Up In Flames An Unsolved Mystery - What Happened To Nanette Krentel? Mystery & Makeup| Bailey Sarian

Am 12 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
If you have any information regarding Nanette Krentels Case please call Crime Stoppers at
504-822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP or visit CrimeStoppersGNO.org
Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you had a great Easter holiday and if you don't celebrate Easter hope you had a good week. Today I wanted to talk about an unsolved case that has been heavy on thy noggin. It's just a little too weird if you ask me. I smell a cover-up, but that's just my opinion and I would love to hear yours.
Hope you have a great rest of the week ahead, and I will be here for you next week, with another unsolved story? If you're into that idea.
Love and appreciate you guys so much, and I'll be seeing you very soon!!
x o
Bailey Sarian
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  • *clarification : The cousin was out of town for a National Guard drill during the incident. *clarification 2 : I mentioned Bryan sent a letter to Nanette 2 months before her death, that was incorrect. He sent the letter in 2016, she mentioned in an email to a friend the letter Bryan had sent, 2 months before her death. Plz excuse my mix up.

    • If the cousin was out of town, then how did he call and tell him his house was on fire?

    • @Gaynor Gregory 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh okay.

    • @Gaynor Gregory where was it mentioned that he returned?

    • @Laura Wedding well if she did this as a podcast, she would lose what makes her unique, which is the make-up aspect. There are already True Crime podcasts.

    • @Nicole Chase you don’t pay alimony for ever, and in fact in many cases you don’t pay it at all, but you always have to pay child support. Are you living in the 50s or 60s?! Most women work, and so can’t and don’t want alimony.

  • Ok side note this look is for you!

  • Just wondering if the search cameras from the gas stations🤔🤔🤔they needed a lot of gasoline for that fire where did they get it🤔 who bought it🤔

  • I think it might either be the mistress, cause she was never quistioned, nor looked at for an aliby

  • Could you please do the case of Sandra Cantu, I was in Kindergarten in the same school as her and I would want more information because I don't remember much.

  • I missed 3 episodes 😭😭😭 but this means I get to see and hear Bailey ❤️❤️

  • Did anyone question the lady that steve was having an affair with? Was she at work that morning?

  • once a cheater always a cheater

  • I'm digging that more natural makeup look... ❤️

  • What if Steve and Bryan both did something to her!! 🤔

  • I feel like they should've examined Steve's clothes for gasoline traces the day of the fire 🙄

  • What about his affair? Could she have done it? Idk

  • I don't know, I don't know, I'm in a box

  • Question Bailey... err... maybe an idea... Have you ever thought of doing an update video for the unsolved cases you’ve done? If there even is any? Cause my brain is exploding without knowing what happened!!!! GAAAH!!! P.S. I freaking love you to pieces!

  • Oh ok 😮

  • i am LOVING your makeup look in This video!

  • The girlfriend!! The dude was no ameture and knew how to start a fire without making it look like someone started a fire....but the girlfriend.....not as experienced I'm sure!

  • ALSO, Nanette would not let her dog die in the fire with her if she was the one who started it. I don't know about y'all, but even if I hate myself, I'm protecting my babies.

  • What if the fire was started in the bedroom so that it would take longer to reach the livingroom where the accelerant was? The GF could have gone to McDonald’s but that’s suspish because the dog was in the car with her. So she would have had to bring the dog back so it died in the fire too, that seems a bit extra. The husband was definitely involved. The fact that this crime was so close to the letter the brother sent just has frame job written all over this. Too convenient.

  • Where are you... I've missed your stories

  • If it helps I mispronounced Scarborough too but it don't matter Canada is not on my bucket list lol

  • Has she quit?

  • I know it’s very recent, but can you do Tristan Bailey, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. 🥰

  • Soooo did ANYONE think to question the woman he was having an affair with??? Like that was one of the ppl that struck to me because Steve could of been in cohorts her an let her be the one to do it so he could have an alibi..

  • What if the brother never threatened nanette? What if Steve was the one sending threatening letters supposedly from his brother so that he had cause to put cameras everywhere. That way he'd already established his brother as the prime suspect when something happened to his wife. Also how much was the house insurance? When did he take out the policy? Steve walked away from a possible divorce with insurance money and a clean slate.

  • I live 2 hours away from Scarborough and didn’t know it was pronounced in that way...how unfortunate for the people who live there.

