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13:47Are Polls Trustworthy?
Are Polls Trustworthy?Aufrufe 70 Tsd.Vor 2 Tage
11:53The 2020 Election War On Bots and Trolls
13:29Can Aston Martin's SUV Save The Legendary Brand?
18:57Inside Lucid Motors' Plan To Take On Tesla
16:16The Rise And Fall Of GameStop
The Rise And Fall Of GameStopAufrufe 273 Tsd.Vor 19 Tage
29:56How Robinhood Captures Beginner Investors
14:57How Lobbying Became A $3.5 Billion Industry
18:34Can Jeep Stay Ahead Of Its SUV Rivals?
Can Jeep Stay Ahead Of Its SUV Rivals?Aufrufe 179 Tsd.Vor 29 Tage
15:25The Big Business Of Fighter Jets
The Big Business Of Fighter JetsAufrufe 497 Tsd.Vor Monat
9:50How Much Is Kamala Harris Worth?
How Much Is Kamala Harris Worth?Aufrufe 114 Tsd.Vor Monat
13:20Why Most Americans Can’t Vote Online
17:03What Is An mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine?
What Is An mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine?Aufrufe 329 Tsd.Vor Monat
13:08Why Car Colors Are So Boring
Why Car Colors Are So BoringAufrufe 442 Tsd.Vor Monat
15:22Why Demand For Seaweed Is About To Boom
18:36Why Americans Eat So Much Cheese
Why Americans Eat So Much CheeseAufrufe 500 Tsd.Vor Monat
16:03Why Amazon Has A Fake Review Problem
Why Amazon Has A Fake Review ProblemAufrufe 900 Tsd.Vor Monat
14:56Why Americans Buy Cars From Dealerships
13:05How Maps Help Politicians Stay In Power
13:30The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1Aufrufe 216 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
14:13Why Is Kodak Making Pharmaceuticals?
Why Is Kodak Making Pharmaceuticals?Aufrufe 114 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
15:08Can Chuck E. Cheese Survive Bankruptcy?
Can Chuck E. Cheese Survive Bankruptcy?Aufrufe 64 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
13:29Is Big Tech Still Struggling With Diversity?
11:19What’s Next For The U.S. Economy: Nasdaq CEO
15:24The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
The Rise And Fall Of HertzAufrufe 337 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
17:01Can Walmart Catch Amazon In E-commerce?
Can Walmart Catch Amazon In E-commerce?Aufrufe 630 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
10:58Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?
Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?Aufrufe 81 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
11:28What's Next For The U.S. Economy: Jeffrey Sachs
18:34Why Ford Is Betting Big On Its Bronco Revival
18:48Why Ford Dominates The Market For Police Vehicles
18:09How Tyson Broke The Meat Supply Chain
How Tyson Broke The Meat Supply ChainAufrufe 519 Tsd.Vor 3 Monate


  • Professor Jeffrey Sach - some of what he is espousing is applicable to us.

  • All ex presidents and vice presidents made money .What's the big deal .At least they paid their taxes and gave money to charity .Trump paid 750 dollars in taxes.

  • Deja vu

  • More socialist & liberal programs gone wrong.. Covid19 ? Really... ? 5 months later.. What a sin..! Wasting food..

  • He made money by giving/selling our industry's like the steel industry to China. China kills people for standing up against them,polluting the environment. They dump raw sewage and chemical's into their rivers that flow to our ocean. They slave out their people with 12 hour work days and very little pay. We should not do business with China. 47 years in politics and now a mega millionaire. Come on man. Quit selling out America to this horrible government of China or should I say military of China. Wake up America. Biden destroys America for China. Disgusting

  • The companies that dump new or lightly used items COULD donate those items to people who have lost their homes to fires, floods and hurricanes or to low income singles and families. The companies are able to claim the loss of those items on taxes (tax write off). I'm sure the companies can claim on taxes a donation also?

  • Bill Gates does Everything for money. Never for environment. Never for people.

  • Wouldn't it be great if Trump dropped dead from a massive heart attack?

  • Riding The Dragon: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets

  • And on to ... where do Costco returns end up? They have a nice return policy but someone I know that worked there told me a lot of people use their items for a while then return them. Some items could be donated to Habitat For Humanity.

  • Because Indians are smart. GM is a crappy product! GM doesn't make the case for market share. They seek to meet demand. So when the market boosts they make sales. When markets collapse they fail to attain market share. This is because their products are low quality...customers don't have confidence in their engineering.

  • BLM!!! Biden’s Laptop Matters

  • God bless the men and women in blue!

  • I worked in an office in a landfill in Oregon in the 1990's and witnessed items dumped that could've been donated to shelters, given out to those in need, shipped overseas to help the poor, etc. Nike shoes, expensive clothes, down comforters, dog leashes and collars, many other items. The owner of the landfill took out the items that he wanted and either gave them out to employees, family and friends or sold them during christmas time when he was selling trees from his farm. It costs a lot of money for a company to pick up and haul truckloads of items to be dumped at a landfill too. Plus the hauling company pays money to dump there ( by weight). I worked at a grocery store during a strike and saw a lot of food items being thrown away that could've been donated.

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  • I thought that voting is by the people not by polls 😂🤣

  • Boeing is becoming a disgrace: the airplane, and the expensive and disappointing starliner

  • Irony 1:18 😂😂

  • Making your coffee @ home is better thhan Starbucks and Tim Hortons period.

  • *customer service*

  • People who vote for biden just care about themself not the country

  • The real scary thing ( you know ... the thing) is that some American citizens are actually voting for this turd. The same dirty lying Liberals who voted for crooked Hillary (Lock her up ! )They are the real problem C’mon man !

