Making transparent wood

Am 30 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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  • Every time Nile uploads a video my depression is temporarily cured and then I fall right back into it for 3-4 months.

  • So you made school toilet paper?

  • For the small pieces, did you consider using disposable glass microscope slides? They're pretty smooth and inexpensive enough to not care about having to destructively remove them.

  • 5:58 yet again haha... I can hear the frustration in your commentary

  • Sometimes looking at it changes the vibration in sense changes the light a UV light with a positive outlet ? A UV light with 38 different types of glass? Your what type? thermometer... glass what type? your camera multiple glasses and if you were glasses do you know which type? I'm not even sure if 38 types of glass is accurate it might be 38 times every country that produces glass. I know your working on wood have you tried wood chips? Like bbq wood chips or even mulch? I'm familiar with super dry grey mulch from east cost but in the south it's wet mulch. Also sodium thiopental and honey it doesn't go bad. I'm working with bleach in theories because my resources are limited I have to write it out love your projects... hope it works out!

  • amazing wewd shirt.

  • Can you remove the pigment from old oil paints? Particularly ones like Vermillion or Paris Green that contain Cinnabar and Arsenic?

  • If you ever do a full size window. Test the tensile strength of the material

  • Ok, some information guides that I believe would account for variations. 1) The plastic polymer, is effected by ambient humidity, which probably gave you variations in the time before it would initiate the hardening. 2) The wood, wood is extremely porous and most of the bubbles or uneven side is caused because the shrinkage and the wood its self. (I have done a lot of woodworking, including making violins/viola/cello/bass) You should have kept the balsa around 20% thicker, and then the final stages of thinning it should have been scraping it flat, while it was wet then scraping while dry, the alternating between wet and dry cause certain parts to swell and shrink, this allows to make a 'near' flat surface, this (with wet sanding) allows that shiny finish to be done on musical instruments. 3) before you put the acrylic into the wood, heat the wood in the oven, and then immediately get it into the liquid.. this will allow the cooling temperature to draw in the acrylic in the initial stages while you get it plated and put into the oven.

  • Guess we know who's gonna discover transparent aluminum

  • Try to make Voronet blue one of the most beautiful blue shade.

  • acrylic is not "Plexiglas" but polycarbonate is ... acrylic is clearer but much weaker

  • 5 second into the video. I'm guessing you're basically making plastic with the cellulose. That's my guess.

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  • Who new transparent wood would be so interesting.

  • Nile, use the old transparent wood to do something, like a glue idk. It would be really cool

  • 3:50 What happened to homeopathy? Just use gems, don't ingest actual chemicals.

  • This was the most entertaining useless video I have ever watched. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

  • Man just pulled it out and dropped it into ice water... Made my morning

  • Should have heated the methacrylate and wood while vaccuming to keep the viscosity up.

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  • Seems to defeat the point of making wood into glass by just adding glass to a chemically deteriorated piece but it’s a nice experiment. It’s small sections would make a nice shoji screen though.

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  • Your lab has been upgraded so much since I started watching so many years ago! So happy for you man!

  • a colossal waste of time and chemicals .

  • You could do these in plys and make a guitar body with it.

  • Lit yesterday I was working with balsa and I just don't want to touch it anymore 'cause the label says WARNING CANCER DUST WOOD 😖😫😤

  • So when are you going to do clear polished aluminum? ?

  • How to make transparent wood - take all the wood out.

  • Amazing how much clearer it gets, when it is right on top of the text.

  • please be my science teacher

  • Acrylic is already a strong transparent plastic... why bother with the wood steps? just replace your glass window with acrylic. Less cool. More practical?

  • "there isn't any evidence saying that it does anything... except destroy your insides"

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  • Hi boss ! What would be the best way to dissolve a calcareous urea plug clogging a plastic pipe whiteout damaging the pipe ?

  • i saw this video in my recommendations about five times before i finally clicked on it - because i thought it was the old one. maybe add an „again“ or „better“ in the title

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  • he wood like to tree to scale things up ey?

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  • MMS is not the same as bleach and is not dangerous to consume when concentrated enough. It is very effective when used properly. It is demonized by Big Pharma just because it is so effective and and therefor a huge competitive threat to their business.

