Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!

Am 21 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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  • I miss The Sims. What happened to Dill

  • It ain’t chilling but it will be thrilling 😂😂😂


  • cheesy sparkling water... should middle eastern phil stans tell him abt doogh or should we let him live peacefully without that knowledge

  • i am forcing my twitter mutual to watch this i’m so sorry bestie

  • "a couple- Me:OMGOMGOMGOMG of guys"

  • Phils orchid!!! Has flowers!!!! He kept it alive!!!

  • currently thinking about how there could be someone who finds dan and phil through this video

  • My parental figures have arrived.

  • "sugar freak" sounded like a pet nameeeee


  • Imma start saying Licwore now

  • Can’t tell if Phill said Sorry to the Camera for kicking it or if he apologized to us for the shake

  • I feel like I’m the .001% of strippers who watched this

  • honestly i want the cube just so i can say i have the cube™️

  • Omg even the music is so comforting

  • Do these two date

  • 0:44 JOJO DNDND

  • shoutout to all my fellow phannies who subscribed in 7th grade and are now full fledged adults

  • Love you both so much

  • Dear Daniel Howell, Your smile made me cry tears of true joy. How dare you? Sincerely, Nasya A. Jacobs

  • and after 4 years im back on my bullshit, hello you two

  • "he likes the pain" PHIL WHAT-

  • Are Dan and Phil a couple?

  • I missed them so much 😭🥺 i used to watch all your videos when i was 14

  • this video is reminding me of the 3 minute intros to dan and phil game of the times we live in

  • Oh my gosh I feel 14 again

  • Ugh I missed Dan like no one can imagine. Seeing both of them together takes me back to freshman dorm room, and I feel warm again

  • Oh you’re back. Cool.

  • I just found out that after six years my sense of humor is exactly the same.

  • Phil at 4:32 😳

  • The horror of gaining the knowledge that Minion Yaoi exists in the world is the same exact feeling of seeing the results when you look up Woody x Buzz or Lightning McQueen x Mater and actually getting fanfiction.

  • Anyone else remember A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Amazing Phil Comment like subscribe and rate, you know the drill...

  • this is so weird I’m an adult now

  • I can't express the feelings of safety and comfort I get while watching these two. They got me through being a depressed high schooler and now they've come back to get me through being a (significantly less depressed) college student

  • I miss them so much it hurts

  • we gonna ignore that phil said "b*tch"

  • that's not a maple leaf-

  • Me and like 20 other kids in my year got detention a week ago cause the full one actual headmaster (principal) decided to walk in whilst we were playing

  • i love this duo damn

  • Liam be looking mad, but he was probably singing Little Things-

  • I know now you can trim a shroom 🍄

  • this video made me so emotional bc just them being together and when they would talk about tatinof 😭😭 i just about cried,, i met them back in 2016 and this just made all those memories come back to me

  • something about phil holding a wineglass with coke and pineapple in it, saying "we're in the dark timeline now" is killing me inside xD

  • yeah phil is a loonarmy

  • Ive missed this

  • Can you build your new place in the sims and hve dab and Evan move there?

  • They are legit so done with all of us. No cap.

    • this is so crazy, just two years ago we were all like “oMg tHeY aRe sO tOgEtHeR” and now they are

  • Germany forgives you

  • Me as a teenager: aware of these two, but never actually watching their videos Me as an adult: questioning why I hadn’t ever watched one of their videos

  • i need more dan and phil videos i miss these bants, please do a part 2 to this game!

  • 8:50 oh shit. I forgot they know about that horror of a fanfic.

  • Pls tell Dan he looks like a fever dream in that flannel amen & hallelujah

  • god i missed them

  • lmao

  • Very cute sloth :)

  • I've been subscribed but I still didn't get this video until now

  • i miss dan and phil together so much this made me so happy

  • Well, it took us a while, but we finally managed to get this video over 1 million views! Good work, team ^.^

  • the views are 999,000 for me and that’s kinda cool

  • Phil tweeting only Phans reminds me of the time I threw the group chat into chaos by sending a tiktok about what Mario kart character you play and whether that makes you a top or a bottom. I got bowser and it said top, so I said “guess I’m a top” then a friend replied “no , no you’re not” and I responded with “fuck around and find out” then chaos ensued

  • this is so crazy, just two years ago we were all like “oMg tHeY aRe sO tOgEtHeR” and now they are

  • they put up with so much shit from us omg

  • Omg I forgot about the sexy end screen dance and now I have so much serotonin

  • How I miss hearing dan's laugh

  • That sloths gonna see somethings if you give it away...


  • unfollowed him.

  • I MISSED THE BANTS SO MUCH! phil, honestly you and Dan could be doing anything and i’d think it was hilarious

  • I was not expecting a throwback to the ancient sexy endscreen dance but I’m happy about it

  • The amount of happiness that this video game me was too much.

    • was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭


  • Sorry AM not speak English but i love your's videos ,

  • Man, I fucking missed this

  • i remember being 11-12 and dan and phil was everything to me. now im 17, almost 18, about to graduate highschool and im still sitting here smiling. i can pretend like i've grown up and i'm not apart of the phandom, but these 19 minutes have been the best 19 minutes since middle school

  • we want this. we need this


  • Fun fact, I have seen someone put cheese spray in a soda stream and drink it on tiktok

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa amo esto lo necesitaba con toda la alma gracias dan y phil

  • The fact that I spent my middle school years absolutely obsessed with dan and Phil, and I can still hop on a video every so often and laugh makes me very happy

  • Pepsi- in a Coca Cola glass? I don't give a damn.

  • a definite blast from the past

  • this is a present likeee aaaah

  • i havent laughed liked this in a really long time, thanks guys


    • Red pixels but it legit looks like blood

  • was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭

  • Idk about u but Hentai and violent crafting sounds like a fun time 😂

  • PINOF 11

    • I’m just gonna tell myself this is it

  • In answer to Dans question "Does anybody want this" I would like to answer yes. The whole world wants this.

  • Watching this again after a long and exhausting day at work waiting in the longest line in the world to get tested for corona. I want to go back to the day when i discovered Dan and Phil, life was soo simple back than...

  • I missed Dan's laugh so much :)

  • We need the video of you giving each other hair cuts


  • My uncles are back.


  • This unlocked my memory of the sexy end screen dance

  • Dan and Phil are like the gay British versions of Rhett and Link

  • Can we have a Dan&Phil Crafts for the tree with moss and rock thing?

  • My philosophy teacher used a picture of Dan lying on the floor as an example of an existential crisis.

  • "the coke is hitting" i missed u danny boy!! ♡ glad u seem okay