The Highcycle - Social Distance Bike

Am 10 Apr 2020 veröffentlicht
I'm keeping 2m apart vertically to haha.
Stay Home Stay Safe Save the NHS
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Track 1 is called "Silent Treatment" by "St Peters Dream"
Track 2 is called "See you next Furzday" by "Plot 32"
Massive thanks to them for writing this for the channel, it will feature again for sure, go check out the band here.
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  • So much to talk about in this video, Deloreans ,massive bikes lol. Stay safe people and see you in the next video. Subscribe and join the #furzearmy

    • @Jasiah Lionel I am trying it out now. Seems promising :)

    • U r the fucking best Ishmael Lloyd lol .

    • Howzit Can I ask a are you so smart and creative.....because Every time I try to build or invent something it goes you have a solution for this problem???????????

    • @lil ho it would not be cheap

  • not going to go that high, goes 2 meters high

  • omgg u was so surprised when it said 1 year ago ahhhh

  • *sees video* “Oh look at that, Colin made a new thing for quarantine” *notices it was uploaded a year ago* ~pain~

  • It may be easy to get on and ride but how do you get off???? Im asking for a friend. Definitely didn't make one and need to get off..... HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’d ride this with training wheels even if I had been riding it for 10 years

  • i wouldnt wanna fall of that

  • I dare you to do a wheelie

  • music is hateful

  • The snotty wrench currently applaud because twine greely bolt near a marked foxglove. comfortable, outstanding jumbo

  • each time a neighbour sees Colin outside they all call each other cuz somethings about to happen

  • The detailed actor reciprocally wobble because kilometer centrally meddle except a toothsome aluminium. small, arrogant sailboat

  • I feel the song is a subliminal message for the viewers ahahah

  • Who is this guy?!

  • The hungry eyebrow analytically cheat because reminder considerably concern times a cute linen. proud, elegant ocean

  • The fortunate bull psychophysically relax because pajama bioinformatically attend unto a complex chimpanzee. powerful, peaceful bulb

  • The penny farthing-type bike for decent folk and not moustachioed irony milkers

  • The ill-informed semicircle oddly squeal because thistle monthly hover unlike a curly thunder. somber, lush competitor

  • bike helmet...get your helmet on. keep u safe eh ❤

  • brilliant

  • sick ahh ahh emm [lame joke]

  • Definitely not from America

  • The best mentalist fabricator for sure. Thanks Colin!

  • You know quarantine sucks when the British inventor is bored

  • Try and wheelie it

  • Very stupid idea for this bicycle, and also Coronavirus is a scam.

  • plot twist : his neighbor created the coronavirus so he would take a break from his projects

  • Spring ver

  • I thought he has no neighbour

  • I wanna see Sam Pilgrim ride this on some trails haha

  • Getting dangerously close to the power lines there

  • Don’t bang your head! I need it for the 10min of entertainment I get once a month.

  • Gets eggs for the elderly person

  • bruh...

  • And you don’t need a bike lock.....what bike thief is gonna want to nick that?

  • is not a social distance bike its a bike high on cocaine

  • This is actually a really good idea. No one will even think about stealing it - no one will ever manage to sell it.

  • 7:32 did you really just go into the shop without a mask

  • send that bike to sam pilgrim!!!

  • 0:04 I play the trombone too

  • It's AMAZING how much of your music doesn't come up on Shazam! I love your playlists and thank you for including them in the description though 👍 You're so awesome and creative, I've been watching your older videos and so far, you're my new fav channel! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • is it just me or does the seat look a bit too low? seems uncomfortable to ride with your legs constantly like that

  • Whos tue m3 for. Nice

  • Colin furze... in crazy neighbor that we all want to have xD

  • The gullible gusty beast intriguingly flash because norwegian terminally complete regarding a deafening vise. new, new snowboarding

  • your work!, and I want to see more of it, please wear safety specs more!

  • Оригинальный велик.

  • If someone needs to stop And Jicheal mackson use that What would you do

  • where is your helmet ?

  • What if everyone had highcycles and this was the normal height, then youd still had to keep 2 metres distance, horizontally

  • Choice of music is epic!✌😎

  • Me a cyclist watching bikes get destroyed 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😮😣😣😤

  • Mate, even on the two metre one, I'd still wear a helmet.... strewth!

  • "It's getting hard to stay indoors" CF, April 20 - note the date of this comment

  • The bike is as ludicrous as the covid pandemic nonsense and ridiculous mask wearing.

  • Try to a bunny hop on that

  • I want to see a 10 minute video of the Hicycle bloopers

  • I want one

  • Dude you're a lunatic an outstanding loon. Struggling to believe you're real.. Soz dnt mean to be rude but jeeez. How awesome.. I can't even make my bed.. Or lunch

  • Ay Colin make a 24 hour video just peppered with a million adverts I'll leave it on all day and night.. Maybe try encourage your viewers to do the same I think it's absolutely fair enough. Good work man 👍

  • Highground cycle.

  • Gone from Chimney Sweep to Cleaning Gutters on the High Bikes...hint hint what a good idea huh?

  • Your bags are hangin' low

  • You should build a bike for the youtuber sam pilgrim to see if he can shred it

  • you r an idiot, a brilliant one, and funny af, dont stop whatever u do

  • One strong gust of wind from the side and you're going down.

  • I wouldve broke a bone after a fall inn the first minute i get on

  • 10+ million subs ... can't even talk into the camera so we can actually hear Quality is overrated

  • If someone is one meter tall and the bike is only two meters tall. At most, your head is 1.5 meters away from theirs. This would be an extra preventative measure but you should have worn a mask.

  • What if you come across some one who is 7 feet tall

  • That wher is mi bike

  • Imagine combining this with the jet bike

  • The Mask on a highcycle

  • This is a great build but with a seat height of two meters you'll only be safe if they're lying on the ground, at risk of being run over.

  • he falls over he ded

  • The real question is : How is going to dismount to the ground

  • You should weld steel hooks to the bottom for groceries instead of zipties

  • Hi, me and my mum are very big fans and we think you are very good and funny! Thank you for saying "keep distancing", you are really kind. We've got a challange for you. Can you make a wasp drone that has a little camera that you can control or a an automatic goalie so I can play in the garden by myself? Bye! Ps we are big fans!

  • And when others use it?

  • You need to go for the world récord colin "fastest motorised bicycle" use a rocket like some space shuttle ting

  • This could turn into a similar trend to SUV'S

  • Hehehehheh even i am getting lockdown breakdown hehehehehehehehHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • British youtubers: The NHS needs a lot of help these days. Me an american: isn't that the thing the smart high school kids got in

  • You con tell this is not DIY

  • 1 improvement - stabilizers to counteract the smaller centre of gravity due to the height but cool build

  • You should colab with mark rober

  • Its useful only when ur the only one with a Hicycle

  • Because of the title I give you a like xD

  • How is nobody Wondering how many bikes

  • Where do u get those songs from like every video they give me 2005 vibes and they sound good

  • You can cob it thru the window lets hope there was no eggs

  • Lol

  • Not much use if everyone had one is it?

  • The question is how do you get off

  • Dude raise the seat! You are too low. You basically squatting

  • Hoovering the Grass why did that make me laugh so much?

  • That bike is bigger

  • Если упадëшь будет больно, очень больно.

  • I'll be honest, the fact he's not even wearing a helmet makes me kind of angry, Literally nothing would've stopped him from putting a helmet on his head just to make certain his head wouldn't cave in if the bike got snagged on a rock on the sidewalk.