Philips crazy Ski Slope Cassette Deck

Am 1 Mai 2021 veröffentlicht
As unusual cassette decks go - the 1970s Philips changers are some of the oddest.

00:00 Intro
04:18 The ‘Repair’
26:05 First Demo
30:13 Prices \u0026 History
32:38 More Demo
36:39 Wrap Up
38:22 Credits

Additional Links
Akai Auto-reverse video
Bi-colour Tapes from

It’s very likely one reason the tapes didn’t always locate perfectly in the mechanism is because I was using short custom-wound tapes. As these have less tape inside...they will also have less weight than the average C90. When I ordered them I had no idea the tolerances in the machine would be so fine with regard to tape weight. My intention was to use the short lengths to demonstrate the continuous tape recycling feature activated by the tape end sensor...without having to wait for a full length tape to reach the end. In addition most new cassette shells are a bit rougher and more angular than ones from back in the 1970s - they'd be more smoothed off with rounder edges, and as a result they'd be far less likely to get caught up against the sides of the cassette well.

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  • i kinda miss the mechanical age of media :/

  • OMG that deck is so comical, got to love the '70's engineering :)

  • You are boss of vintage goods. lot of love from India .❤️🙏

  • Very very good i love cassettes

  • LOL. Love your "minimum requirement to play both sides" selections!

  • As far as the right only low output, I suspect the control knobs having oxidation in them. I recommend exercising the knobs to see if anything changes you may find that it crackles and jumps in and out as the wipers scrape away some oxidation. If there's progress, using a liquid de-oxidation/contact cleaner could finish the job. Keep in mind re-oxidation happens fast if you don't clean out the slightly corrosive (because that's how they work) cleaner and apply a lube/protectant. These high-end machines of the 70's and early 80's are tanks and often don't need too much electronic repairs, It's the mechanicals that usually need maintenance. Having said that, some 'philes like to re-cap them and replace opamp chips and or transistors in the audio path to make these machines sound even better than when they were new!

  • I noticed that counter seemed to move too fast foe a cassette player. You found the reason, It was around the wrong part of the wheel, therefore it was running too fast due to the size of that part of the wheel and falling off because that groove isn't where it is supposed to go. Good, if difficult diagnosis! All repairers are tinkerers. Don't sell yourself short. That was a tricky one.

  • Thanks for that "white tack" trick That's useful. I don't know why I've never seen or thought of that before.

  • Did anyone else think this was for one tape at a time and it had to fire it with great speed to get it to flip over?

  • I lived in Stockholm in 70;s and remember this devices from Phillips and DUX in Quelle catalogue of those years. It was of a price about 700 kronos which was a quarter of monthly salary of mid class man. For the same price you could get a good music combo with turntable, cassette recorder, tuner, amp and speakers - even with ultrasound remote!! Hence there were few families who would prefer this construction against a hi-fi combo from a same brand.

  • I had a tray 12 cassette automatic changer from 1973. It wasn't a very good sounding machine, but it worked. I ended up using it at the college radio station where I would load up old shows I did and let them play all night after I left the station. I don't remember the brand and never saw anyone with something like after I was through with the deck.

  • To play both sides purchase 2 of same tape with null cassette (would instantly advance to next tape to play side 2) loaded in between. I believe Philips sold their own tapes which would have been good gimmick to sell more pre-recorded tapes. BTW FWIW I have "Realistic (Radio Shack Cat No 44-223) Cassette Tape Hand Winder" (allows one to manually re-wind cassette faster (10x?) than machine). which is of same dimensions and just held by hand against cassette face to operate. Also have several Maxell Capsule cassette tapes (I think where known as "soft shells" State side which were available in non-conventional lengths, ex. 80 or 110 minutes to better match actual album time length) which have all long edges of cases rounded over claiming gals could carry their tapes in backside of bikini bottoms without having sharp edges digging in.

  • Nice Heisenberg look. :)

  • That is an incredibly satisfying use of physics. Thank you, Matt. Your perseverance has given us all a gift.

  • You say you just tinker I like to do the same I will buy something not working just for the challenge of finding out how it works and making it work again if possible

  • You may just tinker, but watching all you do to get these old machines going again I like to think it helps others who are working on similar projects to get these old machines running again.

  • Also the aesthetics in those older machines is really beautiful,even though they are big as hell & not so impressive as a smarthpone today still holds up as a vintage valued era systems!

  • Its a jukebox cassette player!!! I made thoughts if they ever build something like that back in the day once and here it is thanks to you my friend! Its really impressive to see so complex mechanical systems that do so much for entertainment only.The fact that this wasn't so popular i imagine is because they were malfunctioned easy i believe due to their complexity!

  • Facanitnatonf work

  • Amazing video, never heard or seen such a tape mechanism before.. wow!! Thanks again for posting this! Take care 👍

  • mechanical programming at its best....

