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I tried to be nice.
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0:00 - Introduction
5:01 - The KarJenners and the deglamorization of the wealth gap
10:59 - Lana Del Rey and the end of celebrity immunity from criticism
16:45 - Musicians and the depreciation of artificial exclusivity
25:48 - The Hype House and the of idealization of rebellion
31:50 - Sway House and the retaliation against law enforcement
38:42 - Charli D’Amelio and the trivialization of the pandemic
44:46 - PART 3: COVID VS DEnameRS
46:42 - NELK, Jake Paul, and the glorification of anti-intellectualism
54:22 - David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad, and the unraveling of authentic collaborations
58:41 - Doctor Mike and the hypocrisy of interclass sermonizing
1:04:36 - Outro


  • You sir are doing divine work. Literally how I and millions of real people feel.

  • Bc people in nepal arent wearing their masks i cant see my dying grandpa :/

  • Multiple of my loved ones have passed away from covid and these clowns dont care at all about others and only themselves.. whos going to tell them just because they are rich doesnt mean that excuses them from being a decent human

  • Waiting for the new video king

  • Fun fact: Noah beck you're gross

    • That like had me busting up with laughter

  • OMG thinking ari calling out these tiktokers was a marketing move like bish she called them out because she wanted to and saying she knew they have a big audience like common most of their fans are kids😂💀

  • During this pandemic I have lost 3 family members, I wasn’t allowed to see any of them before they passed, we were only able to make a funeral for one of them (via ZOOM) and the day I was finally approved to go to see a therapist I was informed that i no longer had a job to pay for it because of fucking COVID Hearing these entitled assholes say they need a “break” is honestly disgusting

  • I think it’s funny how I don’t know who most of these famous people are, including the tiktokers like Charlie. Does this mean I live under a rock? ;-;

  • 27:37 “I will do better & will actually take this shit seriously.” Sir, did you not take it seriously when thousands of people have died due to the virus and thousands of others bedridden and sick due to getting infected? Did you think it was all a joke when schools shut down along with many other businesses that now may have gone bankrupt and closed down? Even I, a 13 year old, am not stupid enough to take the pandemic as a joke. Even I and my family have been infected by the virus. I watched my parents bedridden for at least two weeks before they could leave their beds. I wasn’t even allowed near my mom in case I would get infected too (spoiler alert, I tested positive). Though they did not die (thankfully) there are more than thousands of people that have loss their loved ones or someone close to them during this pandemic.

  • Influencers not only rising and gaining popularity during quarantine, but also hitting an all time low for their lack of self awareness and brain cells. Their poor decisions could also contribute to the reason why we still, over one year later, are battling a virus with millions, if not thousands dying and millions of others getting infected.

  • lmao you know you fucked up real bad when Tyler Oakley calls you out

  • when will y'all understand that celebrities and Hollywood people don't give a FUCkkk about anything other than themselves. they only care about how many likes they get and how much money and awards they have. its their job to pretend to be nice people. they are narcissistic pricks. they don't care about you or about actual goodness in the world.if anyone tries to call them out on anything, they (and their crazed fans) call you a hater and gaslight you into oblivion. fuck celebrities.

  • Rich and famous people disgust me. I don’t care anymore

  • mans look like lil tecca

  • Hot ones recently had Steve-o on their show and everyone was COVID safe. I’m so tired of dumbass Frat and sorority people breaking COVID rules

  • When covid started, I stayed at home and did not step on my doorstep for exactly 123 days [yes, I counted], and they are just having the time of their life. Truly pathetic.

  • Don't get me wrong, but I never thought that a person like this DEnamer existed. The world is just not the same anymore, it's chaotic, tough, complicated, but yet I still had the ability to find the truth behind it. I guess nothing surprises me anymore huh- I just want to say thank you, you made one of my days in life better than ever. :)

  • Me crying cuz dr mike is an a-hole who didn't follow the rules and hid the fact that he went to a party cuz I was a big fan of him and thought he was better but he's actually just like everyone else

  • Haven’t binged on you for a while. I missed it.


  • if lana del rey's mask had plastic she'd literally run out of air and die😭 Don't y'all have parents to tell you to not put plastic bags in your head or smth ??

