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Dedicated to upload ATC frequency conversations. Emergency situations, regular operations and funny exchanges. But also reporting news in the aviation field and sharing my experiences as a pilot!

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  • Is it just me, or is that definitely Billy Bob Thornton on ATC there? XD

  • People talking about CFI needs to be fired. Let's talk about what actually happened. The ATCs tone was enough to piss me off, so I highly doubt he was making the situation better with how he was speaking to a student pilot who admitted to being nervous. If anything, that ATC needs some more training

  • As for Korea they speak english great

  • A bit of a communication problem that could have had serious consequences. The fire indication was in the wheel well, but the trucks were looking for fire on the undercarriage (where it's more likely to be). It's understandable, but it should have been corrected.

  • haha this comes to mind This guy isn't a pilot I don't think. his radio work is non existant. any one on a solo can communicate better than that

  • And that’s why I love this community

  • Covid is a govt. controlled lie. Foxtrot Uniform.

  • Not sure what I just listened to but hot damn that was busy lol

  • Dude, that looks like an album cover of a soft rock band from the 80s. lol

  • Pilot: Talking shit. Ground: Are you really going to talk shit? I have a number... Pilot: No, no. It's all good.

  • You would think that because so many lives are on the line... That air traffic control should not hire auctioneers to be pilots how to take off and land.

  • Where would they dump fuel in these situations given they're nowhere near water?

  • Great first lesson!

  • Dear guys in the youtoube-world.......; would you P L E A S E stop to be soooooo funny with all kind of rubbish, stupid and silly comments ? - That does include not only REAL pilots (= guys who should have some brain) but mainly the sim-pc-pilots and other brainless persons......... // thank's !!

  • Awesome!

  • Well Atleast he died doing what he loved to do my prayers are with his family and friends they are still probably hurting

  • Must be a bitch when controller needs a potty break.

  • I'm not sayin it was the same person, but the laguardia atc sounded like the same one from the cactus 1548 flight.

  • I don't know anything about flying or ATC stuff but from what I've learned from this channel, you really fucked up if someone has to make a phone call.

  • Talking fast typically isn't an issue because you know what is being said, the pilot was just covering his (and every persons on board) ass. No need for ATC to bark at him for something as simple as repeating a 3 second radio transaction

  • Easily would have been the worst disaster in aviation if that plane hit those fully loaded, fully fueled sitting ducks.

  • 7:35 "Alright Maggie you're on Howard Stern, go ahead" "hi Howard, can you help me land this plane?"

  • I own that airplane now.

  • At least the Controllers were attentive

  • Don’t feel sorry for the controller. He is working one week on (40 hours) and two weeks off. With full pay.

  • He should have his license taken away from him.

  • Wouldn't it be strange if you were lined up 04R and got clearance for 31C like, tower I got all the way here and now i gotta taxi all the way across the airport, what do you want from me I am but a simple man. I can't take off 2 runways at once and I would hope I don't get ping pong'd from 04R to 31C and back.

  • ATC in the US is so unnecessarily fast and non ICAO.

  • This is why I don’t have retractable landing gear! Not really, it’s because I’m poor.

  • this sounds like what ATC sounds like in the movies, always talking and talking fast

  • Sounds like a grumpy gwiz pilot. Unless he hit you, move on dude

  • Why people gave a need to be. NASTY?

  • The controller is clearly overstressed hence the quick cadences and snark. Not an ideal situation for anyone. COVID is a poor excuse for sacrificing safety at an extremely busy GA airport.

  • One controller is insane. Has covid impacted public safety. Hell yes. Has Covid impacted controller safety. Hell yes. Enough....

  • A Little Ramp Rage. How refreshing.

  • Ouuu he got a phone number to call.. he in trouble lol

  • Ya notice that wing isnt going anywhere.murica

  • I honestly can't figure out how pilots & ATC can interpret what each other is saying; it sounds like a lot of * mumble mumble mumble 947* Can't imagine having a job where life and death decisions are made instantly based on an interpretation of * mumble mumble mumble *

  • Is Ryan Air like a super discount no frills getting drunk on the way to a football match airline??? I’m in Canada but hear about them a lot in aviation vids. Sounds like rowdy bunch lol.

