CHAT PICKS "MUSIC" (While I speedrun Calculator for Nintendo Switch)

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Adding 1 until I reach 100k speedrun
Also Media share is on.

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  • A+B buttons both work to mash which is why it looks like my mashing is inhuman btw

  • Did I Just watch a calculator speedrun???

  • 10:17 me after one soda

  • 12:39 is president

  • i saw korone. i click.

  • I think i fell asleep

  • There are official Nintendo controllers that have auto clicker built into them


  • Mrbeast is that you

  • Can you do the Nintendo Switch Calculator all operations speedrun? All operations speedrun meaning you perform all math operations at least once as quickly as you can without getting any syntax errors. This includes square roots, logs, hyperbolic sin cos and tan, and even derivatives and integrals if the calculator has them.

  • This isn't funny at all

  • 9:20 that nico nico nii has to be the most blursed thing I saw in ages (the car one ofc)

  • 11:14 DougLAsshat, dont you insult korone like that again

  • 8 levels deep right at the end!

  • Was not expecing a gbb wildcard in this video lets go

  • Hey Smallant, Mah Dry Bread is doing a woopy boi only challenge in pokemon gold right now. can you make a video reacting to it?

  • SmallAnt looks like both of the fine bros combined

  • 13:38 don't look at the facecam; there is nothing to see here.

  • Mmm, nothing like carpeltunnal (or however you spell it)

  • He did cover the sound of his fart by dropping something

  • 13:36 Smallant is just like me when I hear my parents while watching the hub

  • Haven‘t laughed like that in like ever

  • The world record for clicks per second is close to 16 CPS. At 3.74 seconds, Ant is at 3 clicks. A second later at 4.80 seconds, he is at 36 clicks per second. (33 CPS~) Even though he is mashing both A+B at the same time, he would still be around 15 CPS. (The WR is 16 CPS) Most other times however, he was averaging around 10.5 CPS. Yet, the fact that he was able to maintain this speed for a decent portion of the entire run is a little unsettling to me, as your fingers would be wearing out immensely within that timeframe. The total amount of seconds it took Ant to complete the 100000 was 5863s. 100000/5863s = 17.1s/ 2 (fingers) = ~8.55CPS over the entire duration of his stream (including his breaks) The only other thing I can compare it to is my personal best of 11.5 CPS for 10 seconds, and I could not go for too much longer after that. I recommend that anyone reading this should try for themselves so that they can get what I’m going at to some extent. I want to make sure I get out the facts as clearly as I can, and if there is any inconsistency with my math in this comment, please let me know👍🏼 And if I am somehow completely wrong, I am sorry to Ant, as well as to everyone else for spreading these estimates.

  • I've always wondered, how in the world do you stream ur switch

  • i think fly me to the moon is a type of rickroll for smallant lol

  • What happened to blind links awakening?

  • SMALLANT speedrun friday night funkin with a computer or dance pad (ur choich if you want computer or a dance pad

  • I was there This introduced me to the squidward on a chair meme and its now me and my friends favorite

  • MIN KUK E SÅ HÅÅÅÅRD!!!!! Oooooohhhhh! Only swedes will understand

  • Bruh your mashing can be used for extreme difficulty rhythm games

  • "Media share is on" Me: i sense a lot of scitland energy in this

  • you should beat a pokémon game using only tackle

  • 15:46 modern problems require modern solutions

    • People can make anything into a speedrun.

  • I love the spinning cone between the 2 escalators' moving handrail.

  • Hi Smallant! I sent you a friend request on Discord! So please accept it, so we can chat and call eachother!

  • 6:58 the person who requested this Is *very cultured*

  • 3:12 *Respect for this person*

  • 6:04

  • One of these days, Hololive girls will take over the world.

  • Inne the Bennine ginge.. yes

  • Lol, the footbal clip was Dutch. He was shouting Dennis Bergkamp, the name of the one getting a goal.

  • 15:00

  • ayo ant can you do a pokemon challenge run with only 1 furret in gen 2 or something

  • Ant sounds like a tired parent going “alright this will be a long ride kids play whatever you want”

  • His mashing is faster than my autoclicker

  • I can't watch your streams bc they start in 23:00 at my time and they end at my morning.

  • 15:38 yooooo that's mine nice

  • People can make anything into a speedrun.

  • I have to update my video now

  • should have used electric toothbrush method

  • You missed a very severe cheese in the run, one you even got to one, you could have found the 100,000 multiplication treasure that flies my the screen, and could have instantly gotten to 100,000 in the matter of seconds.

  • 10:09 is so much funnier when u know how to speak dutch


  • its only a matter of time before he gets rickrolled

  • 10:38 thats what you call "dutch"

  • i can click 50 times per second consistantly on a mouse. is there a pc version of that amazing game (prefferably with raytracing)

  • 2:22 Yoooooo shoutouts to Mr. Value Select

  • I'm from Newfoundland, and you're right! Nothing makes sense! :D

  • I find the lack of Karameru requests disturbing. Great distractions.

  • Have confidence Dies No confidence

  • The footballers name is dennis bergkamp a dutch international

  • alright now every time you laugh you reset

  • bro youre clicking very fast, do u use macro

  • I was there and then I fell asleep at like 5000

  • Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars in other words please be true in other words in other words I love... You It's the final countdown nininiiiniinininiiii

  • This joycon sounds like a mouse.

  • Actually, you can use an auto clicker on switch. You just download a switch controller app on your phone, then download a mobile auto clicker

  • 10:45 thanks for the first german mediashare xD

  • When ur Dutch and u understand the football video

  • This man is fucking insane

  • 13 dollars for a CALCULATER!!!!

  • No auto clickers on the Switch? My turbo controller disagrees.

  • Alternate Title: Getting tortured by twitch chat for 2 hours straight

  • As a Scottish person every Scottish meme was hilarious to me

  • Hey y'all Scott here

  • Ok smant

  • Ok smamt

  • There are auto clickers you can get not official Nintendo controllers that work with the switch with auto clicker

  • “Is that in a public bathroom?” -SmallAnt 2021

  • I’m the bingining


  • Ok as soon as I saw that he was speed running calculators I was confused

  • Dude I appreciate how quickly you recognized Sea Shanty. RS music is so underappreciated

  • At first glance 13$ is a lot for a calculator, but have you looked at the price of scientific calculators?! Oh wait I can use Google for math for free.

  • So basically it's small ant Jacking for 20mins 😂

  • 4:24 Me: have you been listening to me listen to that song on repeat for 20 hours a day?

  • Tanner: **does media share** Chat: *i think we all know where this is going.* Ok to be fair there are a lot of things that normally happen, I'm talking about fly me to the moon

  • 14:13

  • Did they speak swedish at 10:30?

  • These are 10x better at 3am

  • I am glad that love live made it in the video even if its just the meme. Would be nice to get a Mari video though, she's got a lot of good ones.


  • Richard Watterson has taught you well.

  • Man the one who mediashared Improver’s wildcard is a legend.

  • When ur waiting for the beat drop in the wii shop theme... Edit: oh no, it was a troll, leaving all of us with amassed disappointment🙁

  • When ant recognizes Newfoundland and our accent 🥰🥰

  • That wingsuit guy just turned into iron man

  • I’m so confused do dmcas just not exist for u

  • If the playback is .5 it sounds like Ant is drunk

  • I hate this video..... I hate this video because it got me addicted to Minion Fart Gun....