Colin Furze Top Gear Project #1 BIG ENGINE Small Bumper Car

Am 16 Mär 2017 veröffentlicht
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New Top Gear is on so i've been given the task of building The Stig a new ride, so what better than a old battered 1960's bumper car crossed with a sports bike.........sounds like a ride Stig would enjoy.
Part 2 out next thursday
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1st track is called "Lush " and the 2nd track is called "Another day" both by a band called "7Daze" more from them here
3rd track is called "Love is easy" and is by a band called "Banjax" more on them here
4th track is called "lithuanium Mercedes" and is by "Her Parents" more on them here
5th track is called "She's with you" and is by "Not tonight and the headaches" more on them here
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  • So i'm building a 100bhp dodgem with 3 wheels.........this should be interesting to drive.

    • @richard arseburger and a photo of his wallet inside his wallet

    • Pog

    • I saw this and now I want to swap a 600cc engine and gearbox into a Chinese dual sport because reasons.

    • are them sprockets on the back axle heat shrunk onto tapered collets ? is that what holds them ?

    • Lincoln is a nice place

  • The icky square natively recognise because leopard minimally obtain for a tranquil gander. nondescript, fanatical wing

  • 10:31 My honda?

  • Here's a good idea

  • Colin what star system are you from, do they all have boundless energy and knowledge there.. Or have you been elected to come here.. Or did you make your own way.. Why did you settle in Lincolnshire.. Why not I suppose you've got to settle somewhere. Are you going back home or do you live on earth now.. Hope you like it here you seem sound. Please save our world.

  • Please help, i need those wheels, can you please tell me where to buy them from.

    • This video is from 3 years ago, i doubt hes gonna respond

  • where do you go when you hit the top really where do you go furze

  • You are really british

  • In India its called dashing car

  • Where can I find a playlist of the music?

    • He always posts his music in the description under the video. Found a band called Banjax through Colin, love their album but they only recorded one! : 1st track is called "Lush " and the 2nd track is called "Another day" both by a band called "7Daze" more from them here 3rd track is called "Love is easy" and is by a band called "Banjax" more on them here 4th track is called "lithuanium Mercedes" and is by "Her Parents" more on them here 5th track is called "She's with you" and is by "Not tonight and the headaches" more on them here nottonightandtheheadaches.ban...

  • How he seems to have an infinite supply of convenient vehicles for parts is beyond me

  • Are you British or Australian

  • petition to have Colin on the grand tour

  • Seeing Colin without a dress shirt and tie is super cursed

  • Hi real stig

  • I still love how the BBC entrusted a man to build something for the Stig in his shed

  • Muy buenos tus videos estaría bueno que configures los videos con subtitulos en español. Saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾

  • Looked at the thumbnail thought he was going to space ×~×

  • I love the music during your build montages. How do you pick your tunes?

    • @The Godfather crazier shit has happened.

  • And now he’s build a bill machine Cop: be like that’s 100 dollars Colin: not my problem

  • He’s just built an even smaller more powerful reliant robin

  • Mate's giving the Stig a challenge aye?

    • @Marcel Caritos it was the old top gear stopped most sad thing that happend in the motor world

    • Huh

    • oh so this was back then at 2017, ah yes of course... good times... when half of the world wasn't going to crap

  • hi white

  • You are just darn funny and amazing man With fabulous mind

  • I hate the music

    • @ToxicBeast71 Well maybe you need some advice from me you shouldn't complain about a whole type of video, just make suggestions and maybe then they will change the thing that you suggested.

    • The universe we live in is infinitely expanding meaning there is infinitely possible life forms and infinitely possible planets and universes and yet in all of our infinitely expanding and possible universe, not a single living life form asked you if you like the music or not

    • k

    • @Officer Moody Dude you scared the hell out of me

    • booooo

  • He lacks a differential

  • Dude, your videos are so interesting and well edited. Jolly good mate 🤘🏼

  • 0:53 there's a girl at the window. WIFE EXPOSED!

    • Liano Lorriper he has had a son since 2018

  • old top gear is even better man

    • @J F He is, actually. I guess BBC had time to being the silent expresionless test driver to a DEnamer's house to test what he had made for him

    • I was wondering that tbh

    • Is that the real stig I wonder

  • Where do you store all the vehicles

    • Im pretty sure he has a garage somewhere else to put them

  • Top video you are a complete legend

  • Hashtag : Shadowgate

  • Another Gr8 1...

  • 5:13 his neighbors must really want to move and also not move at the same time

  • Colin, me and my family love your videos!! We love how you often put a rubber hand in your videos and it becomes a personal challenge to find the hand in the video!! Anyone who agrees, please like

    • Sophia Reetz stop asking for likes

  • Counts Custom in a shed

  • WHERES YOUR TIE?!?!?!?

  • Ive always wanted to do this! Now i got ideas i love u dude ur great!!