  • It's the only flight allowed to include "SCREAM FOR ME, DEPARTURE!!!!" in its readbacks

  • The controller sounded like an unhelpful arrogant prick.

  • The CFI that sent this student up this day is a f**king idiot from hell. This student pilot had no business being in an aircraft alone. Holy shit! I’m glad things ended well.

  • Least he was apologetic about the whole thing,

  • Home airport whoop whoop, these controllers are some of the best out there

  • "Yeah we've got him on the fish finder" best term used for a TCAS I've ever heard

  • when the student becomes the master

  • Reminds me of that ProudForce69's guys videos.

  • I've heard Tense and THIS wasn't tense.

  • She said “clear to cross” wtf

  • For the uninitiated, wth just happened?

  • 2:40 Phew! I'm actually crying. What a beautiful thing they're doing in this video. I'm an Air Force brat, my father being in the Air Force all his many years. In his off time he took us on all kinds of trips to different countries on a C-130 going here or there and we saw the world through his eyes. What an education for his daughter, me, a 16 year old girl. One of those trips was him going courier on a C-130 and as we passed over Viet Nam, we almost hit another plane that wasn't announced. That was a thrill. Thailand was a blast! Go there some time!

  • This is the same plane that Dr was dragged off of

  • Andrew Dice Clay working local !

  • I kept reading comments they were hilarious. " Airplane " what a movie and still has many people laughing. When someone says airplane, rite away every part of the movie comes to mind.

  • Looks like a typical night doing ATC on InfiniteFlight.... The funny part is the zero mike alpha is just remaining in the pattern just chilling...

  • There should always be at least 2 controller. Doesn’t matter if it’s Covid or not.

  • Maybe I’m missing something but couldn’t they just have him continue down the runways and exit at Yankee?

  • Rules are rules. If American 2601 is the call sign, then its American 2601. If something happened, the controller would be responsible too. I get it is annoying, however, CYA! (Cover Your Ass)

  • This bit-- will kill someone. Is she tripping?

  • This is funny, this same exchange is on another YT video but from the perspective that the pilot was in the wrong. He wanted to be hand held in bad weather. ATC doesn't do that, or shouldn't at least if there was nothing wrong with the plane. Pilot didn't know how to handle his craft in severe weather.

  • It will only get worse!

  • Someone ignored the NOTAMS!

  • Tower to American, roger, that smell.... That smell is New Jersey.

  • I think he need home training

  • Got this right TFP's "tell the controller to slow down" video and had to laugh a little at the timing.

  • Can’t they just depressurize at high altitude and snuff out the fire?

  • "...or we will open fire." Ohnonononononononononono.

  • He picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  • Having one atc on duty in such a busy airspace is down right dangerous, and we just witnessed that. Hopefully she's doing better and the airport authorities took a long good look at their systems.

  • Stroke?

  • Someone was using Apple Maps.

  • Terrible job from the controller in my opinion. He sees and realise theres a student and hes over here yelling and making him even more nervous terrible job


  • It's amazing how every one of these pilot deviations start with absolute garbage radio calls. If you can't even make radio calls or use proper terminology, stay on the ground.

  • First time I didn’t blame him

  • "Tower, American 1084, do you need help?"

  • Do you have the inflight MAYDAY from UA 1175?

  • I don't get where that pilot was getting his bravado from. Don't you automatically lose your license if you disobey ATC? There's no trial or review. It's automatically revoked, right?

  • Okay, it's a stressful situation! I understand! But if the only person available at the airport to control EVERYTHING decides to speak quickly and in a bad mood, something very bad could have happened! Are you alone? Okay, do your job calmly. Will there be traffic? SCREW THIS! Better someone angry at the delay than someone crying over a death due to communication failure ...

  • A bet two black F/A's...