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0:43kavka's toxin
kavka's toxinAufrufe 84 Tsd.Vor 23 Stunden
11:17gabesweats' theory tiktok compilation #1
gabesweats' theory tiktok compilation #1Aufrufe 24 Tsd.Vor 23 Stunden
0:50newcomb's paradox
newcomb's paradoxAufrufe 11 Mio.Vor 23 Stunden
0:51the bootstrap paradox
the bootstrap paradoxAufrufe 2,3 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
2:25the man from taured
the man from tauredAufrufe 45 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
0:58school sucks
school sucksAufrufe 3,1 Mio.Vor 14 Tage
0:42do we see the same brown?
do we see the same brown?Aufrufe 2,2 Mio.Vor 14 Tage
0:43false vacuum state
false vacuum stateAufrufe 440 Tsd.Vor 14 Tage
0:46ship of theseus
ship of theseusAufrufe 666 Tsd.Vor 21 Tag
0:52is this video even real?
is this video even real?Aufrufe 1 Mio.Vor 21 Tag
Aufrufe 5 Mio.Vor 21 Tag
0:46who made math?
who made math?Aufrufe 1,6 Mio.Vor 28 Tage
0:59the cruelty of the afterlife
the cruelty of the afterlifeAufrufe 1,7 Mio.Vor Monat
0:35chronological autocorrection
chronological autocorrectionAufrufe 581 Tsd.Vor Monat
0:59sleep is weird
sleep is weirdAufrufe 1,8 Mio.Vor Monat
0:55you might be awake during surgery
you might be awake during surgeryAufrufe 1,2 Mio.Vor Monat
0:56the illusion of free will
the illusion of free willAufrufe 1,1 Mio.Vor Monat
0:58why you're starting to get older, faster
0:59roko's basilisk
roko's basiliskAufrufe 189 Tsd.Vor Monat
0:57your life is pointless
your life is pointlessAufrufe 187 Tsd.Vor Monat
0:59you might be living in a simulation
you might be living in a simulationAufrufe 176 Tsd.Vor Monat
0:46the twins' paradox
the twins' paradoxAufrufe 474 Tsd.Vor Monat
0:51terror management theory
terror management theoryAufrufe 1,3 Mio.Vor Monat
0:53how to teleport (kinda)
how to teleport (kinda)Aufrufe 2,1 Mio.Vor Monat
0:52you might be alone in the universe
you might be alone in the universeAufrufe 1 Mio.Vor Monat
0:43simpson's paradox
simpson's paradoxAufrufe 1,4 Mio.Vor Monat
0:56the odds of being born
the odds of being bornAufrufe 1,5 Mio.Vor 2 Monate
0:57why you're going to die by living
why you're going to die by livingAufrufe 6 Mio.Vor 2 Monate


  • Hack: have the doctor ask if you can feel pain

  • Hmm interesting

  • Your just color blind

  • You learn things that you forget because school trains your memory. You said it wrong

  • Am I too young to know this I’m 7

  • Song name?

  • Don't think I needed this video to work out time travel isn't possible 😅

  • The color on the screen is : I don’t know

  • My life aspiration is to get hit by a motorcycle!

  • It’s brown

  • The first sentence was dumb but the rest is true.

  • There was this nice russian experiment where some people we kept awake for 15 with food and water. They went insane, one of them ate his own flesh If sleep is unnecessary a species would have evolved without the need for it

  • Box one ☝️😌😇

  • Just WHY

  • I hate these

  • We are in a simulation and when we sleep its the user turning off the pc

  • Sao fans

  • Uhhh this is gonna sound crazy you can decide your self if you wanna believe me or not but sometimes I can actually read peoples minds like when there about to say something I already know what there gonna say and I know what people are thinking like I said you decide if you wanna believe me or not

  • Lol i always fought of this in the shower and explained it to my brother but he didn’t understand

  • this theory is shit seeing as all it takes to debunk it is 2 humans communicating with one another making sure they are seeing the same color

  • I mean I can't say he's wrong since it makes sense...there are plenty of things we still don't know.

  • “Tell me you understand the Socratic method without telling me you understand the Socratic method”

  • Even paper can explode from being cut if you cut enough times.

  • What if ghost are people who died in the 3rd dimension and now live in the 4th dimension that’s why we can sometimes hear them but not see them

  • Gotta love the amount of googling this guy did


  • My thoughts my literal thoughts

  • I actually saw the square as what I call black...