  • Shame it's the bad top gear

  • He is just having Chaotic Neutral aura all around him...

  • furze: I Have No Engineering Qualifications Me: Struggling to put together a desk

    • @Vyan its a joke

    • But u can’t compare a engineering to putting a desk together they aren’t the same

  • Watching him rip that new Street bike apart was really hard to watch.

  • Why I love it?????

  • Colin Can Build Pretty Much Anything

  • New top gear is still unwatchable bullshit ...

  • Hey Colin, you should've dropped a Hayabusa engin in that bumper car.

    • Yes like the smart cars with them in but smaller

  • It hurt me to see him disassemble the motorcycle ☹️

  • Poor CBR 600

  • The new Top gear is utter rubbish. I'd far rather watch Colin build stuff.

  • Please make iron man repulsor

  • 600cc? TT never heard of them

  • I am here by requesting a legal document forcing Colin furze to not be as cool Its not fare for the rest of us

  • It took me until 8 minutes until I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and tie

    • It only took me 7 minutes thanks to this comment 🙂

  • Why Colin that was a good bike

    • Cbr f3's are mint.

    • It was only a 600cc honda... Maybe It’d be sad if it was a V twin superbike

    • Netflix_ Spy but it’s a even better nyoommobile

  • Who else is on a Colin furze binge?

  • This video is 3 years old yet the comments are less than a week ago.

    • Yeah, it's amazing isn't it.

    • Change the comment sorting

  • Lincoln is a nice place

    • I only like it because they have a Musicroom shop there. Loads better than Boston though.

  • how much money did u make

  • Man music in 10000000 and voice -2

  • This is much better than the cyber truck

  • I thought you were a engineer?

  • Good video I subed☺😀😊😁😂😃😆😉

  • Why do u brake perfect bikes I get it but why not use another motor

    • @Travis Hawkes Brakes aren't always clamps.

    • Daniel 360 I’m So dumb I make mistakes ok

    • Travis Hawkes you went out of your way to explain what a brake is lol english is not my main language

    • Brake is when you use a mechanism to activate a clamp that stops a circle that is a attached to the axle and it stops the vehicle of choice

    • Its break not brake

  • How to Say It Wrong in America: "Silencer" How to Say it Wrong in the UK: "Muffler"

  • You would be the best dad

    • He has a kid I'm pretty sure

  • which sane person puts carpet in their workshop? Ah right, I'm watching a colinfurze video.

  • RIP Jeremy Clarkson James May and Richard Hammond

    • Oops sorry bout the confusion

    • Lego Boba Fett a

    • @BlehBleh 414 That's what I'm saying, the guy who commented is the idiot

    • I’m so confused all of them are still alive look it up ya butthurt 13 year olds

    • Yea they are lol

  • Wait you have more than none 10mm

  • I love you lol🤣🤣🤣

  • the amount of motor bikes Colin's destroyed...

  • u go big or u go to ur shed well in this case hes using a dodgem lol

  • Some say he's doing a crossover to promote the show. others say he's secretly a subscriber. All we know is he's called the stig!

  • this guy mad

  • Uninformed Commenter: There's no way you can get a go cart to as fast as a bike? ColinFurze "Hold my beer!!!"

    • Not a go kart

  • Some say he was a CIA Experiment gone right and that he dreams in Stero "all we know is he's called The Stig"!

  • Why are people disliking this video? For what purpose ? Jealousy

  • Anybody know the song at 2:15?

    • They're all in the description :P

  • Awesome engineering dude.

  • Wheres Richard hammond

  • So how did that new series of top gear work out hahahhahaha

  • Next time give me the sports bike

  • Congratulations on 10 Million subscribers! I’m a new one myself and very much enjoy your enthusiasm and creativity. Stay safe! Cheers from Canada.

  • 0:53 woman's reaction.

  • Why don’t you drive the bike before you destroy it

  • Was he singing Jessica by the Allman Brothers in the beginning?

    • FroZen which is Jessica by the Allman Brothers

    • No he was singing the intro to Top Gear

  • how about a 4x4 riding lawn mower.

  • 1:05 guys, Imagine if an Ork said that... I feel like im trippin

  • Nice work Read more


  • The stig will slowly take your motorized components

  • I literally crying when he strips the bike down and only take the engine

  • I wish Colin could be cast as Q in a bond film. We’ve not had a mad Q yet.

  • If there is an inspiring channel worth following,.....THIS IS IT !!!!

  • right on the edge of genius and insanity , and that is how it should be ...

  • rip motorcycle

  • 8:14 he's gone a bit deaf

  • 9:14, they didn’t even put the stig right side up. For shame I say on the delivery system, and the people, for shame.

  • 'Recommended Video' after 3 years. Wonderful!

  • My dad legit has the same bike in the same colour Honda CBR600f3

  • Why's are they comments less than a week old? People also revisiting or seeing this for the first time?