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Hola Amigees!
It's been one crazy year, crazy quarantine, and 6 months of non-stop van building. We always like to make a video compiling all of the labor and hard work into one video and we absolutely couldn't wait to get this video put together and out there for the world.
For everyone looking to the full tour... We're exactly 1 week away from a full tour video of the van, bookmark it on your calendars. We wanted to make sure we were able to properly video every part of the video for the tour before pushing that video out. We'll also be putting together a complete build guide for Chevere (our van) detailing the major and minor components that make this build unique, while offering some insight that can be replicated in other builds regardless of the layout. We'll be launching that next week along with the tour video.
Life is good.
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We're Mariajosé and Chase. In 2018 we sold our house, moved into our self-converted school bus and took off traveling the United States. We sold our bus, bought a new-to-us Sprinter Van and we're doing it all over again. If you're new to our channel, subscribe & stick around. We're excited to have you here. If you enjoy our videos please let us know, give us a like and drop a comment down below. If our videos just aren't for you, we understand and hope you find what you're looking for somewhere else!
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  • very talented couple

  • How much money have you spent in total on this conversion? Btw very nice craftmanship!!

  • Hey! It looks amazing, well done! Would love to have one my own. What did you use for the cupboard front? The stuff made of straw :D

    • Thanks friend! It’s caning from VI Reed and Cane inc.

  • Pervect.

  • very impressive work so cool soo good have nice holidayyy enjoy it guys from hi Turkey :)))

  • Bravo

  • Nailed it!!

  • I loved this! The music perfect for the images.

  • Wow, wonderful job guys! I wish I had the time and skill to do something like this, maybe one day, for now I'm enjoying it through your great videos

  • Most beautiful home tiny but well organized I like it so much I love it

  • The lady is extremely hot. :)

  • Only second build i ever saw with a fold away bed. Can't understand why nobody else does,because it gives so much more open space! Congrats on being smart that way.

  • Amateurs my ass!

  • Quick question what did you use for your roof wood?

  • Amazing transformation. Loved it.!!!

  • супер

  • You two are always fun to follow, and your van build it gorgeous. Enjoy your travels together :)

  • Soy de Chile, siempre me ha gustado el Camping y viajar, es increible lo que han hecho con esa camioneta, además de lo práctico y utilizar muy bien los espacios tienen muy buen gusto para la decoración, ahora solo queda viajar y disfrutar. FELICIDADES

  • Rkfc

  • Very talented couple. Great job!

  • You are an amazing craftsman, it seems a prerequisite to starting a van life. The solar panels and awning are pretty cool. That was a very good video, take care.

  • Класно , много интересных решений .

  • Absolutely beautiful. One of the best builds I've seen in a while.

  • Stunning job! Well done you two.

  • very nice work bro

  • Awesome!

  • I wish I could build a van like that sometime. RESPECT!

  • Great video, you are an artist. The van looks fantastic.

  • Nice job guys.

  • That was so cool, I love it. but there's only one question: where's the water tank for the shower and the sink?

  • As soon as you make a youtube music 🎵🎶🎶🌈 in will post it on my Facebook,and more.🎶🎵🎵🌈🔥💯✨🙃😊

  • The spelling is of but I think you know what the message.

  • You should do a you tube only your music, I think it could be viral, also you should pursue the music party in your life that could add to your DEname channel viral.

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  • Wow!! Wish you had this as a business so I could have you make me one

  • Amateur?...I think not...beautiful job.

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  • Que perfeição

  • Great job..but these builds are adding about 1000# of weight into the vehicle. Gas mileage must be terrible. I'd get a van and rent a hotel room for the night and eat out. JK..looks awesome !!

  • I love the bus better though

  • That guy 100% had factory previous experience at the factory 🏭

    • 100% never worked in a factory nor had any formal or informal training. I'll take the compliment.

  • U have Master Husband Great work

  • I m curious about the dimentions of your bed, would you know that?

  • How much wieght did you add to the van?