  • I have a C'Qatron or Qatron STEREO-48 . It's a 12 8-track Tape carousel , automatic tape player. DEMO on my channel with awesome long playing multiple tapes, quirks. 8-track heaven! VIDEO- *C' Qatron [SEEK'ATRON] FINDS ELVIS AND OTHERS*

  • You can record side A and side B in separate tapes and stack them up So that it seems like one continuous tape Or stack two of the same tape but different sides

  • James May porn

  • Imagine this with vinyls 😆

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of a stage name that is “Engleburt Humperdinck”?

  • at 27:30 the tapes either side of the one with the brown tape showing have no tape in them..... you can't even see the leader...

  • Wow, those schematics! Seeing them really makes me appreciate the genius of the designers.

  • Just like working on antique clocks.... You need (and have) infinite patience and a steady hand... You have to wonder... Who comes up with such machines...? Almost as complex as the VHS, vcr's. I really appreciate your videos. I'm a bit of an "eccentric tinkerer" myself.. 😁 You must know that feeling when you mess with something for hours, you power it up and it Works... 👍 And of course, frustration goes along with this as things go "sideways"... 😑

    • Just one more thing, was " heath Robinson" on the design team?.. Or, if in N america, it would be Rube Golberg

  • I always enjoy how you acknowledge you're not an "expert" but you still try to fix things and have fun doing it, your humbleness is seriously one of your best qualities Matt.

  • Thats cool

  • the service manual is available from the 'electrotanya' website free, unfortunately its not surprisingly in Dutch ..😉

    • theres 2 electrolytic caps in the auto stop hold/delay circuit, they may be a bit iffy until they get charged for a while to reform them ,

  • I've never seen a tape deck like that, thanks for the video. The first auto-reverse deck I saw was a Nakamichi.

  • Fantastic! I repaired hundreds of tape decks in the '70s and '80s, but this is the first time I've seen one of these. Well done!

  • But in the end this type of mechanism made for cassettes , red/ yellow included, went into the bin of history...yet fruit salad still sticks around...? By the way does Techmoan know that Carmen Miranda was a fellow European after all? Better own that affiliation, old chap..Lol...

  • very good!

  • Back when over-engineering in home appliances was a USP.

  • So funny, I always just thought that a Phillips screw was from Philips. lol Nice!

  • On the subject of replacing belts, the U.S. company TurntableNeedles has a special belt replacement tool. I'm sure it's available elsewhere as well. It is a metal rod with a blunt hook on one end for pulling belts and a blunt notched mechanism on the other end for pushing belts. I've found it really helpful in the past. Again, everything is blunt, so there is no worry about accidentally cutting belts. I recently repaired an Elcaset EL-5 machine which was very cramped inside, so I had alot of difficulty reaching the wheels with my hands. The machine even had a piece of old belt stuck to a wheel that was in a hard-to-reach position. The tool worked great for this job.

  • Out of curiosity, any chance you found out what they charged for the ski slope attachment? When I saw the thumbnail for this video, at first I assumed it only played one tape at a time and some giant solenoid slingshotted the tape through the ski slope to flip it over..

  • the players like Kill Me Kill Me!!!!!!!

  • nifty

  • it is a lot more, then it is worth. i want it.

  • this is called technology

  • Two things. Tapes in the early 70’s were a lot shorter duration than 90mins. Secondly the tapes you are using weigh less than a full length tape and so won’t settle into the machine properly.

  • en españa no hay estos aparatos

  • lo que funciona es lo de antes casete y vinilo es genial

  • Man, what a stupid machine 😂but thanks for all your effort

  • omg hahaha this is the best thing ever

  • когда механика дополняет электронику

  • Woah! 😲

  • A lot of trouble with these old devices is that the old grease has gummed up and you need to administer a drop of light oil on the axis points sometimes to help make them operate smooth again.

  • Now all this is replaced by memory chips this is insane

  • Keep it for another 30 years, it will worth a million.

  • am i the only on who noticed that the main reason they would get stuck is because of the little notch at the bottom of the tape. when all the tapes are stacked with the notches stacked on top each other it caused one side to be a little bit higher than the other. that corner blocks the tape sliding down the ramp also... why am i watching this

  • Yes. Mine was Norelco

  • I had one of those c. 1970_75

  • the B sides of the tapes must be put in different tapes!! nice

  • Hi

  • This reminded me to look into a cassette deck I had back in the early/mid 1980s. It was an Onkyo and when you put the cassette in, it would pull it back about halfway into the machine. I know it wasn't just under the Onkyo name but I've yet to see one(in person) since the 1980s when mine finally died. Any chance you know which one I'm talking about? I looked and haven't seen anyone do a video on them as of yet.

  • It makes you wonder why they didn't figure out auto reverse sooner. Much simpler.

  • Today: Put 300 hours of music on a thumb drive. No flipping tapes. No motors. No mechanisms. Fits in your pocket. Goes anywhere. The "good old days" weren't really so good, eh?

  • 36:30 A sollution for this would be like this. Say we have Album A, B & C, side A & B of both. Instead of tape 1: AA & AB, 2: BA & BB, 3: CA & CB, you'd record them as 1: AA & BB, 2: AB & CA, 3 BA & CC. Then the playorder would be: AA, AB, BA, BB, CA, CB as it should be. Having that said, you would have to have sets of tapes, since if you add one more tape, you have to make another set if you would have it in order.

