Brandon Semenuk: REAL MTB 2021 | World of X Games

Am 19 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
Watch Brandon Semenuk and filmer/editor Rupert Walker’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games. Vote for your favorite video at, then tune in to ABC on April 24 to find out who won X Games gold.
Music: “Contraband” by Lovern
Vote for Brandon here:
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  • The best..........🌹

  • Didn’t know this was real slopestyle I thought it was real mtb

  • Fancy

  • Brandon should not have won, this is not even close to real mtb. He was on a dirt jumper more than half the time. He really just submitted a slopestyle video and won a real mtb vid. Smh.

  • I need someone to help me live in a foreign country.

  • More like unreal mtb

  • Top video jajajajaj now feel motivated to get on the trail mzself, what gest me going the longest while bike is *delta parole* or other rokk music!

  • What kind of bike is that

  • XVI wenn sie mir eine positive Rückmeldung freuen und stehe ihnen gerne zur die anderen sind auch die anderen sind auch die anderen sind auch noch mal die anderen sind auch noch

  • 😎👍👍👍

  • How can all of this look so stylish and smooth? Brandon delivered as always!

  • That one hand table tho

    • Rob Darden-esque!

  • This deserves a million views, wow

  • How many bones must this dude have broken to get this good?

    • Hopefully not too many!

    • the only "real MTB" is when he gets off the bike and pushes it uphill

  • That nosebump! Holy Cow!

    • the only "real MTB" is when he gets off the bike and pushes it uphill

  • As opposed to fake mountain bike?

  • The riding, the music, the edit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Oh my goodness! Those were some really gnarly tricks!

  • This deserves a million views, wow

  • tabarnaK

  • Masterpiece! I cant stop watching it

  • The riding is insane, but the videography felt overproduced to me. For a real MTB contest, this didn't feel "real". Vestavik's clip made me wince and cringe with every shot.

  • he on x games mode

  • This won gold

  • Is this reused clips? I liked how Dannys seemed to be purposefully made for the comp. and was one cohesive part, 1 bike.

  • Beastly. Aliens walk among us.

  • I’m a noob, can someone explain what makes that last trick so epic?

    • @X Games I love it thanks!

    • It's a pretty tough trick to land into a foam pit, let alone a regular box jump. But doing it out in the open, on a massive step down jump, makes it that much more insane!

  • but HOW

  • the only "real MTB" is when he gets off the bike and pushes it uphill

  • It should be called 'Unreal MTB' instead

  • Wow ! 😱

  • mind blown

  • Superb 🌠🌠✨✨🤟

  • Best freestyle/slope style mountain biker in the world, and he's Canadian. Makes me proud to be Canadian

    • Between him and Jordan Hango winning #RealBMX, the soft spoken Canadians are ripping up the Real Series!

  • How can all of this look so stylish and smooth? Brandon delivered as always!


  • Was these guys born on earth?

  • Brandon is such a legend and you know he's gonna win. So I root for the underdog. But brandon no doubt the best

  • 🔥👍💪✊

  • could anyone tell me how much money a bike like that cost?

  • Wow so cool

  • i don't know about this - with real moto it is cool and they add stuff - it isn't just some guy on a track or a ramp, this series just seems a sellout to me, standard videography, standard riding videos that appear anywhere and completely not unique - MASSIVE SKILLS and respect to the riders but MEH AF

  • That nose bonk... Come on! I could watch this all day.

  • No way ur gunna tell me that was better than Brage's

  • Is there anything this guy cannot do on a bike?? Incredible!!!

  • this made me realize 2 things people that disliked this video are evil and how terrible I am at mtb

  • extra terrestre!! top!!

  • Inhuman! Some of these athletes have to be from another planet!

  • Great riding but the music makes it feel too chill, kinda kills the vibe imo

  • Lot of people saying Brage should have won, but I disagree. This was the best. Big, technical riding done perfectly and a sick edit.

  • Next level, guy literally throws down so hard. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gold babeeeeeyyyyyy 🥇🇨🇦

  • Level after next as usual!

  • This is the real mtb

  • unreal!

  • When man an bike become one “MIKE” 😎

  • Awesome! I need more of this!

  • Regardless of his tricks he has wthe best style of anyone to ever touch a mountain bike

  • Not a bad ride. Seems a little rehearsed, would like to see a little more skills in natural terrain.

  • Bangerrrr jeez!!!

  • I will never understand how mountain bikes do barspins and tailwhips. It's hard enough on a bmx bike, but with the shocks, weight, and cables of a mtn bike? I don't get it.

  • I rode BMX for a fairly long time.... This dude... is not human!

  • For the gold

  • Well done boys

  • It’s between him and Danny tbh, can’t see anybody else winning it lol

  • The creativity isn't enough for my

  • I Love it, Bike g.o.a.t 😍 Brandon Semenuk

  • Don't try this at home :-)

  • the only "real MTB" is when he gets off the bike and pushes it uphill

  • Someone call FAA. This guys flying without a pilots licence.

  • 0:38 that nose touch no hand blew my mind to millions of pieces lol...

  • Is that death valley?

  • the michael jordan of mtb .so unreal

  • backflip 720 barspin?

  • sounds like the hub is working hard keeping up

  • Stars belong in the sky this kid is one of'em

  • Is it real MTB when there’s no gears or front brakes? It’s really just a downhill BMX, quit trying to ruin a good sport just to fit in. It is what it is, BMX.

  • This is gonna be fire.

  • Every clip is a masterpiece

  • Tailwhip backflip, Dave Mirra original

  • Never thought I'd say it but made Danny mc look like a school kid at a skate park

  • There be blood of the old gods in this one...

  • sorry danny mac, semenuks got ya beat

  • When man an bike become one “MIKE” 😎

  • The dislikes must ALL be Danny Macaskill fanboys

  • It wasn’t as flashy as some of the other tricks but that one hander/table top at 1:00 mark was, easily the sickest one hander I have ever seen, his style is so effortless, ITS INSANE

  • You'd think a guy with those skills could get sponsored by a decent bike company

    • they make the best slope frame... also best support for freeriders with the c3 project.

  • got to be the winner :D

  • Brandon needs to go Back and do Contest riding again this Dude ist just unreal

  • Kranker Edit!

  • This guy is so talented on two wheels. It's just tuff!

  • Judges will had very difficult decisions

  • this made me realize 2 things people that disliked this video are evil and how terrible I am at mtb

  • I wish I had .009% of his abilities....He is just incredible on a bike.

  • that table top one hand is top steez, unbelievable

  • Semenuk is a king but honestly macaskill went harder in his section, (IMO)

  • I feel like a caveman who has just watched another caveman start a fire for the first time.🔥😮

  • That was insane!!

  • Brandons best video ever xd

  • Semenuk came from a different planet. Absolute monster.