  • i think justin or brian killed her the day before and then steve tried to cover it up with the fire, idek

  • "I don't like unsolved mysteries because I like to go to sleep" Samesies

  • If you've ever worked around gasoline or pumped gas sometimes you get it on your shoes. Did they not think to maybe see if Steve's vehicle smell like gasoline? Or maybe looked for clothing or shoes that had gasoline spilt on them? I don't know I still feel that the husband is guilty. "What's in darkness,will come to light" Tick, tick, tick! Steve your time of hiding is up!

  • Daniel castro aka Lou Castro

  • Steve did it. It's obvious. Too much circumstantial evidence. Add it up, it equals to "HE DID IT."

  • Okay but what about the ex wife that was cheated on? Has she been questioned any? Theres a motive there. Also the gf he was cheating with at the fire station, motive! I mean maybe not but they should have at least been questioned.

  • Did Steve’s mistress get questioned?

  • I think she was killed the day/ night before... What if it Steve and his brother were/are involved??? I think Steve was involved for sure...

  • I think Steve knew if the affair was exposed and divorce happened - he would lose everything - so he concocted this plan with his mistress and his brother to “take care of it” - and the sheriff released the property back to Steve before they performed a formal investigation -- wth - what I want to know tho is was there a will? Did she have a life insurance policy? Was there a policy on total loss of the house? Why was it never investigated her being followed - that sheriff seems to me - in on it somehow

  • maybe a bryan and steve moment? 👀

  • The privilege that Steve and Bryan have is astronomical

  • I hate Steve

  • Gabriel Fernandez case

  • Pixie ear hair clip vibe

  • Maybe he testified against someone and they did it for revenge. Who knows... Husbands behavior is suspish... and with most of his family having behavior problems (arguably himself too with affairs...) it wouldn't be too surprising if he did it.

  • Can I say Baileys hair has come a long way from when she first started, looks so healthy and vavoom!!!

  • Sus is also the cousin who called your house is on fire

  • Bailey can you please do Lizzie Borden

  • I've never related more to her than the first few seconds of this video.

  • Theory: What if... since Nanette knew about her husbands affair, maybe thought he was going to leave her. Maybe she set the fire then went to where she was found and shot herself. That way she'd take everything they owned with her...and leave him with nothing. Don't come for me, just a thought.

  • what about steves cousin, the one that lived near them im not sure if hes been mentioned but he lives close and hes the one that called steve

  • Before it happens it’s pronounced Nevada not Nevada. Heard they hate that..

  • I am thinking that MAYBE Steve killed her the night before and then his brother in order to cover him up he started the fire and then called him... And then about the sheriff, I think that somebody is paying him to cover it up

  • You are an amazingly beautiful woman, and also have brains in that noggin!!!

  • Have you done Oleg sokolov???

  • Police chief is covering for someone.

  • I'd worry about brother I mean it's too obvious that the fire chief done it sounds like a frame up

  • That police Sheriff was covering for his buddy. Releasing that scene and going to "salvage" any stuff that survived the fire. That seems like he was giving his friend the chance to go back and clean up the scene of the crime and taking her family was a way to make it look legit. Steve would have known where to clean/ look for any remaining evidence to get rid of and destroy before the Sheriff sent other officers back to look for evidence. That cop helped him cover his crime for sure the question now is was the mistress involved because she may also have a connection to the cop and it may actually be a systematic cover up. Firefighters and police can often times have close ties as they work together closely. The entire thing just seems very clean and it's suspicious that every search for evidence came up with a lead that turned out to be a dead end.

  • Steve was quick to dismiss the man lerking in the driveway he couldve been the cover guy if steve killed her the night before and had the man set the fire while he was at work so he had an alibi. Also it would make the police look more at his brother then him because it was the EXACT way the brother sent in the letter.

  • He was a JOKE! I live 15 min from where this happened and St Tamanny Sheriffs are just ridiculous. I wouldnt doubt if it was the brother in law people down here are ridiculous

  • as terrible and disgusting as this case is, at least Bailey can bring some amusement into the way she tells the story...... but that still does NOT downplay the terrible thing that happened to that poor lady............. people that hurt others make me sick........ I could listen to you for hours on end.....

  • Blue print I think


  • it's kinda ironic that that the fire chief lost everything to a fire

  • Sooo anyone in the family killed her and steve helped them get away??

  • What color and brand nail polish are you wearing

  • I live like an hour from here, and I’m super tempted to drive there and ask around for info.

  • Where do you get the hair slides that you use in you hair please Bailey? I love them and really want some for my hair for work or when I'm doing my own makeup. I know your busy and everything but if you see this and get them time to let me know it would be much appreciated 😊

  • Steve & Bryan in kahoots

  • I was wondering about the cousin too he helped for sure,and I think the 2 brothers were in on it too all 3 of them

  • I love you, I live in Hammond, like 30 mins away from Lacombe and this whole situation is literally a “huh?” Moment from beginning to end. If you can, could you do an episode on the Poughkeepsie tapes??