    • Or just live with it. For backgroundmusic that's probably what they did. Late '72 they would probably record Alle 13 Goed! , Alweer Alle 13 Goed! & Alle 13 Goed Deel Drie! on tape. An LP Various Artists series by.... Philips :)

  • 2020 vision

  • 28:57

  • Wow your video is a real memory jerker, It was 1974 when I purchased the N2407 which gave good service well into the 1980s I did consider the N2408 ski slope but didn't like the piano keys and possible reliability issues I also had a reel deck for long plays had them paired up with the Philips motional feedback speakers. Must give eBay a search on those. TV ads ended with the "Philips simply years ahead"

  • Damn that manual!

  • Woah

  • Back in the mid 1980's I had a ADC Accutrac 4000 Turntable. For the time that thing was pretty advanced. Like a lot of things, wish I still had it. Just kinda took it for granted and left it in a friends storage garage with some other stuff and he ended up passing away and I never saw it again. Great job on this deck... Thanks for sharing.

  • What ohms do you have on the speakers you have plugged in?

  • Very good. Muy Bien.

  • I wonder if that recording protection mechanism bar originally had a small plastic wedge on the end inside the cassette box. The wedge would have been small enough to fit into the square record protection hole in a record protected cassett and the wedge shape would allow the bar to be pushed away from the cassette when the eject mechanism moves the cassette toward the collection bin. Just and idea but maybe a non-starter, because that would probably require a recess in the cassette bay for the wedge to move into.

  • A N A L O G I Q U E

  • Да, это была прекрасная эпоха кибернетики, которая, к сожалению, закончилась.

  • i had oneof these it was connected to my disco unit and also had the ski slope on it was a brillint piece of kit. used it in a club

  • :D

  • A clever simple design idea that is extremly advanced to actually pull of.

  • Astonishing machine. Amused to see how similar the transport buttons are to those on my Philips 4307 reel to reel which dates from the late '60's. Generic Philips design I guess . . .

  • Gotta apreciate the thumbnail

  • This is like one big rube goldberg machine.

  • What an odd, fantastical device. Thank you for all your videos, I really enjoy watching them! I love how you explain each device in depth including their history, as well as showing how you fix them.

  • Wow. Brilliant job! 👍 I remember a friend back in the 80's who worked in an audio shop and they also repaired equipment mostly high brands. They hated repairing Philips devices though because they were so complicated inside. I now understand why. 😂

  • That's actually pretty cool, I like it. Thanks for repairing this and showing us!

  • So can it actually record 9 hours of sound using the changer? That would be quite a lot more useful.

  • This machine brings back great memories. They were made in Austria and in most ski resorts bars in the seventies they had one, all decked out with german Schlager hit cassettes and popular Eurodisco compilations, as well as Nana Mouskouri, Demis Roussos etc. So, while getting high on schnapps, I would sit and watch the cassettes slide down the ramp.

  • Wow! Well done for perseverance an gentle patience. I was there in the 70s. But I don't ever remeber that feature on Philips cassette decks..

  • It looks like the ideal piece of kit for Beverly Moss to play non-stop Demis Roussos for the duration of Abigail's Party!

  • This is honestly the coolest cassette deck I've ever seen

  • well ive seen a ton of strange shit over the yrs but that one ive not seen before so bonus!

  • So cool. Lo-tech that was hi-tech in a way! The style reminds me of the tape decks that a technician would bring into the school classroom in the 1970's.

  • This is great! It reminds me of, of all things, a donut machine my stepfather used in a snack bar he created for a Monkey Wards store many years ago. Batter would get squirted into a revolving circular metal "spider" that sat in a tray of hot cooking oil. Halfway around the circle, each (now half-cooked) donut would get flipped over, allowing it to cook on the other side. As a kid I got a kick out of watching them get flipped! Watching the cassettes make their way down the "ski slope" reminded me of that, odd association I know . Thanks for a great video. I have worked on things like this in my day so I know the frustration as well as the rewards when you get something to work.

  • Great to see this tape deck in action. Very educational and enjoyable. Thank you.

  • What patience you have! AMAZING to watch you take things apart (and put them back together again)!! I NEVER would have spent that much time on a freaking counter. This machine is WAY to mechanical...

  • Having lived thru my childhood with cassette tape players and all that stuff, I gotta admit that's the first time I'm seeing this machine and all I can say is just WOW! This is an incredible design and also I wish I had one of these back in the days.

  • Що происходит хде автокефалия хде томас Прыг скок с пяточки на ОКРАИНЕ

  • wow very cool, untell you run into the Dragon

  • Utterly absurd and utterly fantastic. Thank you for showing this.

  • Dude your a genius on figuring things out. Don't they have repair manuals for this device? A lot of times old equipment has service manuals. Oh you did get the service manual but it looks like its just a parts breakdown

  • The words "problem" and "issue" do not mean the same thing.

  • understanding why manufacturing engineering people don't get along with design engineers !