How to build a Camper Van / Studio - DIY conversion (Step by step)

Am 18 Feb 2018 veröffentlicht
How to convert a van into a camper/ video production studio. I hope this step by step video is useful to many of you. Time stamps bellow:
0:43 Windows
2:27 Bulkhead
2:57 / 28:26 Floor
3:27 Wires
3:58 Roof ventilation
6:17 Insulation
8:43 Ceiling
9:45 / 29:20 Ikea LEDs
10:06 Pallet wood walls
10:47 Bed Frame / 18:36 & 29:57 Sliding bed
13:38 Kitchen
17:04 / 21:12 Carpeting
17:57 / 21:33 / 28:00 Painting
20:06 Back doors / 26:32 Side door
25:05 Charging station
30:29 LED strips
32:44 Wooden deck
34:23 Solar panels
35:19 Plastics and van polish
Music by Joakim Karud
The Emerging Alternatives van is what makes filming on the road possible. It both severs as a mobile studio and a tiny living space. Its color quickly gave it the stage name" Red".
It's mostly made of reclaimed wood and was originally inspired by the typical Norwegian Rorbu (small wooden cabin used by fishermen). The wooden deck on top of the van is made in the Japanese way of preserving wood with fire called Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood). There are two 100W solar panels on the roof making it a good off grid camper and providing enough electricity to power the cameras and laptop required for the making of the videos. I decided to share the van conversion with the community hoping it will inspire potential van-builders and travelers.
This video is as descriptive as I could make it without boring everybody to death. Do leave a comment with your questions if you have some. I'll do my best to answer them. If there are a lot of the same questions coming up, i'll do a Q&A.

This is a 100% DIY van. It was a long process and I didn't really know what to expect. I often had to change ideas, adapt and find solutions to problems I could not have thought about before the start. I was already pretty good with my hands and enjoyed building things, but this van build was definitely a first.
There will be some more van life videos coming up on the channel, a van tour and extra little van build videos if there are frequent questions coming up, but the channel won't be focused only on that subject. I'd like to also make content on alternative living, like tiny house and minimalist living rather than just camper vans as living a nomadic life ins't really sustainable in the long run (speaking from experience).
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to do a van conversion.
Once again do ask questions or share with us your van build ideas in the comments.

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Video gear list:
Panasonic GH4
14/140 lens
DJI Mavic pro
Gopro 4 Silver
Rode Lavalier Mic for smartphones
Lav mic windscreen (Dead Cat)
Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones


  • To see the finished van check out the Van Tour video: I hope you guys enjoyed the build. If you have any questions do leave a comment! Time Stamps are available below in case you're looking for something in particular. 0:43 Windows 2:27 Bulkhead 2:57 / 28:26 Floor 3:27 Wires 3:58 Roof ventilation 6:17 Insulation 8:43 Ceiling 9:45 / 29:20 Ikea LEDs 10:06 Pallet wood walls 10:47 Bed Frame / 18:36 & 29:57 Sliding bed 13:38 Kitchen 17:04 / 21:12 Carpeting 17:57 / 21:33 / 28:00 Painting 20:06 Back doors / 26:32 Side door 25:05 Charging station 30:29 LED strips 32:44 Wooden deck 34:23 Solar panels 35:19 Plastics and van polish.

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