humongous tank of compressed air. You have designed a Rankine cycle engine which relies upon energy consumed outside the engine to compress air to drive the piston.

  • This will someday be used on a environment friendly plane, anyways great job, this design is revolutionary

  • Awesome, I really enjoyed.

  • now try and find transparent plastic to print with so we can see what is going on inside

  • This is a motor, an engine uses a fuel internally to create mechanical energy, a motor uses an externally generated energy source

    • Not taking anything from the quality of the device, just pointing out the difference between what it was being called, and what it is.

  • You have a diaphragm air compressor. It's smart because it doesn't use OIL. However, the pressure is low. ineffective. Life is short. It would be nice if we could create an engine / motor with technology that overcomes these problems. All that remains is a way to store air.

  • 6:27 that beautiful lineup just feels.. engineery. Just right :)

  • I saw this model on Thingiverse, downloaded it and i now i have a fun project for the new year=) Thanks alot Tom! By the way, ever considered turning this into an airpowered dremel tool?

  • The first impression I got was... """An engine driven by air?"""」 "Model???" But towards the end of the video, I was very surprised by the idea of using a beverage container to move it.

  • Hey Stom Tanton. Could you connect this to a small gear box and have this spin a propeller faster?

  • what a great job¡¡¡¡ have you ever measured air engines from dental micromotors? it would be nice to see an eficience comparision

  • Make 3d printed radial engine

  • We already have efficient pneumatic motors. Keep trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Amazing job!!!

  • Great Work Man!!!

  • I give you major props (no pun intended) for finishing this. You solved a problem for a design I have been making of my own. I can just imagine how much time you spent. Between the designing, the printing, redesigning and reprinting.

  • 8:42-8:49 a pioneer are we ?

  • This would be so cool if it was scaled up, and attached to a small R/C car

  • Great vids Tom...Check out the beautiful little CO2 powered motors made by the Czech genius engineer Stephan (?) Gasparin. They use a similar ball check valve but are a much simpler design. He made many different sizes and configurations from single cylinder, horizontally opposed twins , 4 cylinder, straight 4 and 6 cylinder, as well as 3, 5, 7, 9 cylinder radial motors. He even made 18 cylinder radials to order as well as V8 and V12 engines. Sadly he is not alive any more and these engines arerare collectors pieces. I have 3 engines and one of them is the second smallest he made....It has a bore of 1.5 mm and a stroke of 2 mm !!! It turns a beautiful little 2 inch , hand carved wooden prop at 5700 rpm and powers my 8 inch span Santos Dumont "Demoiselle" which weighs just 13 grams...Flies beautifully at a fast walking pace for well over 2 min. Keep these wonderful projects a comming...well done.

  • 👍

  • Logo aparecera os carros movidos a ar comprimido

  • x-cellent

  • is it possible to fill the bottle with a second motor? what happens if your engine has two pistons? what if there were two bottles function like lungs? What happens if instead of air you use another gas (I know your engine works with pressure but do all gases have the same pressure) What happens if instead of air you use a liquid like oil or water, with two bottles having the same pressure both connected to the engine, one empties to fill the other but as both are full, the liquid will do the opposite (possibly) i love your engin, i think its a really good idea. continue like this !!!

  • multi piston diaphragm air engine? radial diaphragm air engine?

  • I wonder what is the advantage of transforming the pressure energy to reciprocating motion instead of direct rotational motion

  • nicely done - and the "Model 'T'" sound effect is a bonus!

  • Amazing design but isn't it more efficient to let the gas pump out directly? Just curious.

  • it has to turn that giant prop

  • wow! amazing!!

  • This is very similar to the CO2 engines from decades ago.

  • Great! Will await your next video. )

  • You are "Einstein Smart"

  • I never seen such brain!

  • Super project

  • There's already a air car in France and has been for years? WTF are you making this video for?

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • I am so impressed.

  • So genius idea!!!

  • Maybe silicon spray would be good to reduce the friction?

  • now make a v8

  • i want this please

  • i was thinking of making this myself based off this video

  • @ Tomy Starkton, I want Jericho missile!

  • Well done... Brilliant.

  • I don't understand anything i just came here to see the plane fly

  • That little water jet that was cool how it showed a mushroom air wave thing

  • Put a 4 bade on it and much smaller baldes

  • Im going to use moving air to power an engine that moves air.

  • It sounded like you said .41bar is 60psi?! Or did you actually say 6psi? 4 bar is ~60psi and .41bar is ~6psi.

    • He mistakenly said 60psi id .41 bar. Even has it wrong on his graph at 7:28

  • Now, I was curious about backfire in the early design; Is it possible that there might be a use for that action in another application?

  • I really liked it, all the details and quality are stunning. You are very inspired. How long did it all take you from A to Z ?

  • 5:39 That would be a nice air-powered clock movement mechanism.