Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

Am 21 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

    • @mrnigelng uncle roger haiyaaaa

    • My DEname is now becoming more CookTube. Mr. Rollins you know how to cook some great and delicious stuff by the looks of it.

    • Hell yeah a collaboration, that would be great.

    • lets have some beef uncle Roger 😂

    • I think your sauce looks like an interesting variation to try the next time I make fried rice, Mr. Cowboy Kent. Especially the mushroom variation, I really like that!

  • Best cowboy 🤠

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Uncle Roger: cOokiNg liKe a ChEf ImMa fiVe stArS mIcHEliN

  • I actually kinda like this old man lol what's wrong with me

  • English actually is his second language. His first language is "PROUD 'MURICAN!", Southern dialect.

  • Uncle Roger you are officially my favourite uncle on youtube

  • multinationuncle roger

  • I’m getting initial d vibes from the intro

  • Got! After fried rice done, add sambal on top 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


  • Your videos always crack me up, and I really need the laughs nowadays. Thank you😄

  • Heineken 0.0 so weak so weak.

  • America kind a werid

  • @mrnigelng The eyebrow part of that podcast is pretty toxic though, i agree with you! Dont worry, youll find someone you can trust. it helps to detach your measurement of personal value against how often you are getting laid/if you have a partner/etc but that can be a hard batch of Untraining in ones self to get over.

  • I can say black lives matter (is a racist Marxist group destroying America)

  • Endorsing nonalcoholic beer. Haiyaa~!!! This just as bad as Jamie Oliver using jam for fried rice. 😩

  • "His sauce so disgusting, even mother nature is trying to stop him" I love uncle Rodger man

  • Roses are red, violets are blue Lowkey came here for 12:17 And so did you Ok but as a STAY, when can we expect the collab lol?


  • Hey uncle roger, I got another suggestion for you to watch someone cook egg fried rice. This person is named “Gloom” also known as Kartha Gewart and Kassie.

  • Is Auntie Helen the ex-wife or the ex-girlfriend? lol i get them mixed up

  • Omg the sauce. His reactions are priceless. Love seeing his reactions to white ppl

  • I can't keep listening, I need some sharp knifes to plug my ears with just so my head will stop hurting!

  • Uncle Roger, i think if you roast Jamie some more, he will summon John Wick for you, & it'll be more than a blue-black eye next time, pls stay safe & be careful, hahaha.... just kidding. But i think his fans are not very happy, Yeah-Yah! hahahahaha... LMAO

  • I like this dude but this video was pretty stupid. Dude just complains about Kent Rollins about random shit.

  • Heineken: hey bro you can drink more skunkwater now Me, in Oregon USA: *pulling down another bload of top shelf Garlic Juice and Rainbow Crush* snnkkkkk sure whatever bro

  • I would get some ketchup on egg fried rice

    • Lmfao. That blm joke tho. Wypepo

  • american rice attempt>british rice attempt

  • He can’t speak English ! He’s American ! Even yourself uncle roger can speak far better English 👍

    • This looks so nice, is this what they call white Privilege😅😅

  • haiyaa

  • facebook.com/tastemade/videos/679366996064335/ Uncle Roger take a look at this crispy rice😂😂😂. I can see you go Haiyaaaa!! if your rice looks like that you fu*ked up.

  • I've been using the same bowl for Ramen for years. I call him Chip. He's a good bowl. Has a few dings and, imagine that, chips. But he's a good guy and holds the noodles very well!

  • Is it ok to put lime juice on egg fried rice?

  • Lmao truck stop sushi 🤔🥴😂

  • You sound like BUK LAU

  • Agree, as a black southern man. White people cannot pronounce the phrase "Black Lives Matter" and often say "All Lives Matter" instead. Hiyahhhhh!🤦🏾‍♂️

  • "many southerners can't pronounce things... like black lives matter" IM DEAD 💀💀

  • Hysterical! Two of my favorite channels meet up! Never in a million years thought Kent Rollins would be reviewed by Uncle Roger!!!

  • I tried using coupon code UNCLEROGER to get 10% off rice cooker at yum asia but it no work. This make nephew Chris a sad panda. But I still buy rice cooker because of you

  • He talks in slow motion N its hilarious

  • one of the ingridients that the Bule's forget 💜MSG💜

  • Haiyaaaa

  • This looks so nice, is this what they call white Privilege😅😅

  • Lmfao. That blm joke tho. Wypepo

  • I love these reviews

  • He won Cutthroat Kitchen And was Runner up in Chopped Twice

  • as a dutch guy, heineken sucks, try grolsch or hertog jan

  • Your leg is so weak!! Why so weak??

