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  • Buckeye here: Love ya Pat BUT YOU HAVE BLUE AND YELLOW RIGHT BEHIND YOU ON EVERY SINGLE SHOW. I don't care if it's from WV (where I currently live) them colors prevent Buckeye respect, period.

  • Friends don't fight King Corbin and Pat will just hug it out for 3 rounds and go get a drink afterwards

  • Pat sizes up Corbin. With lighting speed pat lands with patented pow pang combo. Corbin starts to fall pat is not done. He releases one of the most powerful punts of all time. Corbin is dahhhn and he ain’t getting up. But pats knee is now a limp noodle. No fear because AJ hawk comes walking his car the corner. Pat and zito jump in to go to the hospital. Oh no it’s sunset tho. Ah hawk instantly falls asleep while walking his car to the hospital. Never fear zito takes control of the vehicle kicks the slumbering AJ hawk out on the highway and continues to the hospital. Oh no there’s a awning at the hospital and zito dose not know his Clarence. This is no met life stadium however. This awning was built centuries ago. And it starts coming dahhhhn. Both zito and pat are crushed

  • Green jacket? Championship belt?

  • No video of the fight tho??

  • The stanley cup is the best trophy in sports and its not even close. Its been around longer than any trophy more people have done zappers off it than any other trophy too

  • Other sports talk about talks about cups...enough said right there the Stanley Cup is the best and it’s not even close, plus you can drink out of it

  • jett went full heel


  • NHL Stanley Cup

  • Simple fight. Pat knocks King Corbin out with his patented “pow, pang” in round 2. Nothing Corbin can do ABAHT it

  • Analysis... POW PANG... DONE

  • For me the F A cup in England

  • I think he's a liar

  • Lets be real, pine tar, and attempts to steal signs has been around forever, baseball should just give up on making eachother look bad. They attemped to destroy the astros, they lead the majors in runs and batt avg, guess what not cheating. They mob ignored fhe boston, yankee, apple watch cheating cuz thats their money maker. Only sport i watch now is hockey.

  • The classic WCW World's Heavyweight Championship belt..even if you spray paint NWO on it

  • Lombardi is a silver football version of the NBA one... it doesn't look special at all

  • 8:22 the thing has your face on it I mean come on number 1

  • That NCAA National Championship crystal football yes

  • I hate NASCAR but I never knew about the trophy and I think that's cool af. If it wasn't for football tradition, I'd like to see the NFL redesign the trophy and do something like that with the Lombardi.

  • I’m fine with the let Russ cook idea but the Seahawks don’t have an offensive line to let that happen

  • Don’t forget Justin Herbert landed a second string QB position, but when given a real chance to play, he blew away the skeptics. Rodgers did the very same way back when. Many of the greats got their opportunity only after the starter vacated the position for whatever reason - injury, contract, etc. Brady, Young, and even Rodgers to name a few.

  • Not even much of a hockey fan but this is the easiest question I’ve heard all year.

  • Sami Zayn loves accents

  • America's Cup (Auld Mug).

  • Indy 500 trophy is pretty impressive. If you win you get your face on it.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Schaefter is making stories up again

  • AJs the fuckin best

  • I feel like Pat would get 1-2 of those sternum overheads off before Corbin doesn’t get hit again for the rest of the fight

  • World Series looks better

  • Stanley cup Lombardi mlb nba

  • Nice you need to get back training with mitrione and blast double Corbin through the grahnd to beat him

  • America's Cup, Bouclier de Brennus, Sam Maguire... It's a long list the needs to be looked at, properly and not just the Yankee-land bollocks

  • Borg Warner trophy the y Stanley cup

  • I've been wondering why the NFL hasn't run games there in so long. Many Germans love them some football. At the end of NFL Europa, all but one of the clubs were based in Germany.

  • Stanley cup is easily the worst looking trophy

  • McAfee vs Corbin Corbin going down

  • Pat you need to stop being an ARod12 Simp!! Rodgers has a track record of toxic bitterness his whole life. He doesn't get along with his family because they are sort of conservative. He didn't get along with Favre for a long time because he brought up how he had a higher Wonderlic score. He got McCarthy fired. Now he wants to get several front office people canned. Rodgers is not a stand up guy. He is a petty power drunk immature boy!!!

  • Damn Pat, why you gotta do my Saints like that lmao

  • Who gets on the field first? Lance or Fields?

