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0:53For if the flies | Loic Suberville
For if the flies | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 4,6 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:14Russian vs English | funny tiktok | by rictsrv
0:24Woof Woof! | Loic Suberville
Woof Woof! | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 13 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:51Monsieur Vagin! | Loic Suberville
Monsieur Vagin! | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 27 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:58Rolling a Shovel | Loic Suberville
Rolling a Shovel | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 67 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:18Russian vs English | funny tiktok | by rictsrv
0:52French vs English | Loic Suberville
French vs English | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 190 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:58TU vs VOUS WHY | Loic Suberville
TU vs VOUS WHY | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 92 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
1:00Oh the COW! | Loic Suberville
Oh the COW! | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 225 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:17French vs English | funny tiktok | by vestis
0:39Daddy’s Beard | Loic Suberville
Daddy’s Beard | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 141 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
0:44Guns and Ships | Loic Suberville
Guns and Ships | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 72 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
0:58If Hamilton was French | Loic Suberville
0:59French vs English | BATMAN by ohrabah
French vs English | BATMAN by ohrabahAufrufe 113 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
0:26Ah French. Never stop. | Loic Suberville
0:45Origin of French Toast | Loic Suberville
0:59Shampoo....ing | Loic Suberville
Shampoo....ing | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 2,4 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
1:00EAU vs. O. | Loic Suberville
EAU vs. O. | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 4,1 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
0:15German vs English | Hotdog by raysabbagh
0:59French vs English | Loic Suberville
French vs English | Loic SubervilleAufrufe 2 Mio.Vor 14 Tage


  • È É


  • Im not sure, but I think Australians named walkie talkies and not Americans.

  • No, because they soccer punch you everytime they get mad

  • *uses google translate in the beginning*

  • In Turkish it is actually hav hav, and it's pronounced like "huv"

  • sans

  • Man poor universal language

  • Me who’s British: *visible pain*

  • Im swedish and läderlappen translates to like leathernote or something like that it makes no sense att all lol

  • When you re post others content

  • We like to change it up a little bit lmfaooooo

  • As a fluent French speak I have never heard anyone say “oh la vache” and “vachement”

  • French seeing it raining while the sun is out: ah yes. The devil is beating his wife and marrying his daughter.

  • All I know is that I call the NFL American Rugby

  • Sounds fire but I don’t understand it 😥

  • In gevgelia we say batman-бетмен-betmen

  • I'm offended.

  • Sounds like red robin

  • for English I rly thought he was gonna say a snog 😅

  • In finland we call it lepakkomies

  • But shampoo is a Hindi word

  • Korea rlly say ‘bat human’

  • Can we talk about how awkward English was. I can't ✋😭 OMG. Why is that me?

  • I think I'm in love.

  • Technically the real name is a pager :/ wallow talkie is slang

  • Œ Wha-

  • Œ

  • Because you usually use a mixing bowl for eggs and they come out a hens ass

  • France sounds like: “I took a Wookiee”

  • “Please stay six feet apart” Americans: I hope this social distance thing is over soon so we can go back to being fifteen feet apart

  • who the fuck makes tea on a microwave, I'm gonna become British out of pure disgust

  • Im swedish and I fucking love that (but we rearly ever use läderlappen instead of the english batman)

  • In my language (portuguese) there's also shit tons of these and I gave up trying to explain them to my foreign friends

  • Reach me when ever yall remember artical 6 section 2 of the u.s. constitution 😂

  • Gracias mi amigo

  • Me, french, i agree with that 😏

  • U.S.A: Comes up with the word walkie talkie Google Translate: Yeah, but no

  • had to watch it 3x because my brain thought that cant be a language

  • In finland we say Lepakkomies

  • ŒÆ

  • One is a verb the other is a noun

  • Yeah we don't say that I'm Spain

  • in Spanish is called Algodón De Azúcar (Sugar Cotton o Cotton of Sugar)

  • I'm eating cotton candy right now-

  • no. Batman🇸🇪


  • So that’s why I got slapped by all those french women thanks man

  • 😬

  • Where the French dude

  • We bring thing and we live in Maui so true but -us

  • the person who you gave a 1/10 to said it perfectly because we all say things differently

  • I am Swedish and we most often don’t use läderlappen we just say batman

  • This is like Every country: police, polizei, etc Hungary: rendőrség

  • Uhhh cause Americans have 120v ~ 1/4 of the power so the jug will talk a long time

  • More benefit of the doubt with French..... I’m so done

  • shamp-haway


  • The Americans do have some pretty stupid words

  • What the hell no we say Batman just like any other country... wdym

  • Origin of "soccer" is also British. It was originally "Association Football" which was shortened to "Assoc Football/Footie" and then again to "Soc Footie" and finally just to "Soccer".

  • French’s personality is gold

  • “Happiness in the castle” had me dead… 😂😂😂

  • ooh that’s fire and really well translated

  • It's a flying rat

  • 😂🤣

  • tbh no one ever says läderlappen here, still funny tho

  • Läderlappen=letherpatch Batman=fladdermusmannen

  • Man my lader is laking

  • This dude!😂😳😂😳😂😳👴🏿👴🏿😂😳😂

  • I actually laughed at this hahah

  • Look I’m American and I boil my water before mixing it with tea

  • Lol

  • It's Football ⚽️

  • How you feel and where you are…. Always use the verb Estar

  • U forgot The King Finland: Lepakkomies

  • In dutch its Sugar Spider 😭😭😭

  • As if blacks are then only people getting the short end of the stick....Mexicans, Native American, literally any other dark skinned race. Mexicans get shot and killed by police all the time just like blacks. Where's the Latino lives matter movement? The black community just wants everything given to them. Houses, cars, monthly checks, food. Systemic racism my ass

  • These videos are my logic

  • Americans are not weird just lazy