The Evolution of Tana Mongeau and Her Content

Am 28 Aug 2020 veröffentlicht
Hi friends! So today's video is another "evolution of" video. This one in particular was super interesting and fun to make and I really enjoyed discussing and talking about this topic! I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say down below in the comments! I love you guys and I will see you in the next one!
I tried to find the link to the Lucas video I mentioned but it must have been deleted which stinks because it was truly so funny! Sorry about that 😔
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  • Am I the only one who thinks she got more hate than almost any other DEnamer?


  • You are “today’s best narrator.” Love your content ❤️🥇🏆

  • just found ur channel and i’m OBSESSED with this series. keep it up, love the vids !!!

  • I wonder if Tana has seen this.

  • I love your videos! You're so well spoken and well-researched. Very informative

  • not me binging this whole series.


  • Please do an evolution of video on Trisha Paytas!!! You’re too good at this not to dissect the queen

  • can you do the evolution of nickokado?(video was gr8t btw)

  • A lot of people that deal with substance ab use somehow can manage certain things but be powerless over others. Some people cant do pIlls but can handle partying with drinking every here and there and be fine but cant deal with the pills. I also think pot genuinely help people and it truly is a miracle for some people. It seems like now days shes been going in the right direction and she's been loyal to OF, which is amazing because people subscribe to get consistent content and her content on there is getting better and better! I couldnt stand her but im actually starting to like her now.

  • I've heard of tana quite a bit but this was the first time I heard her speak. Has she always sounded that way? As a nurse I was concerned she had a throat/breathing issue but I can't quite put my finger on it. She sounds like someone who has just recovered from an asthma attack ten seconds prior. Does she have asthma or something? If she came to my ER sounding like that we would immediately refer her to a pulmonologist. I've just never heard someone sound that way naturally. It's bizarre.

  • I'm obsessed with this series

  • I don’t like tana mongoo but I love your content! You’ve earned a new sub

  • As soon as Tana started accusing Michael of all these unrelated crimes in the Tanacon Shane series (like stealing from his family), I knew she was full of shit and the series was as well

  • Michael Weiss followed me on instagram and it literally sent me spiraling so I’m watching this to comfort myself LOL

  • Tana I think has always been on drugs and drinking and partying. I doubt there was ever a break from it. I just hope she doesn’t have issues with her organs or addiction or health issues from doing that from so many years from such a young age

  • The clip of her with Shane where she blatantly is faking being upset & completely deflected the conversation so he couldn’t answer the question & expose her, nothinf said made any sense towards the initial question that was asked & she was so careful with her wording even when she did briefly speak about herself, she’s very manipulative & calculated, it’s so interesting to see it in action like that. I’m disgusted by her after all the tells I’ve seen of who she really is, she’s gross, & I don’t even want to know what else she’s lied about or what else she’s capable of.

  • Honestly I used to be an edgy brat who liked Idubbz and now that I’ve grown and witnessed the whole drama with him and his equally garbage human gf Anisa Jomha it’s not really surprising he did that. The man is equally a hypocrite as Tana and it’s not surprising he pulled that stunt.

  • I love that organizer in the corner!!! Where did you get it? I need the link! Love your videos too❤️

  • SHES ONLY 22?!

  • Everyone moved to LA and tried to be a Kardashian.

  • the evolution of smokey glow 💀

  • love your cozy glam look, your personal look and your background/set up :-)

  • Omg these evolution of are so good! I’m gonna watch these all high❤️

  • "I promised myself when I started youtube that I'd be different" - Tana before becoming the worst, fakest, most basic ditsy rich hype youtuber

  • I looove watching her old vlogs!! Makes me so happy in some way

  • can you do zoella

  • it’s dramatize** not dramaticize 😭😭 no hate though ❤️

  • 11:00

  • I love this series!! And your videos r great!

  • Who is getting bruises and thinks that it’s a demon haunting them? An alcoholic, honey. A raging, raging alcoholic.

  • Please do Trisha paytas!!

  • Gosh.. I've just discovered your channel and I'm so happy. You are so articulate and you research your work. Amazing.

  • omg if I had my eyes closed I'd swear I was listening to Sierra Schultzie, voice twins! Great video btw!

  • Oh my God can we please get a "evolution on Jon Kuckian" video

  • why does every white blonde woman in LA look exactly the same

  • How to grow an audience on DEname: Lie, emotionally manipulate your audience, fabricate some dramas, fake apology video filmed on kitchen floor, tell more lies, some clickbait titles, and top off with some more lies. Got it. Who needs SEO? See examples: Tana, James, Jeff, Shane, David, etc.

  • She is not "sleeping in". She is an addict. Probably too high to go out.

  • love it but would prefer more clips and pics being added showing tana speaking in btwn

  • one example of a youtuber being authentic/open about drug use - but not glorifying it - is alizee

  • your videos are so so good!

  • Weird compliment but you have a beautiful hairline 😍

  • Sent here from miiasaurous

  • I know the snow da product thing was small but that was another storytime that showed she lied . Kinda thankful for it tho because im grateful for finding snow ❤️🥰

  • I miss her actual face. Now she doesn’t even look the same... her lips... nose job.... everything. She’s too fake.

  • I'm afraid to see if Tana has a story that she was abducted into a big flying saucer and they covered her in grape jelly

  • Why am I spending an hour listening to you brilliantly dissect someone else's life when my own is such a mess?

  • ommg do the evolution of nikita dragun

  • I think what made her so appealing was that she was so transparent whether she wanted to be or not. Her early fans saw right thru her.