  • Do they know that the actual Stanley Cup is just the cup on top? All the rest are the names of the winners. That’s why it’s much bigger. The actual cup is the smallest of all trophies.

  • Now they're in limbo with Jimmy G and an unproven rookie. Good job niners have fun not winning anything this century

  • Worldwide, it’s not even close. Football (soccer) World Cup.

  • C’mon, it’s the Stanley Cup and it’s no contest.

  • Pat vs King Corbin - Pat wins via KO. Sternum, overhand right. Done.

  • College football, and it's not even close. The Lombardi trophy looks like a cheap plastic toy.

  • Stanley cup. They literally engrave the winners names and you can drink from it

  • Nascar.. End of story.

  • Lord Stanley hands down.

  • Pat has a Napoleon complex for that Lombardi.

  • As a football purist. And playoff hockey watcher. The Stanley Cup is by far the greatest trophy in sports

  • I believe the stanley cup is the only trophy that is reused every year and the winners get there name on it to be immortalized in the sport. Easy winner.

  • Stanley Cup is the toughest to win! It’s the trophy that has legends names on it and has a history of 100 years! You can Drink out of it! People don’t want to win the Stanley cup for the ring unlike the NBA! People want to win the Stanley cup to LIFT LORD STANLEY UP IN THE AIR!!


  • I realize they are mainly discussing about US pro sports... but the Premier League trophy and UEFA Champions' League trophy also look nice!

  • German DFB Cup Trophy has my vote.

  • Honestly I think it would be an unbelievable match. First King Corbin would try to attack with his full body just like a football player would but since Pat is a multi sport extraordinar, he would use his Adam Cole Special Kick right to Corbin’s Mouth and give him all the concussions AJ said he never got. But since Corbin is an athlete he would recover quick then Pat would have to use his Oculus Boxing Special Move, “The Pow Pang”. Once Pat wins his fight, Booooooogs would come out in his huge biceps and electric guitar to celebrate the fight.

  • If you want the best trophy watch football "soccer" not just American sport. Best trophy in the world but not included other country sport. Haha

  • Well considering hockey is STANDING proud and singing the national anthem and not giving into thug culture and degenerates they beat out the lawokeardi trophy.

  • The Stanley cup is the best trophy in all of sports Lombardi is cool I'm a football fan Raider Nation baby but Stanley cup wins and I don't even watch hockey

  • Giro D’Italia has the best trophy, bar none.

  • Russ said he wasn’t just talking about the oline he said everyone has room to improve

  • Damn I almost believed it for a second

  • This sucks.

  • Magneto of course

  • Stanley Cup is obviously #1 but the trophy NASCAR gives out for the championship now a days is god damn gigantic.

  • Looking wise, baseball. Imo.

  • king corbin won’t have to worry about his crown after pat kicks his head to the MOON!!

  • What about NASCAR trophies

  • Stanley Cup by a country mile but you all know that already.

  • Well you see with Corbin's taller body and longer reach, he will sit in the pocket protecting himself with his jab, until Pat makes his ultimate move to go for that KNOCKAHT PUNCH, and Not King Corbin, will be tumbling down to the ground

  • The World Cup is clearly more lucrative it happens every 4 years and only 8/211 FIFA registered nations have lifted that trophy....the Stanley cup looks like a giant cone

    • The world cup trophy isn't even the the first world cup trophy and has only been around since 1974. Also it's called the world cup trophy which is lame af and looks like it was sculpted out of clay by a toddler.

  • Every year since 1892 to remember Frederick Arthur, of Preston, NHL hockey champions will drink booze, fornicate, smoke weed and vomit into the cup in his honor


  • Nothing comes close to Lord Stanley Cup. Greatest trophy of all time is the Stanley Cup

  • We need T.O. & CJ85 to come back to coach celebration.

  • I’m suffering from a torn patella and this junk hurts

  • I don’t think Tom Brady could toss the Stanley Cup from boat to boat… Enough said 😋

  • Lol wait King C couldn't win the fight with Male pattern is he gonna beat Pat? 🤣 Corbin, watch the videos, get Roman, try to win 2 tickets to Home Run Derby. You clearly need it more then me. (Man with full head of hair)

  • The Cup no longer gets taller, when the bottom ring fills up with the names of the players/coaches of the most recent 13 championships, the oldest ring is removed and enshrined in the hall of fame. There are 5 primary rings each with 13 teams on them. The history and traditions that go along with the Cup, are awesome.