Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #1 - Chassis/Engine

Am 27 Okt 2016 veröffentlicht
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Lots of people don't have the luxury of a well kitted out workshop but still want to make stuff, they just don't always know where to start.
So this project is for those people (which was me not so long ago)
All the parts were bought from
This is not a sponsored video just thought its easier if everything comes from one place, they know what i've had so if you undertake this project and need any of the parts just call them and they will sort you out.
A picture Gallery will be uploaded to my website next week when project is complete.
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Music is by "Across the Atlas" and the songs are "jaded" and "TV killed the radio star"
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  • Wont the bolts eventually come loose with my motor i would prob be tightening bolts all day

  • Cool!

  • Make me one please

  • For those front wheels he should have put them on upside down to get some sick negative camber

  • I always love the music you pick to go along with your builds. I do wish that you would list the music and the artists that you use as well. (p.s. sounds a bit like Flyleaf though I could be wrong.)

  • Tendrías un plano del proyecto..?

  • Cuáles son las medidas del chasis..?

  • I found a full working pit bike for 50 Australian dollars and now have an awesome go kart

  • Before I wanted to be a tank driver but that’s pants compared to one project with you Colin.

  • Hey me and my friend are thinking of making this build of go kart but put bike parts don’t stock the parts for it anymore? Could anyone give me a list of parts that are used and then we could buy them from different places.

  • Awesome stuff ... make a go kart with a car engine please ...

  • Chain a lil too tight

  • Remember back in 1972 we made go karts out of 2x4s and plywood with a rope as steering! As long as I had a hill I was good to go! 😂

  • How much cc is his engine

  • Could you PLEASE make a go kart with the “exotic” tools?

  • I'm sure you will find good solutions for all your ideas on the Woodglut website.

  • I know this video is 4 years old but does anybody know where I can find measurements?

  • Sale???

  • You should put drift sleeves on the rear tires.

  • Using ONLY things that are available in your garden shed... Shows a floor full of specialised machine parts, engines, sprockets, axels, go kart tyres... I wish i had this just laying about like that XD

  • where can I buy all this stuff? Like the motor, wheels?

  • The music used makes me remember each and every video.. The first song was stuck in my head for days!

  • I made this a uear ago and just made another 2 months ago. They last forever

  • That's a very limited slip dif

  • i have a question where did you buy that steering axle

  • My sister laughs her head off when she hears the how much thing.

  • Colin.... do you have a parts list somewhere?

  • What do you do if your chain gets loose?

  • Whoever gave you that music, you should pay them to take it back.

  • Make motor

  • Nice

  • Da fuck i can't find these steering axles(

  • can i know what is the size of the bolt ? 😭

  • Hab auch so ein Spielzeug läuft super !

  • Have a go at building amphibious go cart or quad bike

  • My cats got coronavirus

  • It would be nice if you included all of the parts and mesurements because im not about to phone the shop and ask what yoi bought over 4 years after you posted the vid. Your big brain didnt think about that one did it?

  • Your sporan scream of excitement makes me want to work with you and learn by your side

  • if you can send some money for this family on paypal thank you

  • These vidios have cheered me up so much since ive lost my job and home from covid i sit in my car and have a right giggle whatching all this cool stuff! 😄👍

  • Anyone know the dimensions?

  • Where can I get parts like this in Canada?

  • We need to get people building stuff in their sheds. Lockdown opened up alot of eyes, what they can do. Let's make it easier

  • Why isn't there a mechano like system that doesn't cost the earth. Open beam is so expensive. All we need is steel box and flat plate a few different sizes with same size hole every 2 inches or summin. Some connecting plates and bobs your uncle we can build anything. Cmon Colin get on it. The Colin furze construction system!

  • The obsequious country greely boast because song laparoscopically bubble minus a daily room. responsible, orange appliance

  • Oi colin! If you still read these Isn't it better to suspend the engine as you dont even have coilovers on the kart I think that should increase the life of the engine as at high speeds like 40mph The piston inertia and the vibrations from the ground will clash as there is no dampening whatsoever Reply if you can

  • How much is it to build this?

  • 4 years later these exact go karts come out on gta 5

  • @colinfurze you should build a electric drift trike with a alternator as a moter.

  • Please in German

  • can you build a scooter (no matter if its with an engine or electric). I know you built this mobility scooter for old people once, which is nice, but I mean a scooter with 2 wheels (and maybe a seat on it) It would be really nice and helpful to see this tutorial :) thanks

  • That's class it looks so fun too

  • he says dirt bike engines are cheap lol there none for under 120$ but I love these vids keep up the great work

  • the part with the kid lol


  • The musicc??????????????? LOOOL wtf change it

  • Which material it's chassis made of

  • Duuude, this was one of the mossst helpful videos

  • Could I use a Mitre saw for the basic cutting?

  • Where do you guys get these engines? I need one

  • we only have a screwdriver at our house

  • sadly in germany this illegal

  • i dont know if this is what you meant but i need to put an engine into my bathtub tank

  • Can anyone give me reare. Axle all parts plzzzz

  • I've decided to make a shopping trolley gokart as a budget project to keep me occupato, what engine is this? I can't find a semi automatic engine

  • this is basically a Ferarri they're just bracket on a bracket with a few more brackets lol

  • Good gob

  • This has given me more inspiration for my own go kart which uses a crappy 49cc mini Moto engine so I'm gonna get either the 125cc or a 110cc 4 speed, thanks for your help Colin

  • I dont need a workshop to build crazy stuff. I need more that a one room flat.

  • 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • How much can I pay you to make me one

  • Right let’s get to business. Make a Dune Buggy. I’m trying to make one from scratch and you make amazing tutorials basically. Please

  • Colin, I loved the go-Kart build. Maybe next time instead of the huge boxed pipe you can use EMT conduit using these connectors. ( I am in no way connected with these guys but impressed with there products. Just need a pipe bender, EMT cutting tool, drill bits, and basic hand tools. No need for any dangerous tools! HAHAHA, Thanks for your time. Best regards, David

  • Where are the pictures for this on your website?

  • how many angle grinder blades did you go through?

  • hindustani bhai log like kare. india's neighbour must comment..and india's ♡er also like

  • Bich

  • Beach

  • Colin I remembered when I asked you build a go kart when I was 10 or 12 I think and your wife responded that you were working I remember and now here I am probably about to make one but with 2 seats unless my mom buys one

  • If i just had the money, id be building a go kart already


  • Welding seems easy option...

  • Easy go cart with things you have in your shed, 2 sec later a pit bike engine🤣😂🤦‍♂️

  • this has aged well hello from the future. its not looking very good but we are powering along. as a quick tip load up on tesla. your welcome think of me when you are rich and abled.

  • My adventure with the tree began with projects from Woodprix.

  • What happened to the page about this on your website?

  • Irritating twat

  • i did a rebuild. It looks like shit ._.

  • This music is terrible

  • Imagine being colinfurzes son!!!!😧

  • Who are the unlikers

  • This song swears

  • Make nitro Funny car drag racing car

  • I'm from Brazil

  • How fast does it go?

  • I'm gonna make one of these out of wood!

    • Can I come to your funeral?

  • What are the measurements for the frame??

  • Hi Colin what was the two blue things on the back axle?

  • Do you recon you could make me a go kart

  • I have watched this 5 times it never gets old