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  • 0:44 flat horizon

  • I plan to live tiny, but could live in a van? No, I couldn't. Yes, I could. No, I couldn't. This van? Yes, I could!

  • i would like some tips on how to make one like this..and the cost too..really love it

  • More than One artist in this video What a craftsmanship to plan and work out such a great idea, starting from so to speak scratch . great job great video. I'm jealous

  • Music is real cool...just love it!!

  • Wonderfully and nicely made. Practical and I love it that you have a shower and toilet. Beautiful color. Thumbs up.

  • The worst part in this video is that it ends!

  • what a great job! , you converted the van to a very nice , professional & comprehensive motor-home. Thank you for sharing such great project with us. And by the way , the music is great and adorable

  • Very useful and invaluable ideas keep it ap👌👌👍👍👍

  • Where did tv go? Whrre did mattress come from?

  • wow, truly amazing build. where are the holding tanks? Propane?

    • Thanks so much! Our fresh water is in the rear below the step up at the seating area. Our gray tanks are mounted underneath the driver side of the van. We are propane free. Everything on the van is electric.

  • Wow, amazing conversion. Very impressed. I am building a 2007 Sprinter van but it is nowhere near this nice inside.

  • The perfect Van doesn’t exi-

  • Indonesian hadir

  • I'm more than happy to be the 3.200.201 viewer, well done young guys, I've learnt from your work, enjoy the "truck".

  • Engineer couples.🙏🇮🇳✨

  • Wow nice amazing .. I like this style so simple

  • Just introduced me to Joey English. New favorite artist!

  • Amazing job, new subscriber right away.🙂👍👌

    • Thanks so much friend! Happy to have you here

  • Wow. I love seeing the ladies getting in there and holding it down. You need some crazy, amazing skills to do something like this and an even better collection of tools. Judging by the cars, motorcycles, and other toys seen in the background there are projects going on!! Well done!

  • Are you a trained carpenter/craftsman? Would love to build that on my own. How much did you both spend for that van to make it your new home? And how much did the van cost? Happy new year for you both 🤗

  • The best and most practical van conversion ever! It’s totally epic, well articulated!

  • Hey! I’m eleven and my father owns a popular business in my town, he promised me a job that can get me more money then some adults make! I’ve always wanted to live in a van, this really makes me love vans even more ^^

  • masters of the pocket hole lol

  • Beautiful job!

  • Wondering where to buy the bathroom set.?

  • This couple’s togetherness, talent, and the music made me subscribe .... May your journeys be blessed! ❤️

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  • Me: likes adventure with RVs This video: adventure with RVs Me: SIKE SCUBSCRIBE

  • You Did Amazing Work.

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  • Be careful because covid 20 is here

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  • Just gorgeous! Its streamlining!

  • ช่างสวยงาม ฉันชอบมันมากเพื่อน

  • Hi I saw your video, really amazing work, I ask if you can give me some information or literature for building a caravan for beginners Thank you

  • so beautiful!!!

  • that's it's awesome

  • with 3M views and 170K subs I can make and sell this kind of van for sure...this video alone is $10K monetization, wow

  • I strongly believe that the two of you can build vans to sell. It looks very cozy . I wish you 2 the very best. Happy New Year!!!

  • Exceptional work! That is a beautiful end result!

  • Fico feliz pelo projeto e pela união do casal!!!

  • Can i buy this

    • @Tío Aventura ok not a problem

    • At the moment it’s not for sale. Sorry friend!



  • Super sir I m from India I support full God bless u

  • Superior beings.. Classic work!!! 🌼🍀🌸

  • I guess you the gym or a truck stop???🤔

    • We have a shower in the van that we use. You might have missed that part of the video if you skipped around. We do also have gym memberships, but haven't used them yet.

  • Vauu😍💜

  • >amateur >has a converted bus nex to the van

    • We’re not professionals. So yep! Amateur.

  • Ben 10, grandpa Max Van

  • Great build! What a lovely home. God bless

  • Magnifique travail !!!👍🏾🙏🏾

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  • What was the total cost of the conversion?