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  • Thanks to Current for sponsoring this video, don't forget to get your Current Card here!

    • Romans 8:18 - “The pain you’ve been feeling cannot compare to the joy thats coming”

    • @Juliet 17 is a

    • I swear when you said (i love you babe) i said (i love you too) even tho we dont know each other 😂

    • She fun n down to earth to x

    • She a beaut.... love the way she can go from a morning look straight into a model look with a simple comb of the hair lol.... Fave gal on the internet :) x

  • Wendy’s eggs are fresh cracked

  • Emma has been making me very happy these days :))

  • Emma, you should come try Tim Hortons hash brown, because that is why I hate McDonald's hash brown :)

  • Lmao when she used a different face mask.... me asf


  • ur def my comfort person ily

  • the only thing i can think is what are u going to do with all those breakfasts

  • lmao not the "i did get a little bit of bacon in my mouth so sorry"


  • Fun fact, the french toast sticks at burger king are vegan!!

  • love your videos, i just hate when you burp

  • we stan emma being helpful

  • You should try the fast food Mac and cheese

  • I love Mcgriddles!

  • your skin is so pretty😍

  • emma: go to jack in the box forrr .. a very oily hashbrown :)

  • check out my new vlog!! :) would mean a lot!

  • Tbh I love her she’s the only famous person that doesn’t think that you have to be perfect

  • Emma: “are we datingg😏🤔?? Me: “HELL YEAH WE ARE”

  • BRUHHHH 18:17 through 18:21 HAD ME DYINGGG🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You should try the uk version of breakfast as you may like it better

  • I want burrito 😌

  • Where can I find that dark green jacket she’s wearing

  • To make you feel better about not showering, not washing your hair, overall it’s better for your skin and your hair because you’re not stripping your natural oils that we need to keep our skin moisturized without lotions. It’s all about your microbiome, (look it up)and keeping the good bacteria in our body and on our skin. I gotchu boo

  • 'you're only as good as your worst menu item'

  • Did she eat the bacon? xD Cause it seemed like she didn't at first but the Wendy's/Burger King one was kindda sus lol

  • Karishma Kapoor but Videshi

  • leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

  • cant believe you haven't had a McGriddle...

  • Tim hortons has the best breakfast

  • after watcing 7 vids iv noticed her personality is sooo similar to michael scott from THE OFFICE LMAOOOO i love her sm

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  • Emma you have to do more food reviews from restaurants. They’re always so funny and entertaining

  • some people may say oh she is a fake vegetarian but she is not she gave up her opinion for us cut her some slack

  • McDonalds bacon, egg and cheese biscuit is pretty good, but my new favorite is Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.

  • I can smell this video

  • Go to fast food places and ask for there best food

  • see emma... what you don't know about McDonalds is that their mcmuffin breakfast sandwiches have real (not microwaved) eggs just like wendy's.

  • You should try the sausage egg McMuffin from McDonald’s

  • Isn't she a vegetarian? 😲

  • LMAOOOO i know exactly what intersection you were at trying to cut over to get to jack in the box and i KNEW it wasn’t gonna happen 💀

  • Omg did y'all see the McDonald's breakfast sandwhicb had bacon in it Lmafo

  • chick fil a breakfast is my favvvvvv then Bk i hate wendy’s and mcdonald’s is okay. Lol that’s my opinion that nobody asked for

  • Tomatoes are my life 💀

  • Omg your vlogs make me feel like I’m your friend and you’re just talking to me I love it

  • girl just order it without the meat

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  • The color of the sweatshirt she is wearing in this video is such a good color on her

  • I swear I just saw u in a commercial for pacson

  • Your so pretty! Tell me how you just walk around with no makeup I’m so jelly😂💕

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  • Yes, I worked at Wendy’s and we use real cracked eggs 🥚🍳

  • honestly loved this video

  • Emma's the only youtuber where I'll watch the whole video through because she's relatable and entertaining

  • I love McGriddles lol

  • you should have done dunkin’ donuts! they have a bacon egg and cheese croissant and they have A bacon egg and cheese burrito!

  • Anyone else uncomfortable by Emma eating meat, like it’s unnatural

  • why does emma always look so cool

  • she eats mcdonalds hashbrowns and fries but she doesn't know that they are dusted with meat

  • I like her lol but the burping is annoying

  • Good too know that we're dating can't wait to tell my mom 😂😆 lol

  • Why the fuck wouldn’t you just get it without bacon

  • emma. im going to burger king .. Goes to wendeys..

  • Follow @cookingwithsara91 on instagram 🤗🍴

  • emma: *shows card* me: *tries to look for the info*

  • omg was there a hair hanging from her swiss sandwich? 😭😭😭 16:46

  • here in canada they only have the fresh cracked egg the only place that gives our that nasty egg would be subway yes subway does breakfast and burger king so so so happy that we don’t have that yellow looking egg plus we have other bread to choose from

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  • Tell me why she looks so much like Timothee Chalamet with a mask on

  • Emma: R we dating? Me:Yesssssirrrrrrr all 10m of us babe

  • As a fellow vegetarian... she knows she can order the sandwiches without bacon right ?? 😂

  • where is her green jacket from ? I'm looking for the exact same !!

  • Wait, when was she not vegan?

  • Order a sausage McGriddle, no sausage sub round egg. Also pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry syrup

  • guys please help where can i get this green zip up😩😩😩

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  • Cries in British because we don’t have Wendy’s

  • Please think of the animals you're hurting with your choices....

  • Gotta try Dunkin Donut has browns

  • yesss the crunchwrap spicy sauce SLAPS 😭😭


  • “yo dobie! 😩”

  • wendys has the best biscuits ong 😩

  • I swear when you said (i love you babe) i said (i love you too) even tho we dont know each other 😂

  • Wendy's is always slower than Burgee king. I thought vegetarian don't eat eggs or cheese either. 🤔

  • The chic-fil-a breakfast burrito is FIRE. When I got it that thing was huge and stuffed like these people were not cheap, they give you the full package

  • It’s funny how she said she was going to Burger King but she went to Wendy’s😂🤚

  • You should do the worst review foods at fast food.

  • I really hope she gave the food she didn't eat to someone because otherwise it's a really big waste

  • You give me Lisa koshy vibes😌

  • The fact that her add played before the video is so iconic 😂😂

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  • Why is she so pretty

  • reminder: God loves you

  • The yo dobie didn’t age well

  • 7:00 i’ve never felt so loved before

  • THE EGG MCMUFFIN!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱 Why didn’t she try the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin the most wonderful fast food breakfast item.

  • I had went to the mall and saw a poster of her 🙂

  • Y’all I literally saw an ad with Emma in it before I watched this video 😱