  • I agree something does not sound right with them. PS I love watching your videos!

  • Who needs 30 guns??? A family of 3 definitely doesn't!!

  • I would love it if you're up for the idea of talking about the unsolved cases that get solved in the future. Like the cases that you've talked about in the past, got solved in the future. Would make a nice series.

  • I feel like if the fire was properly done then they wouldn’t have found an accelerant like you’d think if he done it he’d had at least put lint in the dryer and started burning it or something to make it seem more of a “freak accident”

  • I hate unsolved crime stories but love the way you share them. RIP Nanette 💕 🌼

  • can you do the menendez brothers??

  • Did they ever investigate his “girlfriend” at the time?

  • That cousin!! Is stuck in my mind! I feel like he was involved some how

  • Fire Chief and sherif usually know each other. Could the ball be getting dropped on purpose 🤔🤔🤔

  • So, I'm wondering about the girl he was sleeping with at his work. If she worked at a fire station, she would have knowledge of how to start a fire. If the husband killed Nannete the night before then calls the mistress and the concoct this plan. He is at work and she goes to the house to 'clean up'.... just sayn

  • Was the little dog dead with Nanette? And what did it die of? Was it smoke inhalation or was it dead before the fire as well?

  • just a little theory: maybe she was poisoned/strangled then shot after she was dead hence the lack of blood? i mean in a normal investigation i’d assume they would have tested for that stuff but the police are clearly doing a bad job

  • I bet Steve killed her and told his cousin to start the fire when he left and call him.

  • I too try to solve mysteries at bedtime lol

  • I think that Steve was either working with or protecting Brian..

  • This was a great story, but when it gets to the ‘unsolved’ part, I’m like you in that it does my noggin in. Gotta agree with you on your theory as well, it’s Steve no question. It’s so not surprising that the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief in a town or area would be friends. That’s why the Chief of Police has completely cleared Steve, when it’s just not something that the cops do. Given Steve’s job, I’m gonna bet that he knows how to leave something smouldering or some other device to delay a fire. The husband Steve is as guilty as sin!

  • That intro! 🤪

  • The craziest part is thinking about how many different ways they could have gone about solving this case.... Obviously if someone is on house arrest, their ankle bracelet is tracked by a gps.... and I know that the time of this incident wasn't that far off cell phone location tracking, and it's crazy because I don't feel that Steve did it, but Bryan is DEFF suspish! I mean that's my personal opinion... Think about it, the letter Bryan sent to Nanette, then a google maps view of WHERE Bryan lives.... If his ankle bracelet wasn't "working" and the fire started, and we know Bryan doesn't like Nanette then what would be the odds that it is him????? Idk, Just thinking out loud I guess.


  • What if son did it but dad covered for him, thats why he passed the polygraph

  • So arson is VERY common in firefighters and emergency response employees. If the husband didn’t do it he may have asked someone to maybe? And firefighters get away with it because they are protected by their friends in the police station and within their department. Plus they know how to hide some of the arson evidence. It’s fire school 101. UGH 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Incarceration doesn’t solve problems. Bryan sounds like he needed substance use disorder treatment and not incarceration. Implying that DUIs are a reason to be “locked up” for a long time is harmful and perpetuates mass incarceration (which doesn’t solve root causes, societal issues, or behavioral health problems).

  • I believe the husband Steve def had something to do with it, and there is a cover up going on! Smh. I feel so bad for the wife.

  • Maybe hit man involved?

  • Steven or Bryan but they did not ever check the neighbor cousin

  • It was the girlfriend 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Maybe the sheriff is related/has relations to the gf/mistress 🧐

  • I keep thinking the hair clip is like an elf ear. 😂😂

  • Bailey’s personally is next level

  • Okay okay but WHAT IF the cigarette she found by the porch was Steve’s girlfriends and he had the cameras turned off that day because the gf was over and that’s why he said lindette was overreacting and wasn’t worried because HE KNEW. I hope this makes sense😅

  • He shot her while she was facebooking with her friend at 10:30pm the night before ......they need to figure out where the computer was....that's why She abrubtly just left the conversation...duh....bailey u the bomb girl....

  • I love that she says DWI not DUI 🤣🙏🏻🥰

  • You should do a video on Jonathan reynoso and aubrey moran.

  • Okay so what if the fire started as an accident or maybe something else but when the smoke started getting in nannettes lungs and it was too painful and she knew she was gonna die, what if she just shot herself to get it over with?