  • There's Kings English, American English, and then there's Country English. I'm from Texas and this is 100% true. In the south we have long drawn out expressions for how we look or feel.

  • Now introducing beerless beer

  • Too salty and wet

  • The BLM joke was pretty good, should have left it in, lol.

  • Haha, Uncle Roger now is the No.1 egg fried rice police on the internet, lol. So cute this video. And I don't mind trying kent's egg fried rice, it got everything I like in it, just maybe less sweet would be better.

  • how did you know my Chinese mom loves heineken??

  • He knows stray kidz

  • Nothing is perfect except Uncle Roger anime *Uncle Roger Anime*

  • Outfitters like Cabela's or hardware stores like Lowe's or Home Depot will often carry cast iron woks. They are becoming increasingly popular for people who enjoy camping. I have a heavy cast iron wok I take with me on my camping trips because I can quickly cook on a jet stove whereas most cookware does not like that kind of heat.

  • Why is there no translation in Vietnamese?

  • Had a good laugh on this, starting on the country song part and torture of baby cow haha

  • I still enjoyed Cowboy Kent cooking. Biscuits and gravy was the best recipe !

  • hey uncle roger i think you should check out Joshua weissman check out this video dename.info/film/4NCfoZvZ05CKpKU/video ps he loves MSG

  • Is it just me or do black people name our belts cause i name my belt and so does my mom

  • Kikkoman is good :)

  • this ranch is the 2nd best ranch

  • 0.0

  • 🤣👏

  • Imagine u tried sushi for the first time at the truckstop and its still your Favoriten fruit

  • This fried rice is definitely better some of the others that Uncle Rodger reached to. He didn't do anything that was horrifyingly bad. Also, he somehow managed to use better ingredients and better kitchenware than big name professionals.

  • Heiniken with 0.0 alcohol. Where is the fun on that...?

  • Uncle Roger: "Neice and Nephew, when have you ever had celery in sauce!?" Heinz: "have you ever tried KETCHUP!!"

  • Ate cookies until I saw that "sauce"

  • Why dont you try it?

  • Kent Rollins is amazing lol nice vibes

  • Non alcoholic beer is chili jam. Aye aye aye Uncle

  • To my Malaysian man. You should check out this fried rice with Coke. Really crazy dename.info/film/2bJpjWWTrqZ8amI/video let me know your thoughts

  • That "Sorry Children" 🤤😩🤤😩🤤😩🤤🤤😩🤤

  • fun fact : Felix from straykids know uncle roger

  • Love Uncle Roger for pointing out animal abuse. Good man!

  • Felix: *Cooking like a chef I'm a five star Michelin* Also Felix: *burns pancakes* lol

  • Aunt Roger

  • highneken

  • Blm joke won the day for me. I can sleep well tonight.

  • MSG, king of flaywer - Uncle Roger

  • @uncleroger just bought the mask!!!

  • dude, you're funny but can't you stop with the character break. its starting to get annoying.

    • And hes like hiding in a closet while hes at it. He should be aunt roger instead of uncle.

  • 加油,罗杰叔叔。

  • When Cowboy Kent still does a better job than Jamie Oliver 😂

  • Damn... Who got high blood pressure just by looking at the fried rice...

  • Hey, Uncle roger, Why you so racist!

  • 3:48 u r back to ur normal voice haha

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Next video he should join a zoom meeting and insult students like if agree

  • Uncle roger this chinese youtuber draw you dename.info/film/2batsIPEn3mchaU/video At 9:00

  • 9:55 Uncle Roger: "Is this what they call white privilege?" His level of humor is evolving ang it's hilariously scary. edit: Also 13:50

  • 1:33 That explains why I can't get a girlfriend.

  • drink coke properly without stopping in 2 seconds

  • wtf was that 5 star thing at 12:21 , don't start jumpscares Uncle Roger!

  • Uncle Roger you are so racist!!! Reporting you don't talk like this normally it's a skit. You are culturally appropriating real Asians. You are making us look ignorant.

    • Geez it's a comedy. Relax. No one actually take what Uncle Roger does or says seriously.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffff is that intro?! ... I LOVE IT >_

  • People. Who just started watching uncle roger: this is my favourite white powder Visitors: tf