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Этот канал о жизни и приключениях маленького леопарденка по имени Луна, которому люди заменили родителей.

This channel is about the life and adventures of a little leopard named Luna, which people have replaced the parents.


15:43Gifts for Luna and a delicious dinner
Gifts for Luna and a delicious dinnerAufrufe 169 Tsd.Vor 12 Stunden
4:51Introduction and answers to some questions
0:11Leopard vs Rottweiler
Leopard vs RottweilerAufrufe 317 Tsd.
0:14Leopard bites rottweiler
Leopard bites rottweilerAufrufe 114 Tsd.
16:23Leopard in snow
Leopard in snowAufrufe 460 Tsd.
17:50Walking with a leopard on a frosty day.
7:44Feeding Luna.
Feeding Luna.Aufrufe 65 Tsd.Vor Monat
11:18Luna The Pantera's Christmas Adventure
2:39Cute leopard kitten Luna meets huge monsters.
7:55Luna the funny leopard
Luna the funny leopardAufrufe 42 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
7:10Luna's funny moments. Cute leopard cub.
Luna's funny moments. Cute leopard cub.Aufrufe 455 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate


  • Интересно, как она от вас даже убежать не хочет🤔 А что будет , если встретите другую собаку?

  • What did those horses do to her?!

  • Пантера а не Леопард идиоты

  • Скоро будет наоборот пантера будет играть ротвеером)

  • Она не забудет свои детские страхи и через пару лет перегрызет этому коню холку или лапой прибьет.

    • Через пару лет, я думаю, она вот так просто гулять не будет.

  • красота

  • Какая красота! И как гармонично вписывается Луна в этот красивейший пейзаж!

  • beautiful both the area and the two of them Rotty is like yes snow, zoomies, I can’t resist it Leopard is like I want my warm car and blanket but I cannot resist chasing my buddy Rotty is like I gotta start some crap Leopard is like well buddy I am warning you your gonna get your but kicked What an adorable friendship and what an awesome person you are for giving those two such a happy life Thanks for all the videos

  • Красивые места, что за река?

  • Будьте осторожнее, это дикое животное👆 А в целом вы молодцы и удачи вам🖐🔥

  • To bad rots ain't hard like pits

  • Them horses over there lookin like a snack

  • Gorgeous

  • Красота у вас! 👍

  • You should not have a wild animal like this as pet. What will you do when she's an adult? You can't have a leopard in an appartment that's ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself to own a wild animal only to earn money with your stupid videos.

  • какая она милаха

  • I cannot understand why the dog get bunch of grapes. Maybe it is a little portion and your dog us big but read about bunch of grapes and sience-based articles und poisoning. It is not a good example for other dog owner. Without this: your film is nice.


  • thats some ninja stuff. rottweiller has no chance. he well have teeth in his throat before he can see where the leopard is.

  • Fc thai

  • А самочка то достаточно половозрелая! Ей уже давно пора деток, а она все с кошкой играет.

  • That dogs like you ain’t so big....

  • Ну а как вырастет сожрет и хозяйку и пса или вы скажите что это карликовая пума

  • Это пума?

  • Doggie is vastly outmoved and outskilled:-))

  • 😀😀😀😀

  • I like the long tail from this puma its so fluffy 😁 if the puma would bite me i would reply it and bite back we would be best friends 🥰🤙

  • Love your videos . and Luna .😈

  • In Kanada ?

  • I understand this people i want a puma as well 🤙

  • Ой,какая красота,учащая🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • This just makes me think of how cats are the chiwawas of the feline family

  • 큰발이 귀엽다

  • Has the same name as my daughter... And just as cute... :)

  • ❤❤

  • Красавица! Луняша,ты такая сладкая и смешливая! Ребята,у вас так красиво,такая мощная природа!

  • а что за река?

  • Grapes are like deadly to dogs

  • I always think of Jurassic park when Jeff Goldblums character Dr Malcholm says, oh yeah ooh aah thats how it starts then later there's running screaming. As magnificent a creation and beautiful this black panther and all cats are for that matter, she should be in the wild not being forced to live in an environment not native to it, would I love to experience this absolutely but it is wrong on so many levels, unless she is sick or injured to the point where she couldn't take care of herself in the wild then it's ok but then there are sanctuaries for them. There was a women in the state of NJ where I live who kept tigers, she had land and was in a fairly rural area, then one day one of her tigers escaped, nearby was Six flags great adventure amusement park which had a drive through safari, at first it was thought the tiger escaped from there but they took inventory and all their tigers were present and accounted for, I don't recall what happened to the escaped tiger but they usually kill it, after years of litigation and lawsuits the last thing I remember was her basically being thrown out of the state and I think she lost her tigers, of course Russia is different.

  • I like his paws. Looked so fluffy.

  • *Hears Russian* Brain: "that explains alot"

  • Виноград вреден для собак?

  • Doesnt the cat wanna run away when its loose?

  • Идиотизм

  • Hello Luna

  • Watching you feed grapes to a dog makes me wonder if you're the right person to be looking after these animals... The cynic in me thinks you're just after the DEname dollar, so no sub from me

  • It's so precious!

  • Until it runs away

  • Какая красота!!!

  • Luna and Mom are 2 gorgeous looking girls 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • это где красота такая!

  • Never seen something like that, its Like a Ninja Glad im Alive we're we dont need to Fight animals Like that, woah 😂

  • Домашние животные совершенно не думают про оставляемые следы . :)

  • Луна не привыкла в другом месте и она не множко стесняется и бойться и постепенно изучает новое место и ничего все скоро все ознакомиться место потихоньку

  • Hi Victoria, es war sehr wichtig dies zu sagen. Viele Leute machen sich Illusionen das das Schmusekatzen sind. Ich habe selber mit Löwen und Tigern Kontakt haben dürfen. Diese Tiere sind zu jeder Zeit in der Lage, Dich als Bedrohung zu sehen. Sehr gutes Video. Viel Glück mit der schönen Katzen Dame.

  • шерстяная дьяволица ))

  • Wtf do I get me a leopard?

  • Где вы взяли ,такую красоту?

  • Смотрите канал ( гулагу нет)!!!!!!!

  • Ухты!!!!

  • Классное видео, так они играют, собака такая игривая а лиапардик такой хорошенький

  • The time is soon coming when Luna realizes that there is nothing that can not be killed.

  • He is too cute. Should have named him trouble.

  • What kind of leopard is luna, is she an amure leopard?

  • Yeah, we get it, grapes are bad for dogs. Ya know what else is bad for dogs, PANTHERS!

  • Так непривычно видеть ротвейлера с хвостом!!!

  • Que hermoso los dos y el paisaje digno de una pelicula

  • Aww.. what a big baby

  • Look at that big baby! ❤️

  • Beautiful. Which place?

  • Génial génial génial j adore

  • Кто нибудь , объясните пожалуйста ,как можно ставить дизлайки 🤔, очень позитивное видео.Луна просто красавица 😍.

  • Awesome video 👍👍 and animals!!

  • Ma'am, perhaps you have fed your cat with Whiskers a little too much.

  • А она не мерзнет?

  • На дерево - это мое

  • Тільки мешканці параші можуть жити в таких умовах!

  • He dont like the horses 😂

  • Собачка у вас очень забавная так же и кошка ,молодецы ,интересные видео показываете ,природа проста шик у вас

  • My life sucks after watching this lol