  • ✨👽👽👽Who remembers Elle Varner the singer from the early 2000s👽👽👽✨

  • this is amazing

  • who are raising these tiktokers (and their audiences) ? I'm sure not all of them were accidents

  • Bless your soul 🙏🏼 thank you for sharing this to the world and making people more aware ❤️ my respect for you 📈📈📈📈

  • So no one can do anything because you don’t like it. Gotcha

    • @Blah blah blah have they been vaccinated?

    • @Blah blah blah nvm nvm nvm i misread ignore this 1 comment

    • @insert name Alright well I don’t visit family with masks on

    • @Blah blah blah i was talking about the context from the time when this video was published/the topics talked and things had spiraled out of control; ofc now it would be okay to visit as long as its under guidelines.

    • @insert name Yes I care but a lot of people have been vaccinated and numbers have been way down. I’m allowed to live my life and see people and friends

  • Get over it.

  • His voice crack when he was talking about his grandparents broke my heart

  • Dangel looks like that one kid named dante from the local private school who eats lunchables

  • I was furious throughout this whole video and suddenly brought to tears in the last couple minutes. So thankful your grandparents are ok. Your channel is incredible. Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

  • I'm so glad your grandparents are okay they're so strong

  • Is it just me or does anyone else LOVE all the long videos?

  • 38:58 I appreciate that you took time to talk about the D'amelio's Bahamas issue. However I find it unfair to proclaim Charli as innocent just because she is a"child". She is 17. I am 17. We are minors but we are in training to become responsible adlts. We are not kids. We are teenagers. Charli could definetely speak up about the holiday if she wanted to.

    • I think she didn’t talk about it because it would bring more attention to something that would tarnish her squeaky-clean image, which is kinda irresponsible

  • I think I’m color blind

  • Ariana calling them out is one of the many many reasons I stan her.

  • didn't expect to cry while watching this video. I'm so greatful I haven't lost anyone to this virus and that my family and I are now fully vaccinated. but seeing sm of the influencers I love turn out to be such shit ppl truly breaks my heart

  • How these people act makes me feel so mad because my grandma died this year because of COVID and I just wish she was still here because I just loved her and I hadn’t seen her in like 2 years and I found out that she had COVID 1 day before she died and now my grandpa is alone and they had been married for about 50 years and he is alone now and these influencers need to see that just doing whatever they want during a pandemic they are just going to start killing the people who can’t afford to stay home because they need to work and they don’t get to go out and party

  • i watch this vod often. it’s a well said good video that makes great points and talks about things that badly need to be talked about

  • BREAKING NEWS!!! D’angello’s parents caught COVID-19 after they went into a party.

  • Ion know who these tik tok chirren are.....but....fuck that Bryce Hall kid jeez.

  • TikTok should not exist

  • controversy? strange pronuanciation of stupid 🤔

  • I am 15 years old and I am completely virtual, haven’t seen my friends once and wear my mask to go for walks by myself. I don’t understand how people can be so careless about this as it’s very important and of course everyone needs a break but that doesn’t excuse going out and not respecting rules.

  • Your stupid decision could actually kill someone. Probably someone’s stupid decision almost killed his grandparents. Stop complaining about the rules and how it’s an inconvenience to you. If it’s going to save someone else’s life, wear a damn mask and social distance.


  • just came here to dislike and report

  • I am so happy that your grandparents are doing well and I am so sorry for those that aren’t. The other day, I heard someone I know say, “yeah Covid hasn’t impacted your team because they would probably still go to work because they aren’t pansies.” And my first reaction was disgust at the lack of sympathy for those that have lost loved ones. It was yet another example of how badly the pandemic was underestimated here.

  • My politcal belief is cancelling all celebrities, no one deserves to make that much money for performing lmao it's so crazy

  • oh my god stop whining you're so weird... you're policing people you've never met... get a grip

  • When Charlie was haunting out with her friends I didn’t see a problem with it cause for me in almost 3 months me and my friend would go to the beach every week. also I went to a lot of friends houses and we ended up getting closer and we didn’t wear masks

  • You know you fucked up when the king mgk calls you out

  • Me and my family went to a little bit of patty’s maybe 2 a month if there is Sometimes it would only be one party a month I don’t really understand what’s wrong with partying if there’s not a lot of people

  • my mom is at high risk and is back in school teaching I don't want to loose my mom

  • My dad got laid off his job because they lost money. My step mom was pregnant with my now sister and we were worried about how we were gonna make money. My step mom was thinking about going to work more but my dad insisted she would stay home because she was like a few months from birth. Fortunately for us my dad got rehired at his job and is now still there. My hearts go with the people that did not get there jobs back and are dealing with COVID problems it’s very hard to get through

  • That last line tho. Im in tears. And then I get an ad for a family vacation company. Good lord.

