Homemade Hoverbike

Am 28 Apr 2016 veröffentlicht
What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES.
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#Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the amount of time i've spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is well and truly a job well done, it's easy to overlook the true scale of what takes to make something like this work at all.
Thanks to Ford for the sponsorship and the Unlearn campaign which has turned my mad idea into a reality and shown that trying new things can lead to amazing results. You can see more unlearning here unlearn.ford.co.uk/
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  • Why you can do that

  • because i know how physics

  • s this real?

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  • Colin, if you notice this, know your place in the company of Elon Musk

  • If you are his neighbour you hate him

  • obviously can't get out of ground effect.

  • Shot horizontally😀👍

  • An Rc electric turbine jet in the back for forward motion would be perfect

  • Spawn extream greafer jesus

  • not too shabby for a plumber indeed. \,,/

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  • Fast and accurate, the perfect murder weapon

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  • Dude its lean control that’s awesome

  • Student: sir which book shall we study This man: shut fuck up go to garage🤣🤣

  • Everybody gangsta until the blades break and cut off your leg

  • Can you make a HOVER CAR???

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  • How about making a Facelift Model with four propellers?

  • This guy is the British Elon Musk.

  • Hello. My name is Asadbek. I am from Uzbekistan. I also have such a project. +998331000528 this is my Mani number

  • Hey Colin, wouldn't it be cool if you could motorize a Wheel Barrow...

  • "We can't mount any more weight on it" for stability. Proceeds to mount a firework launcher on it almost immediately afterwards 😂

  • he should drive that on the road

  • Gta tryhards

  • Captain America before Captain America

  • He is the next Avenger

  • Short back and sides sir?

  • dude, that is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So slow

  • Holy shit! It’s awesome! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It slices, it dices, it makes British tartar and fries with no effort.

  • This video is 5 years old. Is this guy still alive?

  • I suggest you put lawnmower blades on it so that you can multitask and cut your grass whilst hovering around too

  • Now you should try and make an electric hover bike

  • For me this is the best we should all have one flying around would be great

  • Looks like he could mow the lawn with that thing

  • Top 10 best british engineers

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  • Mans made the oppressor from gta in real life

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  • Just strap some rockets on that bad boy and you got a opressor mk2

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  • This is like mr beast but british

  • you should be in avengers

  • The real life opressor mk2

  • for those who want to know: H30f 1,30m R-ES-05-3 that is what he used. and he most likely also used default paramotors. so see you in the sky

  • Very cool!...die Not Cut Your legs Off ;)

  • everyone in 2021: WHY DONT WE HAVE FLYING CARS YET Colin: Is a hover bike okay everyone: It is.... acceptable

  • A real life oppressor

  • Hail colinfurze

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  • Colin: *Makes flying bike* GTA Rockstar: "Guys, I've got an idea"

  • I am considering buying your merch and proudly wearing them in Germany, where it means: "Fart!"

  • So much better than the hoverboard from Back to the future, that the Hacksmith made.

  • Colin: see if you can make a jet turbine powered quad!!!

  • super but brakes need for safety

  • The least I expected was the MK2 TO COME TO REALITY

  • i got that bike on nitro type

  • who's here for nitrotype and has the same bike

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  • What engines?

  • Now this is pod racing

  • How many spare limbs do you need to ride this thing for an hour?

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  • Well hey, in the summer you can cool down!

  • Oh,so THAT'S how he lost left arm.

  • Reminds me of Propeller Knight, lol

  • I hope , your life insurance knows what is you're doing.

  • I would consider using 4 electric motors. Two as you have and one either side that pivot to give forward and reverse thrust.

  • Most scientists:Flying is impossible Colinfurze: Are you shure about that?

    • Literally no scientist in the last two centuries has said that

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  • Nice videos try again try again you have succeed

  • You should modify it into a drone-style hoverdrone. Add 2 more engines and props and that will give you directional ability.

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