  • watching this now post tana’s constant covid partying

  • Just by looking at her I knew tana had used the n slur at some point in her life

  • this channel is gonna be so valuable when this is american history in 100 years

  • I just find her to be very repulsive and disrespectful. I tried liking her.

  • The evolution of Jake Paul please I am curious 💗🙏

  • This girl really thinks she is some celebrity now lol

  • I stumbled across your video about tati yesterday and I've been addicted to your vids ever since! Love them! Itd be awesome if you could do a vid about thrive cosmetics and your opinion of the makeup!

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  • Why do girls like tana have millions of followers and you don’t?

  • I hate tana. 🤮

  • She was so pretty back in the beginning

  • OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT JOHN KUCKIAN I can't believe he's still making videos 😂😂

  • If I hadn't subscribed to you before, I subscribed to you when you said that Idubbz didn't have the right to "reclaim" those word. I love you for that because I was thinking the same thing!

  • You’re my new favorite person on the internet

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  • Tana Mongue is a big liar

  • Wow there used to be a time when Tana's lips didn't look like she just got punched in the teeth

  • I was a huge fan of tana mongeau but for years. I watched her basically right from the start. She was so interesting. But then she stopped doing story times and she became much less interesting but I still watched her. But over the past year or two it has gotten so bad I have unsubscribed and don’t have respect for her at all. Ngl if she posts a story time I’ll probably watch it but otherwise I’m done.

  • tanacon just sounds like dashcon to me

  • A Lucas Cruikshank fan? we HAVE TO STAN!

  • Shes one of those people is fun to hate but fun to watch. She's always in lies so I dont belive anything. It's like hard, I dont know how to explain it. Like I dont really stand her but I find myself randomly saying "tana tana tana" under my breath.

  • Very well detailed video! Out of curiosity why are certain words censored when Smokey speaks? Is it because she’ll be demonetized?

  • You guys are creating a fucking creepy dystopia for yourselves. Weird self flagellation and piously immoral. Very odd.

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  • Love these videos! xx

  • we need an evolution of james charles

  • lele pons interests me bc she went from cringey videos to music star

  • Hot Mess Express is my new drag name

  • When she said get snacks I took it so seriously I got a watermelon cut it in half and starting eating out of it

  • I love how you always try to be objective, and consider the environment and don't necessarily hate on people for views

  • Who cares about underage drinking if the person is 16 and older. Especially if they’re 18. In germany you can drink beer at 16 and our teenagers are doing just fine. And regarding the us: you’re allowed to join the military but you’re to young to drink...LOL

  • Listen Smokey Karen, just as he doesnt have the 'jurisdiction' to reclaim the n word you dont have the right to decide on that either, you are the worst kind of Karen. You are the kind who gets Clout from actively Karening the vastly more famous people around you. There is so much to unpack about the awful kind of person you are. Social justice, self righteous, Karen. I sincerely hope you read this

    • @•Paige Nedham• Oooo smooth brained I kinda dig that one

    • @Vincent Neal literally not at all 💀 you're just saying random words and hoping they'll stick,,, oh no you called her a Karen for pointing out blatant racism whatever will she do!! The n word is not for white people to claim you absolute smooth brained child

    • Seems awful thought out for an 8 year old eh?

    • Are you 8 years old

  • 14:34 I bet that “disney star” story was just her lying and exaggerating about Bella Thorne stealing $50 from her or something.

  • Evolution of.....Anna Campbell freak outs, Liza, and lauren giraldo!

    • Or maiphammy or O2L?👀.... lemme chill and go to bed now

  • I have some “evolution of “ request 🤣.... Jlovesmac1, and meghanrossette aka Meghan rienks

  • This is so well done but you touch your hair so much it was distracting me LOL

  • I used to love her because she was a crazy, don’t give a fuck, booze and drugs kind of girl. I am now sober and can see that she probably needs to go down the recovery path. I would be totally interested in her taking some time off, getting sober, really making amends, humbling herself and just not being an asshole. I’d watch her for that but until then, it’s more of a love to hate relationship.

  • I used to be obsessed with Tana so watching this is like literally traversing through my childhood 😩😭

  • Can you do a video on amberlynn ried please

  • I lost interest every time you said how her stories weren't true. While storytime youtubers may exaggerate and hold some information it isn't really our place especially when we aren't in her life or don't know her personally to call her an outright liar lmao. yes, her titles are sometimes clickbait but you can't actually call someone a liar if you weren't there.....js

  • “and in 2016 tana made .. a huge mistake ... and twitted at this guy-“ Im- 😭😭😭 yes yes she did

  • I love he she still holds on to the stalker story in recent interviews lmaaao

  • Hi new sub here and this is my second video of yours.. The first one being the shadiness of morphe and I got to tell you I love you so much! The amount of work and dedication you put into each video by doing the research has instantly made me sub to you. And I only have a handful of people I subscribe to. I like how your are straight up and fact based and interesting to watch by putting clips into your videos and not just a person talking the whole time. Thank you for putting so much work into each video it is so appreciated!!

  • 'the guy who looks like Justin beiber who ate a burrito' 💀 girl ily

  • Late to this but "evolution of the Paul brothers?"

  • watching your video using that same lighter rn!!!

  • its actually insane how influential idubbbz was, because i remember watching his video as a 13 year old and was fully convinced that his opinions on using the n-word were right. i still cant believe to this day, that the whole internet sided with him on this. also you're great, i loved this video

  • i fucking adore these videos

  • I’m glad you acknowledged how messed up idubbz was. I remember when this was happening I feel like everyone was taking his side. When it wasn’t a matter of sides because 2 people can both be wrong. I definitely don’t blame her for being scared, that was a scary situation.