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9:19Will Canelo vs Caleb Plant Actually Happen Next?
6:51Top 5 Moments From Canelo vs. Billy Joe Saunders
8:30Canelo vs. Saunders: A Behind-The-Scenes Look
Canelo vs. Saunders: A Behind-The-Scenes LookAufrufe 756 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:08The LAST Thing You Want To See When Fighting Canelo
0:09Canelo Screams "VIVA MEXICO M************!"
Canelo Screams "VIVA MEXICO M************!"Aufrufe 382 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
8:28Canelo vs. Saunders: Beyond The Bell
Canelo vs. Saunders: Beyond The BellAufrufe 368 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
24:27FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. Saunders
FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. SaundersAufrufe 684 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
13:23HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders
3:28Canelo Y Eddy Reynoso Discuten La Pelea
Canelo Y Eddy Reynoso Discuten La PeleaAufrufe 218 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:12Canelo \u0026 Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Hug It Out
4:42Canelo's EPIC Cinco de Mayo Themed Ring Walk
Canelo's EPIC Cinco de Mayo Themed Ring WalkAufrufe 879 Tsd.Vor 22 Stunden
0:07Boxer Dances In MIddle of Fight, Trolls Opponent
19:15FULL FIGHT | Marc Castro vs. Irving Macias Castillo
9:52FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Frank Sanchez vs. Nagy Aguilera
28:07FULL FIGHT | Keyshawn Davis vs. Jose Antonio Meza


  • Yeah but jj did a straight punch and Logan did like a hook which has more power put into it

  • 4:18 like how are you alive after that

  • Shannon is the biggest hypocrite i think ive ever seen

  • He wanted to do the same with Canelo but boxing in europe it's not the same like boxing in america...so glad that Canelo kicked his behind....and massacred his face.... coming back to boxing with titanium implants it's gonna be so tough...never will be the same...!!!

  • Was that the first time people heard that song when Logan walked out to the ring?

  • I'm a big Anthony Joshua fan but he doesn't deserve to be in the top 10 ahead of guys like Jermell Charlo, GGG, Josh Taylor or even someone like Shakur Stevenson

  • amazing what drugs can do for a boxer

  • Marcos is a B level fighter & gave Floyd a close fight...Crazy how people worship Floyd like if his is untouchable...I don’t believe the hype, Floyd hand picks his opponents, that’s why he waited 7 years to fight pacquiao

  • fights alot like De La Hoya

  • Oscar nomination.

  • So boring fight

  • 💥💥💥💥💥

  • Yeah jj just kept going.

  • Logan throws a straight left first before anything happens every time. Floyd will eat him alive.

  • Jajaja. Canelo se lo bailo al payaso este

  • Iron Chin vs Glass Chin


  • 肩の筋肉の差が結果を物語る

  • didnt know faze rug boxes?

  • Canelos voice reminds me of Anderson Silva.

  • Look at that punch on slow motion, it is still faster than your punches at full speed.

  • Who is the guy on the left? He’s genuinely clueless.

  • He Fights so open as soon as he meets a fighter that stops him coming in he's toast

  • Canelo is my current favorite. Just amazing head movement, just beautiful to watch. Yes I canelo!

  • Better backup the trash talk , else u look like a fool

  • Why does smiths shorts say autism

  • The lyrical captain worryingly queue because eyeliner unprecedentedly fasten toward a puzzling tyvek. ossified, awesome pike

  • I hate when fighters stick their tongues out

  • Marku vs Benn


  • Fight with Florian Marku

  • Koloski es mejor que el canelo le robaron la pelea al koli y el canelo no acepta la derrota veran vien el video

  • Yo I want Bryce to fight him next 🤣🤣

  • Logan an Jakes nephew hahahaha

  • No Usyk?? Controversial list in my opinion

  • Yall got the wrong charlo on the list. Jermall aint got nowhere near the cojones his little bro do

  • Canelo luta dms

  • It's 13th May 2021 and I'm still cringing so bad to the entrance 😭

  • Canelo made trout salsa 💃

  • I haven’t seen Andrew do an interview since

  • Could someone tell me the name of the song playing in the background at the start thank you in advance

  • No cabe duda Floyd es la mejor defensa del boxeo pero si corre y si abraza lo separan como 50 veces por pelea de el

  • For real he’s fun to watch but I have a feeling his wake up call will be a rude one

  • Gives me chills every time i watch round 8 and see matador Canelo asking crowd to roar.

  • BJS stopped tryin after R2 lol

  • The announcers say belt line every low blow..... I wouldve low blowed the ref

  • Saunders is so gutless. Inoue fought through 12 rounds with a broken orbital floor in the WBSS final.

  • el de amarillo no sabe pelear jajajajaj le pusieron a una bolsa par a pegarle

  • cintura en el aire a la nada le hace jajajajajaja a cada paquete le ponen enfrente...

  • Man it's crazy how many people showed up for this fight.

  • 4 low blows in a row...if i was ref that would be a point

  • Legendary duck 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 of MEXICO

  • So.. garcia against loma?!...

  • He got REKT


    • GGG been in one weight class his entire career

  • I thought Sergei won but I can't stand the people who boo humble fighters.

  • I don't believe this fight is happening now

  • Проверти его перчатки и бинты! Возможно он заполняет им чем-то!

  • Yes unless Plant prices himself out

  • Honestly, I think it was the jab in the jab cross combo Canelo landed here at 8:42 that fractured Billy's cheek, you can see it swell up 1 second afterwards and it seemed to freeze Saunders up a bit. The uppercut at 9:09 looks to have further smashed the bone, the swelling immediately turns redder and puffs up a bit. Tough break for Saunders...

  • lololol

  • Canelo is GOBBITCH!

  • I think Crawford is great but out of all these guys Canelo is the only one fighting other champs.

  • Inoue don't deserve to be no.2, dazn.... crawford and spence are better, have accomplished more. Trash list.

  • everything went downhill since this fight..

  • 🇮🇹🐓

  • Hahahahaha silly Billy

  • funny to see Canelo struggle with the belts after 8 rounds of things hanging on him :D

  • Don’t lie...you’re only here because Canelo humiliated this man saying he’s a nobody and you also were like who is this guy .......

  • Miguel Cotto Lifted the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and gave all the people HOPE. Amazing man. Brilliant boxer. HOF Fighter. It’s a shame people like Felix Verdejo didn’t follow Miguel example in and out of the ring!!

  • I didn't know Predator was Mayweather's dad... huh. 10:18

  • Retired,sit your mouth.

  • Did he say "cabron"?

  • unbelievable NO LOCKDOWN RULES! if only the virus is real...😁

  • Great fight!