  • But here’s a question, if we had the thought that we had been in a “real world” all of our life, why would we think about what people are thinking every second of the day? And even if they did erase our memories, wouldn’t we still have memories of the “real world” ? And if the government wanted to take control of us, when would this happen? Is this meaning if deja vü? Everything makes sense in this world, but not to normal people. So even if this all makes sense, these questions are sensible to ask and sensible to answer. And another question is, if the government wants control of us, when? And how? I have many things to ask and to say that I can’t express into words, but I know that everyone has questioned their existence at least once. Why? That’s what this video is for. Because we may exist in both worlds, the world the government created for us to live in, and the real world that’s hidden from us. Even if this a possible theory, it makes it hard to be believe because we are simply humans. If this theory is true, how would this man know about this? And if we aren’t in the real world at this very moment, then everyone near you and everything you see, that was created by humans, isn’t real. But then how would he be explaining this to us? This video does entirely make me question my existence, not in a bad way, but the way the words in the sentence say so. And everyone can tell completely what I’m talking about. But what this video is saying could entirely be true, so am I right, or wrong? I could be right, and not possibly wrong, but if this theory IS correct, then everyone trying to correct me, wouldn’t exist, so I wouldn’t know the answer. Therefore, this theory could entirely be *true*

  • I saw purple on the screen

  • This seems like a variation of the halting problem in computability theory. In essence, it's impossible for such a computer to exist.

  • English please??

  • This is very philosophical which I like it

  • Yeah I could win, you didn’t even need to offer the money I was already on board

  • This man is not Einstein are we all sure his not bc I love your stuff dude but most of the time i dont understand sh*t

  • I'm taking the second box. I always go big or go home

  • But then he’ll get less views

  • Well that's depressing

  • What's the song name

  • Aight im about to sleep in for 2 hours see yall

  • Ya know, sleep is just death being shy

  • This just hurt my brain

  • 🧋

  • What is the music in the background

  • Butterfly effect

  • I see black 🖤

  • People that would see blue instead of yellow can’t tell that it’s blue bc they saw people pointing at the Color and Name Blue yellow it is yellow but they see something other

  • What are you talking about its brown

  • I thought it was black...

  • That makes me sweat

  • Yo is anyone else questioning reality


  • Maybe we don’t pick up signals because the aliens use different technology? Idk

  • this man makes me question life 24/7

  • Just drink it, IT'S JUST A DAY


  • Yeah I hate when people say infinity is a number LIKE BRUH INFINITY MEANS NEVER ENDINGGG It’s not like you go 1 zillion billion thousand and 9999999 INFINITY INFINITY 1 INFINITY 2 Etc

  • Ngl thats fucking terrifying

  • el tipo de las paradojas pero en ingles XD

  • I’m pretty sure I have sex because it feels good not because I need to do something to keep myself occupied

  • What is brain ?

  • ayo thats just dark orange

  • I know you’re talking about blue is made out of other colors and that is made out of bloom so you have to make that color to be that color so you have some mixup all the colors to make but you have to mix of all the cars to make a red

  • my anxiety watching this: 📈📈📈📈

  • Thats pretty much what budists believe in, is it not? Bad Karma is not because of what happens in this life, but the previous, the worse you are, the worse you get it in the next life, eventually forcing you to improve at some point, one way or another. Then eventually, you will be able to reach nirvana if you are perfectly balanced and in peace, with no evil/violence in your heart. Nirvana being the equivelant of heaven🙂 its been many years since i read about it, so look it up for precise details

  • Why are u a thing:well sometimes wonder why I'm in THIS body like why not someone else's why this one , why this country, why this famliy

  • Its a loop

  • What is the same scenario happened but the boss slept in an extra 5 minutes and had to drive a little faster to work on his motorcycle so he wasn’t there to hit you with it.

  • Hello me

  • Causal not Casual 👍

  • I see brown

  • This dude telling everyone how I think when am alone

  • I don’t agree that the things you learn are useless I have a science teacher that taught me we are learning to learn so we can pick up skills we will need in our career

  • Your vids are crap we are the only dimension you must watch toooooo many cartoons or drank toooooo many beer god created 1 dimension and that's ours read the bible or something

  • This man is just like *you just destroyed the intire space time contiuam let me explain*

  • With the new loki series I'd love to see science people look at how badly Marvel fucked with time travel

  • Two hands

  • Its not the motorcycle dudes fault tho, the dude that slept in shouldnt have jaywalked anyways

  • What if colour blind people were colour right people and normal people were the colour blind people 8o