  • Where did Biden make millions ?? Ask Hunter..

  • Joe Biden got rich off of China and Russia for all the kickbacks off of your tax paying money so if you believe he's not corrupt just look at the videos he is a crap piece of s*** I will never in my life vote a communist in America thank God for President Trump

  • And we know all this because? Oh yeah - he released his tax documents. Did he defraud any business partners? Run a bogus University? Declare serial bankruptcy? No, he made legitimate money off books and speeches, gave chunks to charity and paid his hefty taxes.

  • The only way people will remember Biden next year is if he goes to prison because of Hunter's laptop.

  • I live in the US and I’ve never spent 10,000 per year. With or without insurance.

  • Watching this on an android powered phone while using QGIS on the computer. Haha.

  • *India has entered the chat*

  • Can’t wait for them to get to Minnesota. Leaving GEICO and everything else behind.

  • The majority of these comments are ridiculous...

  • 6:46 This reporter is describing it as if the Xbox One is Microsoft’s first game console, & tbh it’s not even his fault lol I like Xbox but they screwed up with the names

  • Come to india for health care

  • You just said, Toyota have no market in India at 4.00 !!! Look at the Indian streets anytime in 24 hrs and you'll find a Toyota Innova!! I betcha!!

  • kids been on wic/snap since the start yet ex's family all bout that #GOP shouldnt need government assistance for ONE CHILD if you have 2 people working fulltime jobs

  • Please, people don't be like the media. If You want to be treat fairly then you should do the same to our president. Do your research before you judge him. Thank you Vietnamese for Trump

  • Do a video about the 17th Amendment. Get rid of it and the US Congress won't have this problem. But ahhh you won't because that will make it hard for corporations like yous to buy Senators.

  • If I'm become a billionaire I'm investing on science and technology highly supisticated device can track drugs like a dog nose and hired scientist how the coca plants and puppy for heroin killin to not exist those plant anymore..hahahahah forever no drugs

  • Love seaweeds...

  • Maybe America should focus less on school shootings and cheeseburger.

  • Joe Biden got his wealth through corruption, Russia, Ukraine, and China kick backs via Hunter and his brother. All those kick backs from special interest / lobbyists. Joe is just like Maxine Waters who lives in a $6 million dollar mansion, Nancy Pelosi very rich, all corrupt career politicians.

  • pretty sure 2016 was rigged so trump could win and thats why he crys about it now

  • 90 to 100k is like a T3 working 6/12s

  • These people are Bounty Hackers in the Wild West of the Internet.

  • I made a mistake I bought a jeep🍋

  • If he wasn’t corrupt enough....the Democratic party wouldn’t have endorsed him.

  • Reading the Polls is like Horoscope reading. You can say is accurate and you can say it isn’t.

  • I'm warning you Brits right now! Don't let our moronic narcissist get his tiny hands on the NHS! Please! For the good of your fellow UK citizens!

  • Having Hunter to send money home..Stealing money also..There no way on Biden’s salary for those many years ,..have 5 mansions on his where did he get his money.....At least Trump got his money by having millions to begin with...Even if he got his inheritance early....Trump made his millions, being smart and investing, building,....Politics seems to handy to get quick cash ,....

  • like joe Biden 1000000000.000000000000000

  • wow, this is the first I've heard about Quibi, annnnnnnnddddd it's gone

  • She made lots money out from CA but CA got bankruptcy. She is wicked and greedy only look for money for herself not for people.

  • Ask Biden

  • Such b.s!!

  • funny how similar the internet boom is to cryptocurrency right now

  • Yikes Apple and Samsung sucks! LG take my money!

  • Donald Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Biden greatly appreciated

  • I hate stealerships

  • Its weird cause gmc and Silverado together sell more than the f150 but the sales are split 😹

  • They made billion dollar profits for 10 years straight yet they are still asking for a second bailout in 2020🤔 oh and they furloughed thousands of employees and expect the government to pay their employees 👍🏻

  • GM American operations do not make Right Hand Drive Cars anymore after selling their European Operations. The chairman made that announcement in 2018. I am not 100 percent sure about Daiwoo.

  • RIP Thieves

  • Far left? 😂. In Europe he would be centrist. Tell me corporate media, was FDR far left? Was LBJ far left? Was Teddy Roosevelt FAR LEFT???? How much in billions do you receive to spew radical right wing propaganda?

  • They both just start ripping on her lmfaooooo

  • Cornpop was a bad dude

  • Biden, dude you need to be in nursing home. 78+ 8= 86 years. He will not simply survive, he can not form complete meaningful sentences now. Calls people Abraham Lincoln.... what is going to be in 1 year?????

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  • Biden - 47 years achievements: 1) racist criminal bill 1994 2) created 1 good job for hunter

  • My last 6 cars/suv/van have been Toyotas, WHY OH WHY would I buy an American car? Toyota get in push the button and go, no breakdowns. I just love out 2012 Toyota Sienna ans our 2016 Lexus NX 200t, extremely well built cars and SOOOO RELIABLE!

  • Its so trustworthy that leftiest will not be able to accept reality for another 4 years. LMAO

  • It's not actually hard to make most powerful pc in the world. Developers just try to milk cash by slowly making pc's parts more powerful.

  • I'm not American and i dont like taco bell

  • Corrupt, Can Not trust her! She’s just another SNAKE!

  • Polls = useless = Democrat Interesting how that all works out.

  • Anything that comes from fake media cannot be trusted

  • And they did the right thing to your idea

  • I love driving stick! Unfortunately I drive a AUTO.

  • What ever happened to NOT buying from Amazon? Just buy it locally!

  • Wall Matt will never be Amazon.

  • Wait so Australia is a totalitarian state because we make voting mandatory???? 13:20