  • dangello wallace for president 😩

  • tiktokers are so annoying

  • the fact that bryce hall thought ARIANA GRANDE used that as a marketing technique.. like WHO do you think you are? 😭

  • i feel like this man changes his intro every video


  • My friend got diagnosed with colon cancer yesterday. Her close friends cannot visit or comfort her in person because of her extremely weak immune system. We social distance to protect her. It infuriates me how celebrities and tiktokers blatantly have no regard for human life whatsoever. They just NEED to party and need to show off whatever makeup they have on that a normal functional mask would cover up. It is so plainly obvious how little they care about nothing but their own interests and indulgence. It’s selfishness disguised as ignorance.

  • Really I don’t give a shit

  • Where's the Shane vid??

  • Influencers, youTubers and celebrities like some ppl in this video have an impact on the world. They make it seem like it is okay to be doing all this. We need to stop these influencers from influencing the world negatively and should have more positive ppl like Ariana grande etc.

  • "people have to take it seriously" *Has his mask pulled down, travels to the islands, allows his child to hang in large groups of irresponsible influencers*

  • I don’t really know who you are nor do I really care. I only clicked on this video because I just learned about the Dr. Mike controversy, and only watched that part. Honestly, I’m not gonna but it past him because he is a human and no human is perfect, we fuck up. Also you mention how devastating it is when doctors fuck up, but that is really only the case when you are talking about patients or spreading misinformation, which he did neither of those things. And even if he did get COVID, he would’ve had to get quarantined and tested so he wouldn’t be putting his patients in danger. Also, you say that he only focuses on the impact of his actions to the public because that’s what actually matters. As he said in the video, he lives with no body so he wouldn’t be putting anybody in danger. And lastly, I just fucking hate how you make everything you say sound like it is the hard cold truth and facts which it really isn’t.

    • Yo actually shut up and watch the whole video this shit is embarrassing as fuck.

    • He can still spread the virus, even if he lives alone. You can have the virus and not have symptoms. But that’s not the whole point of this video- the point of this video is to show that influencers have an attitude where the rules don’t apply to them because they’re rich and successful. They can go have parties and not wear masks because they have the money to do so. But they also have the money to stay safe, and choose not to do that either. We shouldn’t support people who don’t give a crap about anyone else in the world besides their views

  • Is that a sex toy in the background? Lol I can't tell

  • There are so many people struggling with domestic issues at home yet still not going out like what has to be going through your mind to basically shit all over them, Like fuck off.

  • (*Cont'd)... [Tik Tok!] saying that the infamous Shane Dawson has made D'sngelo back down!!? Unbelievable.. what with all these 'tubers' doing disgusting it seems they are all the same - what a shame, i hope it's untrue, D'angelo & can't be true!? Can it,!?

  • nurses need a vacation not tiktokers

  • D' were a literal shining light on You Tube - someone who seemed to have a good morale compass, and kept his word...but I'm hearing whispers from the interweb

  • I unsubscribed to Dr. Mike’s channel after watching this. Honestly, if he had properly (and of his own volition) apologized for choosing self-indulgence over empathy and the safety of his friends, patients, and their families *on his main fricking channel*, I personally would’ve given him a skeptical pass. They all did get tested beforehand, and (hopefully) it seemed to be a one-time thing (still not okay, esp. w/o masks with just a large gathering in such close quarters, but barely forgivable IMO). But he waited, probably hoping the outrage would pass, then uploaded his excuses on a channel most of his fans didn’t know existed. Sketchy as well as hypocritical and selfish. Especially after promoting his YT channel as a fricking doctor and building himself up as the voice of reason against misinformation in medical dramas and social media. And that’s not even including his COVID clickbait, forgiven at the time because he’s a “REAL DOCTOR” reacting to or discussing the obviously right things to do. 🤬🤬🤬