  • Is this technically a composite? I wonder how it compares to the plastic or balsa alone in terms of physical properties.

  • What is the most complicated way that you can make some ignite?

  • I always randomly buy 5 pound tungsten cube.

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  • I curious how a skateboard would look after this.

  • next step: transparent aluminum from star trek

  • what is that mixing thing that spins

  • Y couldn't you just mold the acrylic lul. Maybe add different additives to make it stronger

  • someone did it right so imma do it different in a 40 minute video and he didnt do it

  • is it still flammable? If yes what does it look like?

  • Students in high school: "chemistry won't help me after graduation" NileRed: hold my career.

  • I'm surprised that I watched all of the video

  • A hydrometer would allow you to get consistent density measurements on the partially polymerized acrylic solution/emulsion.

  • Try gradually sanding the wood to a polish before doing any processing? Also doing a gas infusion instead of liquid could yield a more homogeneous polymerization, as well as poking pinholes in the wood... What caught my attention with this video was the possible acoustic and structural properties the wood takes on and how the different steps and combination of materials might result in a material that has musically desirable characteristics. My carbon fiber guitar is amazing compared to wood instruments; balanced tones, high volume with clearer notes and louder harmonics that sustain longer. Curious if you've tried spruce?

  • How about transparent aluminum???


  • So thin wood + transparent medium = transparent wood. Yes, let's do this with everything. I hear transparent sand is almost a thing, if you can just get it hot enough.

  • It would probably give me a transparent splinter

  • Hi NileRed Your polymerization is taking longer because your AIBN is degrading. You should hopefully be refrigerating your AIBN plus one of the degradation products of AIBN is Cyanide gas so be careful with that chemical.

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  • thats what you call hard work

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  • There's probably some research into transparent polycrystaline ceramics that could be applied to this project.

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  • You probably want to have the wood that's soaking in the vacuum chamber be lifted a little at one corner to help prevent bubbles from getting trapped under it. It might even be a good idea to soak it while it's standing in a narrow container or something to help any gasses travel up the grain of the wood and out of the material. Maybe a ant farm? Something roughly that shape.

  • You know when they make perfectly clear glass, the real high quality shit, they put it in a insulating container with the top off and let it freeze from the top down while pushing any contaminants toward the bottom and then just don't use the bottom. Like they don't even let it freeze all the way through since that'd just add the effort needed to remove it afterwards. You could probably do the same thing with this wood.

  • Window ? Why not make a table out of it xD Seriously there are people who use epoxy resin and combine it with wood to make artwork tables and office equipment you would be surprised^^

  • Ohh that's why Beaker from the The Muppet Show wears a lab coat.

  • It might have been better to make a nice grid of variables for how long each sample should go through each step of the process using batches of samples at a time to help speed up the whole process. Or at least to make sure that each time-consuming step of the process was being done at the same time.

  • i have the solution Alcohol. i heard there are 3 types of it..

  • beside the point, why are u hot, and also this is rlly cool

  • Maybe your problem isn't the polymer, but the shitty MMC having impurities and not pulling out the propper amount of lignen

  • This is no hate to you or to anyone but can we not make windows out of wood we already destroy most of our trees why destroy them more for widows when out windows are perfectly fine also love your vids

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  • thats not wood thats chemicals that have the same modules ALMOST as wood

  • Why couldn't we just use plastic to replace glass windows?

  • i do not understand half of these words

  • You should try turn it 90degrees and use a clamp, you would have to seal the sides and bottom though, just use a beed of high temp silicon. Just make sure to add more than enough methacralyte so it fills into any voids edit Bead

  • I now like Science

  • Please, make some macro photos of this beautiful transparent wood structure :D

  • As cool as translucent wood is, I think it's a fucking dumb idea to want to replace glass with it. Even if the wood gets to be close to "as clear" as glass we'd be replacing a material that is amazingly recyclable, glass, with plastic infused with organic compounds, which makes it basically completely non-recyclable.

  • If you are going through all this process of "removing the elements" of the wood that make it wood and adding other compounds,/elements to it, then by the time you get to the end and get the end of the process and you come out with a clear piece, "Can it still Really be called wood?"

  • Yeah you might have wanted to put a brick on the glass plates and/or contacted the makers of that acetate solution.

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