HOW THEY MET (Q+A with Marla!)

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How Marla and Elisha met & other questions about their relationship!
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  • 😅🤘

  • awe this is so cute i’m so happy for her, wish you good luck for everything love u

  • Wait, I am sorry but I am not quite following the whole thing. So its okay to date your cousins in her family? Or were they just unromantically having cute little outings?

    • @The 7 Henry's Ah, I see! Thank you for the explanation.

    • They aren’t cousins, that was a joke 🙄🤣♥️

  • Oh that’s so sad :(

  • Omg this beautiful angel is growing and glowing 💖🌸💞👼🏻

  • So they're going to do long distance for 2 years?

  • marla is so mature looking and beautiful! cute

  • Вы дее

  • yikes mission trips

  • I really needed to hear this

  • They both are the most beautiful mother daughter pair

  • Marla looks like young maedchen Amick

  • Bro I wanna be besties with marla

  • I love her upper lip! It’s weird, but it’s just very beautiful and unique

  • This is just the sweetest thing!! God's timing is perfect and if it's meant to be it will!! Keep growing girl🖤

  • It's a reminder how I've always hated that men have to make the first move or initiate the relationship

  • Marla! I’m so happy for youuuu.

  • alisha

  • who else is so jealous of their relationship. so lucky. I just uploaded a video of us teenage girls going on a girl trip and you should check it out bc the vibes are immaculate:))

  • Marla is so gorgeous. She is so pretty.

  • Omg! I know Jen and Alex from my old ward- the cutest, sweetest fam. Such good people❤️❤️❤️

  • What I toke for this vid was your close relationship with your mama. I would never tell my mom how I met any boy. It's weird. That's why I'm loving your closeness

    • I am grateful for the’s something I wish I had but happy I can be with my daughters 🙌❤️


  • This is so sweet! I love your family so much. I look forward to your videos and they always put a smile on face! Thank you guys for being so awesome! ❤️

  • Is it apart of ur religion to date every month? Sorry I’m kinda dumb when it comes to this stuff

    • I think that could be a Utah thing! (someone correct me, I might be wrong) Where I live that doesn’t happen (Puerto Rico)

    • @Kiki 1998 yeah! :))

    • @Malia Davis oh thanks!

    • no! mormon teens tend to "date" or go on little dates with many people just for fun & to see all the types of people & who they would wanna spend eternity with! :)

  • If she hasn’t journaled this make sure she does! She’ll want to remember this in the future :’) last year I met someone who means a ton to me and I am so happy I journaled it. I became closer to Christ through this person. He’s going out into the mission field in a few days! You never know what the Lord has planned so writing it down can be such a sweet memory

  • Yayyy go Marla!!!😆❤ I am so excited for both of you, and you are so beautiful!!!

  • Marla is incredibly beautiful! Just like her mama ♥️

  • so happy for Marla!!

  • I felt like I was on FaceTime with you guys the whole time lol I loved it!

  • Marla is so beautiful!!

  • It’s interesting how different Mormon dating culture is from other religions or non religious people. Very interesting to hear a different experience

    • @Valentina C members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are encouraged to date a of different people when they’re around the age of 16 or so. It gives them the opportunity to get to know different people and to have different experiences:) I feel like this could be different from what others may practice. Let me know if you have any other questions because I’m a member too!:)

    • @Avery Rae What does the comment mean by mormon dating culture?

    • @linda it’s the religion church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i am a member of the church if you have any more questions

    • @linda it is their religion that is commonly practiced in Utah. Google could probably explain it way better than I could

    • uhm could someone maybe explain what mormon means?? thx :)))

  • Marla is so gorgeous it's insane


  • Yay go Marla. We are watching her grow up🥺 it’s just an exciting and special chapter in her life. Gods timing is perfect.

  • Awww! This is so sweet! Amen to trusting God's timing!💙

  • '...and like he opened up the door and I'm like Oh! we have something to work with!' ❤️love it!! This is probably the third time I have commented on how much I think they are such a lovely match!!! Lovely story too! Good luck on his mission!

  • seeing your mature perspective was so so amazing. i'm in a similar position, not waiting but seeing what happens in two's a cool experience tho! proud of you :)

  • i admire marla so much that she respects him and herself in the sense of not being in each other’s way. they are very mature in that sense that they want to have a relationship but do not interfere with each other’s plans and timing of their lives

  • This was so great to watch! Marla’s testimony of Gods timing made me feel the spirit and confirmed what I know is true. Thanks for sharing!!

  • love the eye makeup, Ronda!!!!

  • Wait why did she decide to do the “one date a month” thing? Just curious.

    • @Saige Ruud I agree with you she doesn’t social distance that much.

    • @anne tf? I’d say the millions of people who’ve died worldwide care? What the hell is wrong with you lol we are still VERY much so in this pandemic.

    • @anne the millions of people affected do care. you should too.

    • @Saige Ruud no one cares

    • to me it didn’t seem very appropriate to do while COVID is still very much a thing

  • on the first video he appeared EVERYONE was like "who's that?, who's that boy? is marla dating? is that her boyfriend? who's that?" and the answered couldve been "he's a cool kid"

  • I'm so proud of her!! 💗💗

  • yeeeeeeesssss the oggggggssss

  • They are a beautiful couple!! Go Marla!

  • So happy for her❤️🔥

  • So happy for her🥰❤️

  • She is so mature for her age. And her trust in God and love for Him is so sweet to see and she’s a breath of fresh air in this young influencer group

    • TOTALLY, mature and sensible, isn't she?‼️ Good role model‼️🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰💕❤️❤️

  • I'm so happy for you!! 💗💗

  • Hi there very nice to meet you!!! Do you take video challenges

  • aaahhh Marla is growing up!

  • Such a beautiful mindset! Love your content so much!

  • Hello

  • Watching this at 3AM! So happy for Marla! I love your family so much ❤️

  • Omgggg I have never been this earlyyyyyy

  • I'M SO HAPPY FOR MARLA!! I hope everything goes well with his mission