  • I loveeeeee your content, man. *chef's kiss*

  • I absolutely hate they choose to endanger lives and they know it! Like, you can still be entertained inside your own home because there is something called video games(they can afford it), READING!, playing/learning and instrument, etc. Like most of these are doable things and just choose to ignore it! My own mother almost died of COVID and my sister who is 12 and i who is turning 14 on May 23rd, would be left with my dad and my sister has an incredibly bond with my mother. These influencers absolutely disgust me and i hate that a 14-year-old knows more about COVID and how to follow rules than full on adults THAT CAN VOTE! I wish that they got fined at least 1 million dollars just like you said.

  • She wore a mask that was so thin and open because she can't have anything blocking the bullshit that flies out of her mouth. Otherwise she would choke on her own stupidity.

  • I just found Doctor Mike's videos and found out about what he did. In his apology video he said he was visiting his dad. His dad is most likely 50's plus so he would be at risk. Also his dad is a doctor .

    • yeah how he handled his "apology" just put me off his videos completely. He made himself out to be this crusader for encouraging people to mask and social distance but he went and did what he did and made lame excuses. SMH....

  • The fact that he always ends his video saying, "who cares" in a dismissive way, but in this one flipped it to be "someone who cares" really hit home.

  • I'd like to think that Charlie d'emilio wasn't actually that stupid and going on a vacation because she is a minor and maybe she had no say in the matter of going on a vacation with her parents

    • My parents took a vacation last year during lockdown here in Canada and they brought my 11 year old sister and her cousin

  • Fine the influencers for the cost of the people that they gave Covid’s medical bills and or funerals

  • I couldn’t even go to the hospital, or to the funeral of my grandfather when he passed because of COVID. And these people need a vacation more than every single working class citizen...

  • Charlie's dad : We did what we had to do. Camera men: *YES*

  • Honestly, these are the most narcissistic people on the planet. We should really not let impressionable children consume their content.

  • Drip check

  • not u making me cry bruh :(

  • "i don't understand why you need to try to do the right thing when you can just simply do the right thing" That'd be my quote of the decade

  • My aunt died from a bloodclot due to complications from Covid. She ended up dying alone in the hospital because no one was allowed to be with her. These people living in a imaginary party land are disgusting. Get serious people. COVID IS NOT A JOKE

    • My condolences to you and your family.

  • i'm so glad your grandparents are ok. you're such an intelligent and kind person, and i extremely enjoy your videos. there are so many people disregarding covid guidelines, and it can make a lot of people, including myself, feel insane for getting so upset over their carelessness. so you have no idea how much it helps seeing someone share the same anger and disbelief as you.

  • Yeah I agree that Dr. Mike messed up, but could you be any more smug about it? It’s like you’ve been waiting for this moment to cancel him yet nothing seemed to happen. All in all yeah he was a hypocrite by doing that but comparing his content compared to yours? I think his content has more weight to yours, thriving in the cancel culture

    • he literally didn’t compare content? also dangelo always says don’t send hate to these people and don’t cancel them. that’s not his aim.

  • I can’t even see my grandma I miss her so much and I want them to be safe

  • i don't believe for 2 seconds that the vlog squad hosted a party in david's house with david not there, they clearly just used shots without him in it

  • I’m sorry but I just don’t think Lana Del Rays mask is that important 🤷‍♂️

    • of course it is, it’s basically like she didn’t wear a mask. she only wore it for fashion. it’s a mockery and very unsafe.


  • to know there are people waiting for trial in jail and these pieces of garbage are walking free in society...


  • You speak sooooooo much truth! I would love to see these dummies get de-platformed. #DW2024

  • My uncle died from the coronavirus and its horrible that people who have the most priviliged do this

  • my mom, whose only in her late fifties, almost died from covid complications. it is traumatic, it is terrifying, and it is absolutely ridiculous to choose a night of fun or “clout” over human life.

  • im waiting for that james video, HAHA

  • I was sooo disappointed with Dr mike, the fact I didn't know about it for months cuz he hid it as well. I don't watch his videos anymore cuz I don't feel like I can trust him.

    • He got paid off by a meat company for a video about the health effects of meat too once lmao. He deleted it after getting called out

  • Yeah